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just let be me

  • Just let me be - Marc Terenzi
    "Do you know them crows their feathers black they standing round and waiting for your soul wait if you lose control Do you know them wolves theyre smelling blood they gonna kill you if you turn your back"
  • Let Me Be - Taleesa
    "Let me be nobody is fool today we can find a way look it for a brand new day now Let me be nobody is fool today we can find a way and it's time to celebrate now Let me be, let me be just let me be now Let"
  • Let me be - The Kinks
    "If you run out of luck don't give in to hate Just find a new direction before it's too late If you hear them knocking on my door Just say that I'm not here I can't take it any more Well I'm leaving town"
  • Let Me Be - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
    "Let me rant and let me ramble You're lookin' at lunatic in shambles I've got real issues I must wrestle I'm unfit to steer the vessel Somebody please take the wheel I can't cope now, no I can't deal"
  • Let Me Be - The Turtles
    "Please don't mistake me or try to make me The shadow of anybody else I ain't the him or her you think I am I'm just trying hard to be myself Oh, society's goal is to be part of the whole That may sound"
  • Let Me Be - Britney Spears
    "You try to read me. You try to figure out. You try to breath me, but you can't blow me out. You try to feel me, but I'm so out of touch. I wont be falling, you won't have to pick me up. Sorry if I sound"
  • Let Me Be - Maceo
    "Just let me be, I ain't worried about you, Don't worry 'bout me. Do your own thang, just let me be. I ain't gotta speak to you. You ain't gotta speak to me. I call it how I see it, Just let me be You ain't"
  • Let Me Be - Jack Bruce
    "Black diamond, shining in the sea set me free Dimond, minds in sympathy let me be Bright and strong Listen to all my songs Of the day sadness sings Of the love that I bring Dark angel, dancing in the"
  • Let Me Be - Anthony Connors
    "People at school , they like to stair Bullying is one big night mare i cry at night not wanting to go to school kids and teachers are so cruel hey kids whats with the silence tell somebody to stop the"
  • Let Me Be - Radiorama
    "Let me be your own Let me be your love I'm just gonna shine on It's going on Let me be your own Let me be your love I'm just gonna shine on It's going on Oh babe I've got this loving message for"
  • Let Me Be - Smogus
    "I'm an ordinairy guy but not to you what do I have to do to make it clear to you you're humping around evry time I'm home what do I have to do to make you leaving me alone it doesn't bother me to see"
  • Let Me Be - Youth Brigade
    "you think you know me you don't know shit talking about me have we even met don't wanna hear another word about me from youand if i do you'll curse the day you opened you mouth oh just let me be don't"
  • Let Me Be - Eve
    "Yo, yo, many they pop shit, but me I drop shit, and they cop it Stay to myself most the time, but still they plot shit Bitches that's unstable, I can't be involved 'Less they wanna take it back to the"
  • Just Let Me Be In Love - Tracy Byrd
    "My breath is short, my heart is beating fast Every time I smile at her she's smiling back If I'm dreaming, please just let me sleep Anyone can see that she's too good for me Oh, give her time, she'll find"
  • Let - Color Me Badd
    "You never know It's hard to say sometimes, where a love will lead It's a mystery, you take a chance It's in the hands of faith, If we'll make it sugar Time alone will show us what will be Until we're sure"
  • Let Me Just Fly - Natural
    "Can't fight the feeling It's time for truth or dare now Because the fire is growing All lines are open It's time to check it out now To get where I'll be going I'll never give in I still believe"
  • Just Let Me Know - The Temptations
    "I heard that... you were lonely. Ever since... you sent me away. (Away) I'm lonely too, baby. (I'm lonely too) Just like you. So, all you got to do is-uh Just let me know and I'll (ah, come back) come"
  • Just Let Me Cry - Lesley Gore
    "Oh stars on high, why can't I make you see, That I don't want your light to shine on me. He said goodbye. Just let me cry. Don't let me hear the robins sing above. What good's their song if I've"
  • Just Let Me Say - Darlene Zschech
    "Just let me say How much I love you Let me speak of your mercy and grace Just let me live In the shadow of your beauty Let me see you face to face and the earth will shake as your word goes forth And the"
  • Just Let Me Say - Hillsong United
    "Just let me say how much I love You Let me speak of Your mercy and grace Just let me live in a shadow of Your beauty Let me see You face to face And the earth will shake as Your Word goes forth And the"

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