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just so you know

  • Just So You Know - Holly Palmer
    "Tell me baby If maybe we could put the top down The sun is flying so high today And the shine off your cherry fenders Would be too much but not too much With your hand reach out With your mouth shape"
  • Just So You Know - American Head Charge
    "the surface is so cold and worthless all the things that I have still come from there so paint your windows in front of my face when you know damn well theres no one behind them I wish your body was not"
  • Just So You Know - Jesse McCartney
    "I shouldn't love you but I want to I just can't turn away I shouldn't see you but I can't move I can't look away I shouldn't love you but I want to I just can't turn away I shouldn't see you but I can't"
  • Just So You Know - Kandi
    "I just grow weaker as the days go by I cry so much there's no reason to wipe my eyes Way down deep inside my mind I still deny that I must say good-bye To the one I thought would always be mine Now"
  • So You Know - InMe
    "Just so you know, just so you know Just so you know, just so you know I got to find a way to grieve without my head sticking into my heart I don't want to let her leave without my heads thinking this is"
  • So Don't You Know - Michale Graves
    "so don't you know? there's one less loader hanging by a rope you should have listened so don't you know? i knew that there was something i forgot that i just had to let you know wide awake and dreaming"
  • So Now You Know - The Horrors
    "We're going to forget All the things you could've said Whatever's going on Now you're standing alone Bet I'll forget the loss We know where you are right now We know why you wanted somewhere to go So"
  • So Now You Know - Neurosonic
    "Outside my home, I'm looking hard For a higher mode to take Handful I wonder how How could my windows break? I'll never know the hurt I caused Or see things through your eyes Happiness can't come from"
  • You Know So Well - Duncan Sheik
    "Use every chance you've been given she replied after several days It's no good to be perfect You know so well things are easy to tell There is one thing I know it goes like this; it's that when I'm down"
  • You Know So Well - Peter Frampton
    "I got no money I've got no time I got to hurry Before they cut the line Speak to me baby You don't have mutch to say I killed somebody Just the other day I was wrong Two wrongs can't make a right I was"
  • They Just Don't Know You - Little Mix
    "Jade: Daddy doesn't think that you'll be good enough for me Mama says be careful 'cause he'll break your heart in three They don't walk in my shoes They ain't been kissed by you Leigh-Anne: My sister"
  • Just want you to know - I Voted For Kodos
    "Called me up again late last night Said you and your boyfriend had got in a fight Saw him with another girl today He was never good to you anyway You know your friends always hated him so Should have left"
  • You Just Don't Know It - Jonas Brothers
    "(1st Verse) You just don't know it It's getting hard to say hello You just don't know it I'm on the edge of crossing the line I don't want to blow it, or show it Before you know you're mine You just don't"
  • It's Just So - Of Montreal
    "I don't wonder why I love you I don't have to know. It's just so. I adore you from your head down to your baby toe. It's just so. Sometimes I get scared and hesitate because it seems strange to be so intimate."
  • So Close/So Alive - Just Surrender
    "It looks like you need some company Your face is wearing such misery I'll stay right here with you if you want me to (I want you to) And if our worlds collide A smile I'll sure provide I'll turn your fantasies"
  • Just say so - Ingram Hill
    "Turn out the lights, leave the candle burningWe can talk all nightYeah Im listening and Im learningWell Ive never never neverNo I ve never seen nothing like this beforeHey but thats alrightIve never been"
  • You Know So Well (Live) - Sondre Lerche
    "Use every chance you've been given she replied after several days It's no good to be perfect you know so well things are easy to tell There is one thing I know it goes like this It's that when I'm down"
  • Irresistible (So So Def Remix) - So Def
    "Uh-huh, ha, ha Sing for me (JD) You know I don't know what it is (It's the remix) But everything about you is so irresistible Fa' sure (So So Def) It's the 2k top dawg Don't nobody want it I got 10K"
  • You Just Know - Butler Bernard
    "Do you believe in every breath I ever take? Do you believe that I know every move I make? You can't keep crying over chances I must take. Love I don't care if my feet are in the air, and there's one thing"
  • Just So - Obel
    "Black turns beat me bright, Turning on the light, Today is gonna be the day You hear somebody say, We need you right away. Tiptoe over the floor What are you waiting for? So so and no more That's all"

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