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just glue some gears

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just glue some gears

  • Like Glue - Sean Paul
    "Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, feel dat trend now, yeah yeah Sean-A-Paul, so mi go so then Well I don't really care what people say I don't really watch what dem waan do Still I got to stick to my girls like"
  • Glue - Self
    "Wait now, baby, put the gun down I was just kidding, I was jokin' around Talk is cheap and so am I It's inconceivable to try to believe there's a sane one between us now I am rubber, you are glue We're"
  • Glue - Page France
    "Oh dear soul, we gather in the wind Clap your hands, it's all just like they said And how good it is to be with you again Clap your hands, it's better than they said Oh dear soul, we're caught up in the"
  • Sex And Glue - Some Girls
    "Bring on the slut factor Reflecting all thats wrong You call me tear catcher It's just a fucking song You aint got nobody And i aint got nobody too Give me sleeping pills Make them in the form of you I"
  • Your love's like glue - Herbert Gr
    "Love's not what i'd call it whatever we're coming to: we're going round in circles it's pointless now, to tell the truth you're always (so) understanding of everyone you think the best since you say i'm"
  • Krazy Glue - Less Than Jake
    "It seems I can't explain it all all the reasons gone and I just can't seem to shake what I've been brought up on and well it hard to say and its hard to explain that all the things I've known are feeling"
  • Glue Girl - Nikola Sarcevic
    "Hey little girl, where are you going I know I have to change or you're gonna leave But hey little girl, my love's still growing Is there something I can do to make you believe? I don't wanna lose you"
  • Glue Ears - Sleeper
    "Eleven o'clock on a motorway it wasn't very nice still raining, spied a man he looks away I never liked him much no conversation skills went on a quiz show once and nearly won, encyclopaedic Sunday drive"
  • Glitter & Glue - Ultimate Fakebook
    "I've never seen your glitter shine so see-thru As right here I've been between myself on me and you Is it good enough for a run? Is it good enough for the fun? Now you've made me see and I'm excited cause.... Now"
  • Glue Girls - Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin
    "Two sisters, Ever so inseparable. One saw right through me One I handed an apple. I tried to change their chemistry, I tried to make one stick to me. She can make your tongue, She can make your tongue,"
  • Gears - Lamb Of God
    "Your suffer from a manufactured sickenss and envy by design Pre-calculated status and patterns of desire Accumulation and adoration Built to feed your ostentation Prepetually unstatisfied But you question"
  • Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue - Metallica
    "Now I wanna sniff some glue Now I wanna have somethin' to do All the kids wanna sniff some glue All the kids want somethin' to do Now I wanna sniff some glue Now I wanna have somethin' to do All the"
  • Necrophiliac Glue Sniffer - Raging Speedhorn
    "Broken fingers are justice Taking baby for rides You left me so lonely That's why Im standing here Ripping my insides out You see me running and you feel hatred This is the feeling I get every day You"
  • Some Fantastic - Barenaked Ladies
    "One day I will build a fountain Drink and never grow old Then I'll market an elixir that will eliminate the common cold Find your sickness on my list Pay up front and make a wish One day I will work with"
  • Glue - Peter Hammill
    "Halfway between the zoo and the temple of your Art... but what do you do with this motion of the heart? Who'll be looking for you when it all falls apart? Oh, but what do you do, and where do you start when"
  • Glue - Arab Strap
    "Sex without love is a good ride worth trying but love without sex is second only to dying. When kissing is missing and legs stay shut tight you'll hate every morning and dread every night. Don't drag"
  • To Die For Glue - Hot Like (A) Robot
    "I took a change, for the first time And at a glance things were happy You want more than I can give And I would just die for you IT MAKES ME SICK TO SEE YOU STANDING THERE WASTING ALL THIS TIME You're"
  • Glue - The The
    "The sun is high & I'm surrounded by sand For as far as my eyes can see - I'm strapped into a rockin' chair - With a blanket over my knees - 'I' - am a stranger to myself - - & nobody knows I'm here - When"
  • Seven Thirty Seven/shoe Glue - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Down the street, around the corner Over the bridge, that dirty water. College campus, mighty minds And a reactor right behind. Passed the candy factory Salvation Army, fire station through the square I"
  • Some - Built To Spill
    "Some people think he's good looking Other people think he's not Some people don't even know his name Other people know it by heart Some people think he likes to go out dancing Other people not One guy"

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