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kabe eden hazazrd

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kabe eden hazazrd

  • Eden Hazard - Kabe
    "wychodzę rano na boisko dużo na głowie jak prezydent (…) wychodzę rano na boisko dużo na głowie jak prezydent zajebany lolem i jackiem honne (…) chce mieć swoje dania jak Hazard benefit z muzyki pomnażam nadal"
  • Kabe - Nega
    "zoushoku shita boku ni dekita kono kabe kusarikitta koe mou waraenai... ame wa yagate yamu boku wa yagate shinu kono juuatsu ni boku wa oshitsubusareru... I got no way... You got no way... i I'm full of"
  • Eden - Sarah Brightman
    "Did you ever think of me, As your best friend. Did I ever think of you, I'm not complaining. I never tried to feel. I never tried to feel. This vibration. I never tried to reach. I never tried to reach. Your"
  • Eden - Gavin Friday & The Man Seezer
    "Blue sky the waters clear Our love's garden to tend and to rule No fear mischief in the shadows waits We have each other and time to kill Eden. We meet by the darkness the truth of our kiss, One touch"
  • Eden - Hooverphonic
    "Did you ever think of me As your best friend Did I ever think of you I'm not complaining I never tried to feel I never tried to feel this vibration I never tried to reach I never tried to reach your eden"
  • Eden - Arapaho
    "Arapaho 1, 2 Mile From Eden Eden You stood all wraped up in the corner False smile you looked me in the eye You feel you're half a mile from eden Inside you're spinning around You dream of deep blue seas"
  • Eden - Holy Mother
    "It's cold inside my heart Oh it's over It's raining in my mind Haunted soul Why was I so wrong When I'm just a mortal man inside myself Break these walls, my prison cell Last night, something went down"
  • Eden - Emily Haines
    "Welcome to the Garden of Eden Can you see even me, when I'm pushed Call it a fall and lay all the blame on me From where I'm standing, it's a long way down Up here, at the top of a building, Top of a"
    "I see the darkness in your eyes I feel the spark of life go weaker in your restless soul I can hear your fading cries A relentless wail now going on And on When the tears are in your eyes You sing a drunken"
  • Eden - On Thorns I Lay
    "Red wine I drink and to the golden coast I sing... Everything you search in your life here you will find Don't loose your mind, don't let the time to take you far away you have to find a better way, you"
  • Eden - 10000 Maniacs
    "We are the roses in the garden, beauty with thorns among our leaves. To pick a rose you ask your hands to bleed. What is the reason for having roses when your blood is shed carelessly? It must be for something"
  • Eden - 10,000 Maniacs
    "We are the roses in the garden, beauty with thorns among our leaves. To pick a rose you ask your hands to bleed. What is the reason for having roses when your blood is shed carelessly? It must be for"
  • Eden - Guster
    "All I want is the world And everything for me You can rattle off your talk All that matters is what I see If you break me down Selfish desire is all you blame Cause desperate times Call for desperate"
  • Eden - O.S.T.R.
    "powoli bezwładnie opadam na asfalt rozbity na części, szklana pułapka los z listy mnie skreślił dramat czy farsa? a kolejny oddech zgniata jak astma pytam sam siebie: to zdrada czy karma? po tamtej stronie,"
  • Eden - Paolo Conte
    "Solo in un silenzio penso a niente e voglio solo te, padre emozionato ed entusiasta che ti specchi in me Solo contro niente mi accontento e non mi annoio mai, suono un bel saxofono d'argento e non mi"
  • Eden - To Destination
    "Nureta hitomi no oku aoi tsuki wa shizuka ni koboreochite yuku Azayaka na sekai wa oto mo naku shizuka ni yami ni kiete yuku Byoyomi no naka kakemeguru yami no naka o Soshite aratanaru toki o mukae ima... Kizutsuita"
  • Eden - Anekdoten
    "take the railroad to the ending of the rainbow through the pain to salvation show us how to find the way to the beginning lost and found, homeward bound bite the fruit and leave the life you've lived"
  • Eden - Museum
    "There's a question in the darkness There's a hundred open doors There's a whisper on the stairways In every second floor You know all room is infinate You know you cannot fly We try to fill the void with"
  • Eden - Kukui
    "{{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} {{ruby||}} ==Romaji== Yami ni hibiku kishimu haguruma no oto sasou Youkoso kara no rakuen e Karamitsuku kuuki no omosa to dakiageta dareka no netsu ni Ugoita"
  • Eden - Red Delicious
    "We are perfect, golden God looks down on us and he knows We were not made from his clay We are seperate from him We produce a strange fruit Tough skinned and bitter inside Between us it grows What it implies,"

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