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just in ghost

  • Ghost - DJ Unk
    "Let me go... Girl I never thought that you would be my ex What we had was so so deeper then sex And I threw it all away for just one night From the streets to the sheets Damn, why the hell I cheat?"
  • Ghost - Ella Henderson
    "I keep going to the river to pray Cos I need, something that can wash all the pain And at most, I'm sleeping all these demons away But your ghost, the ghost of you will kiss me awake My friends had you"
  • Ghost - Claude Kelly
    "Said goodbye to him No regrets no second thoughts Just kept my heart moving Tears fell from his eyes I didn't care I pushed through it He ain't the one I thought I might as well keep on looking So I turn"
  • Ghost - Brutha
    "(Let me go) Girl I never thought thought you would be my ex, Cuz what we had was so so deeper than sex, And I threw it all away for just one night, From the streets, To the sheets, Damn why the"
  • Ghost - Kevin Michael
    "I started out at the top of your list, And now this? Come on It's real funny how the thing you used to run to Becomes the thing that haunts you The future means the past I size him up real quick and"
  • Ghost - Varsity Fanclub
    "All the memories in pieces scattered on the floor Had an argument that ended bad once more All the misery and crying, I'm sick of trying (To make you happy) I don't wanna be why you leave I just wanna"
  • Ghost - Mystery Skulls
    "Cause the world might do me in It's all right cause I'm with friends Cause I'm giving up again It doesn't matter And I'm feeling like a ghost And it's what I hate the most Cause I'm giving up again And"
  • GHOST - Jeremy Messersmith
    "One more night in Omaha Bus stop just before the dawn Cold wind followed me somehow Through parking lots and shopping malls Rinse my thoughts in alcohol Black clouds rolling over me If there is a line"
  • Ghost - Michael Jackson
    "There's a ghost down in the hall There's a ghoul under the bed There's something in the walls There's blood up on the stairs And its floating through the room And there's nothing I can see And I know that"
  • Ghost - Cavo
    "I'm taking scissors to all of the pictures of us I'm cutting you out but it won't be enough It's never enough You're still walking through my memories I'll never solve this mystery I lie awake with echoes"
  • Ghost - Regurgitator
    "i saw a ghost beside my bed she said to me she wasn't dead she wore a ribbon in her hair she smiled and vanished in the air is she real or am i going crazy? (x2) i couldn't sleep, lay still and thought about"
  • Ghost - Howie Day
    "Lately i've been thinking Lately i've been dreaming with you I'm so resistent to this type of thinking Oh now it's shining through I was alone for the last time before my nights' vacation with you alive"
  • Ghost - Phish
    "I feel I never told you the story of the ghost that I once knew and talked to of whom I'd never boast for this was my big secret how I'd get ahead and never have to worry I'd call him instead his answer"
  • Ghost - Tupac
    "The only way, for me to come back, is by Makaveli That's it! All these motherfuckers stole from me I'm takin back what's mine You motherfuckers can't stop me Even if I die, I'm gon' be a fuckin problem Do"
  • Ghost - 2Pac
    "The only way, for me to come back, is by Makaveli That's it! All these motherfuckers stole from me I'm takin back what's mine You motherfuckers can't stop me Even if I die, I'm gon' be a fuckin problem Do"
  • Ghost - Voxtrot
    "I'll be the one to let this roof cave in on me, Buried in this house this wooden graveyard by the sea, We push away our families to understand our needs, The love and all the hate I used to hold in front"
  • Ghost - Machinae Supremacy
    "I stand still out in the rain and look up at a broken sky every raindrop looks the same they fall without pretending through the night But water isn't always what you see another surface lies beneath Can"
  • Ghost - Mnemic
    "I made you And your hate to Socialize in a matter That suits me fine So while I breathe in You punched my teeth in I tried to explain it but You just dont, just don't see I, I see right through you So"
  • Ghost - Ray Wilson
    "I'm a young man on the edge, with his head held in his handsA look of desperation touching the fingers he hides behindI lost my head and made a mess, showing signs of faithlessnessHaving other people laughing"
  • Ghost - Angel
    "No more phone calls No more letters No more fighting In a matter Than I ever felt before I don't miss you I don't want you I don't need you And I'd love to say I could not ask for more But if all that's"

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