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  • 6 - Paolo Meneguzzi
    "Luce sei nelle notti sei tra le stelle sei dentro i sogni miei sei sei pura e sei peccato pioggia sei tra le mani sei come lacrime sulle labbra sei sono te tu sei me Sentire la tua voce portare la tua"
  • Triple 6 Mafia - Three 6 Mafia
    "its gonna be a deadly night kinda silent kinda violent as we stroll theses niggas got ammo but i found out thats the way it goes the triple 6 mafia be like quick to ride on some tricks while smokin"
  • 6 Years - 6 Nights - Blue System
    "I wait 6 years, I wait 6 nights Wind this rope, a second chance (I'll wait) I call your name like in a trance (I'll wait) I will run to you, I will die for you Divided hearts, divided soul (I'll wait) I'm"
  • Highway 6 - Kingdom Come
    "Every hour somebody's drivin' down the highway 6 I'm talkin' 'bout the road that'll lead you to the River Styx A man down there says he's gonna take away your pain I tell ya he's a liar and you'll never"
  • 6-pack - Dead Man Ray
    "1 number 1 is a speed limit when youre driving a trotinette 2 number 2 is the birthday cake that set your playhouse on fire 3 number 3 is your mother naked asking for a coconut 4 number 4 is a low resolution"
  • 6 Fu - Oomph!
    "Jede Nacht genau der selbe Traum Mich umgibt ein kalter schwarzer Raum Jeder tiefe Atemzug fllt schwer Bin am schrein, doch du hrst mich nicht mehr Such mich tief im Abgrund deines Traums Ich liege 6"
  • 666 ( 6 6 6 ) (ft. Sir Mich, Kabe, Żabson) - Kali x Major
    "Eee, jo! czemu światem radzi pieniądz? chorągiewy z wiatrem wieją chcemy tylko wolni być nie mów nam jak mamy żyć y, y, y Eee, jo! czemu światem radzi pieniądz? chorągiewy z wiatrem wieją chcemy tylko"
  • 6 Years, 6 Nights - Blue System
    "I wait six years - I wait six nights Wind this rope - a second chance I call your name like in a trance I'll run to you - I would die for you Divided hearts - divided soul I'm burning in a flame of hope I'll"
  • 6 O'clock - A
    "A Hi-Fi Serious 6 O'clock 6 o'clock on a tube stop, waiting for a subway train On my own, so alone, why does everybody look the same? To the right there's a sign, telling me which way to go To the left"
  • 6:22 - Wanda & Banda
    "6:22 wstajesz Zimą to jeszcze jest noc Jedziesz za ciasnym tramwajem Wokół duchota i tłok W dobrze ci znanym hotelu Życie stemplujesz od lat Jakos ci nie żal papierów czeka na mapie dzis kraj Bezbarwne"
  • 6:06 - Olavi Uusivirta
    "Et ollut klassisella tavalla kaunis Mutta maalasit varjoja seiniin Ja olit jokaisella tavalla kaunis En osannut maalata Mutta se ei ollut trke Kun olin muuten arvoituksellinen 6:06, Somerjoki soi Mit jos"
  • 6 O'clock - The Verve
    "6 O'Clock I'm wasted She is in my bones city's all gone dead on me, again May as well find my way home No one really knows me No one ever said Surely isn't free Surely...doesn't end, honey Like a playing"
  • 6 God - Drake
    "I'll admit it, I'll admit it Watch your motherfuckin' tone boy Get hurt boy Aww here go another mo'fucker that don't understand the concept of puttin' money first boy (first) I'm 'bout to hit you with"
  • Seat 6 - Gadjits
    "Sorta like a toothache Hit all the nerves that make me quake Highly suggestive hints you deliver make the air turn hot Make the air turn hot and yet I shiver She always had a special friend and I always"
  • 6-0 - Sunrise Avenue
    "Baby You are the one I can feel it inside my bones Maybe In the long run Youll finally feel its so You say you dont know If you honestly want my love Im gonna hunt until I get you And when I get you I"
  • Demonia 6 - Candlemass
    "In my left pocket, spot of all that dies, a cage of the vile. 13 keys, 13 locks, to the sick and strange that calls out to me. I crept through the palace archways Psychotic and deranged oh lord Enchanted"
  • 6 Million - Do Or Die
    "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 million ways to die Double em' I lock the glock To pop open up six more (??) Seventeen at the knees Freeze a brother like a holocall On the call to get all the rip off the Adimin To break"
  • 6 gemów - No 7
    "W dupach wam sie juz przewraca, Jeden Gwalci, drugi maca. W jakim swiecie my zyjemy? Nic od Siebie nie dajemy. Kazdy wszysko chce posiadac. O pieniadzach tylko gadac. Wkoncu cofniemy sie w rozowju, W materialnym"
  • Fantastic 6 - Alphabeat
    "Ah-a-i-ah Ah-a-a-a-a-ah Ah-a-i-ah A-a-a-a-a woo woo Ah-a-i-ah Ah-a-a-a-a-ah Ah-a-i-ah A-a-a-a-a woo woo Sci-fi stars on the postcard skies, White hair, black ties, Riding in atomic jets, Hi-Tech! Ah-a-i-ah Ah-a-a-a-a-ah Ah-a-i-ah A-a-a-a-a"
  • Building 6 - Vicious Rumors
    "Lock the door - throw away the keyShut them out of realityMade the twisted more insaneLocked inside an evil cageMade by man - sent from hellDown below the wishing wellBlackened cross - laced in brickAtrocities"

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