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just pay attention and focus

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just pay attention and focus

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just pay attention and focus
  • Kid Capri Pay Attention
    "(Kid Capri) Oh that'll work.. word.. ssssssmooth! Oooh, this one goes to all the coolouts All the old schoolers, all the new schoolers My name is the Kid Capri, with the Lords of Funk And we gon' smooth"
  • Charli XCX Focus
    "I just wanna you to focus on my love just focus on my I just wanna you to focus on my love just focus on my I just wanna you to focus pull me in, pull me closer give me the diagnosis blow my mind like"
  • Kelis Attention
    "Babe, baby, baby i ain't try'na nag you. Just come talk to me (talk to me,to me). You know we don't get to spend time no more. I miss you daddy. I know that life has delt us many cards, Sometimes I"
  • Sister Act Pay Attention
    "if you wanna be somebody if you wanna go somewhere you betta wake up and pay attention(hey, hey, ow....) so you think you've got the answers to all lies ahead well in my mind i thought the same one"
  • Dilated Peoples Pay attention
    "(Babu Mix) "Let...let...let...let me tell you somethin" "I'm 'bout to set it off, society watch me while I do it" (Iriscience) Yo, yo, I buck shots, lick shots, take shots, give shots Headliners know,"
  • Ariana Grande Focus
    "I know what I came to do And that ain't gonna change So go ahead and talk your talk 'Cause I won't take the bait I'm over here doing what I like I'm over here workin' day and night And if my real ain't"
  • Ashanti Focus
    "I'm focus now I'm focus now He use to touch me, love me, hug me,kiss me, Hold me everyday. I never thought that i'd be finding out That you gave your love away. Now how do you expect for me to stay,"
  • Abandoned Interstate Focus
    "Sometimes we need some time to think need steady hands for steadying sometimes we need to slow it down think about it, talk about it, figure it out I've had a lot in my plate and you know this you always"
  • Dawid Podsiadło Focus
    "You focus on the words I said Burning me up like I knew you would Then you're burning me up like I knew you would Then you're burning me up and it's all over again You greet me in your favourite place"
  • Casting Pearls Focus
    "How suddenly we move from life to death In a moment move from full to nothing left Unshakeable faith how quickly turns to fear Went from holding you close to wishing You were here What I cannot do is give"
  • Kashmir Focus
    "Brakes on, please Brakes on, please Focus, freez Ain't no other bitch in this world dealer than me (uhn uhn) C'mon, I got too much of a lead And at your speed, it's hard to say you fuckin with"
  • Erick Sermon Focus
    "Chorus: Neva understood how he did it, How we made this music groove your very soul, soul >>> 2x ERICK SERMON - Yo, i land out in a rent text E-7, V-12, new benzina, 200 and 90 thou, wow, somethin your"
  • Joe Budden Focus
    "Salutation, Joe Budden here (WOO!) I be your host tonight for this evening, you know (WOO!!!) Doug B. with the banger, Red, Nitty, holla (WOO!!!) Shouts is stupid let that bass knock Still on your"
  • The Weeknd Attention
    "Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo, oo Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were so strong Ooo, oo, oo, oo, oo Baby, you were calm, you were so calm, yeah Ooo, oo, ooo-oo Tell me where it went wrong Ooo,"
  • Charlie Puth Attention
    "You’ve been running round running round /2x Throwing that dirt all on my name Cause you knew that I Knew that /2x I’d call you up /2x You’ve been going round going round /2x every party in L.A. Cause"
  • Pretty Maids Attention
    "Someone dies and as we close our eyes Another hungry child will starve away Say a prayer, we've got to be aware If we're the ones to face another day When my pleasure turns to pain When I'm scared I'm"
  • Ashanti Focus Remix
    "I'm focus man yo Free why don't you holla at me man Now who else but me slim waist with that swag Get on G five plans and fly fast If it ain't G's no I'm not there I've been on TV straight for five"
  • Rebelution Attention Span
    "Who can this be, this stranger at my door? Although I know I've seen her once before Come on, why can't I remember your name now But in a way it's best that I don't say: "It's a pleasure to meet ya Once"
  • Soundgarden No Attention
    "I've got war on my mind blood on my hands And love on my head So open your hands open your mouth Let it be said You know I've got it made in my mind Don't waste my time it's not going to change So say"
  • Chesnutt Mark My Heart's To Broke (To Pay Attention)
    "Chesnutt Mark Miscellaneous My Heart's To Broke (To Pay Attention) My hearts too broke to pay attention If love was a penny I couldnt afford to fall Every girl in the world tonight could have sweet intentions My"

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