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  • Extinction - Avril Lavigne
    "(Guitar Solo) People Running Down The Street Blabbing To The Clubs And The Weird People All About My Extinction Oh It Makes Me So Mad JUST TO LET YOU KNOW I Am Not Extinct JUST TO LET YOU GO This"
  • Extinction Blues - Toto
    "World of fear Dying sun Amber tears Wars to be won World grown old Lost to man All alone All but forgotten Same extinction blues You've heard before the Same old news You and i Last chance Age of ice Frozen"
  • Extinction Blues - Steve Lukather
    "World of fear Dying sun Amber tears Wars to be won World grown old Lost to man All alone All but forgotten Same extinction blues You've heard before the Same old news You and i Last chance Age of ice Frozen"
  • The Sixth Extinction - Lock Up
    "Darkness is a knife Grey skies hide A refuge in sickness Stealth, contempt Pre-emptive rapture dawns Post human cult is born The sixth extinction When the war is lost do you cash in your will to survive"
  • Psalms Of Extinction - Pain
    "Why do we have to live in fear? The future's looking dark No one seems to care It's a shame, it keeps pounding my head I feel sick, is there someone to blame? Now where do we go When there's nowhere"
  • Prelude To Extinction - Sonic Syndicate
    "The artfiact within my grasp Liberator of your mind Left behind from the past A relic of doom Terror of the soul, sleeper awake Rebreed into power, a mind crime beyond belief Nephilims hear my cries Return"
  • The Extinction Agenda - Organized Konfusion
    "...the extinction agenda ......the extinction agenda ...Back is the incredible O-R, G-to-the-A N-I, Z-E, D with a K O-N-F-U-S-to-the-I-O-N Verse One: Prince Poetry Emerging up, to another level, there"
  • Gateway To Extinction - Kataklysm
    "You've never seen A war like this before Entering a phase You've never explore They can taste the blood Flowing through your veins Embracing the insane Vanishing among the dead The Gateway to extinction You'll"
  • Countdown To Extinction - Megadeth
    "Endangered species, caged in fright Shot in cold blood, no chance to fight The stage is set, now pay the price An ego boost, don't think twice Technology, the battle's unfair You pull the hammer without"
  • Damned To Extinction - Warhammer
    "(Lyrics by Frank Krynojewski) The terrible noise of machine-gun fire Destroys the arctic silence A new generation of high-tech assassins Follows the footsteps of their ancestors Stranded to kill without"
  • Extinction Level Event - Busta Rhymes
    "Uugh, yeah yeah here we go y'all Here we here we here we go y'all Busta Rhymes Flipmode y'all Yeah yeah y'all extinction level event shit Bomb threat to the whole world What what what is going on What"
  • Self-Inflicted Extinction - Behind Enemy Lines
    "The human race is committing self-inflicted extinction Our actions are leading us down the path to annihilation Our apathy is sealing our fate We won't care until it's too late Once we're nearing extinction"
  • Point Of Extinction - Motion City Soundtrack
    "Are you listening, Javelina? Every corner of the coast is still clear All dressed up With some medicine for luck How I hope that you're still here When I return Burning bridges is a form of suicide I"
  • Straight Towards Extinction - All Out War
    "Creation falls to madness, raped by political thieves. Nations Cast to Fires, policy dictated by greed. Embrace false justice, designed to ease our fears. Immoral leaders. The end of time is here. Embrace"
  • High Rate Extinction - Crowbar
    "Reign over you another day Take all I can Slave to me there's no other way Break all I can Come and taste me Stay and praise me Take all I can while I burn you down Weak man Weak mind You know you never"
  • The Fifth Extinction - Ayreon
    "''''' ''''' '' '' Through their eyes we will see '' '' With their hands we will create '' '' In their world we will be free '' '' With our minds we'll shape their fate '' '' Now the die is cast, the"
  • The Sixth Extinction - Ayreon
    "'''''(Part I - Echoes On The Wind)''''' ''(Tom Englund:)'' It's the calm before the storm It's the quiet before the war It's the time when all will be decided ''(Steve Lee:)'' All will be decided ''(Tom"
  • Extinction Means Forever - Pride And Fall
    "I did not think we get this far never thought we stand apart the signs you gave to me remembered all of them by heart so now i stand and face the pain as if it matters once again i have no time to cry as"
  • Extinction Of The Weak - Deathspell Omega
    "Arise from the cursed abyss, our mission has been given by the Fallen Angel. We are demons in human flesh, born to desecrate God's creatures until total extinction. While the holy ones kneel down and"
  • Breed Suffocation, Breed Extinction - Profane Omen
    "Break this circle, the one that keeps me captured in this shell, Once lost, but not forsaken, I'm wandering through this citadel. I've shed myself to these shadows which amplify my sins and Forever they"

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