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  • Pump up - Sizzla
    "And mi seh bless di woman a di earth!!! And a mi nuh same high make up di blame high Sizzla Kalonji di woman true mi name high, cho! And mi seh step up inna frontli-iiine, phat sexy gal dem Kalonji grind Step"
  • To the point - Sizzla
    "an mi a say a redda fiyah a judgement yawd a say dat enuh iyah king SELASSIE I di almighty I hear mi nuh man,just lively up yuhself enuh -yo get to di point caan dis di Rastaman annoint mi bun mi chalice"
  • Ogie - Bas Tajpan
    "Panie łaski kler lgnie do politykiWatykański władca wspiera działania swej klikiChcesz grzechów odpuszczenia to dużo daj na tacęWielki biznes trzyma biały pielgrzym w swojej macceSyn na księdza się kształci"
  • Every Move That I Make - Sizzla
    "Rastafari-I is the Almighty-I Ya man - Rasta the rise of the sun Thousands and thousands of hundreds is gonna fall to the ground. We haffi bun fire fuh bun out corruption The solution for more life"
  • Simplicity - Sizzla
    "Black people keep your heads up Emperor Selassie l bless them Burning fire never yet stop Simplisity we use to survive Many find it difficult because they ignorant and hype Simplicity we use to survive"
  • I Want You - Sizzla
    "Love is what I got to give you girl ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I want you baby, i need you lady, and nothing in this world gonna stop me no way, I want you baby, I need you lady, and nothing in dis"
  • Fire & Pain - Styles P
    "(feat. Sizzla) WOOO~! Ha, King Selassie I know Sizzla Kalonji, girls smiles, whoa-yeah-yeahhh Shit is too too crazy, listen Got bad luck, like I ran and fucked the voodoo lady Every other week I'm"
  • Come Fly With Me Dirty - Foxy Brown
    ": Foxy Brown Murder (Murder) na na na murder (murder) na na na Murder dem, murder dem, mi no competition I gwaan, murder dem (*Foxy Brown): Sexiness you need some of mine (Uh huh) come kick it with"
  • Mi Bad From mi Born - Munga
    "(intro) Yeah! selassie I di first Jah rastafari redemption I bun fyah yes yes yes yes yes yes! yes! Munga of di gangsta ras (chorus) mi bad from mi born and that's why mi gwaan so where I was born whole"
  • Touch Me - Sizzla
    "(feat. Rochelle) (Oooh oooh oooh) Hey! You girl! you deserve my love! (Uh huh) Oh oh! All I want to do is make you love me like this, all I want to do is make you touch me like this All I want"
  • Somehow - Sizzla
    "Wah recoil! Testing,testing,1 2 3 4 5 Seal ah sever Love anointing Ten commandment Whoa yah! Sizzla Kalonji with de bigger judgement uh-nuh! Wide worldwide! Ah-hah! 'Cause somehow Jah-Jah jus'"
  • Blackness - Sizzla
    "Why is it to stand and deny the work of his Imperial Majesty Emperor Selassie I? Why is it to rebel against each other when we work to establish our own nobility? So Negro,dem no really know we"
  • Rejoice - Sizzla
    "Ah me say things get bitter in the west we affi head to the east Ah you done know Sizzla Kalongi ever bless You see it, you see it Selassie I ah prince of peace Tell you just be nice and live"
  • Babylon Ah Listen - Sizzla
    "Well I and I say these be the words of his magesty Emperor Hailie Selassie I I and I hail the royal emperor of Ethiopia And bun ah guy Jah Bless, Well Read... Babylon ah listen from near and far"
  • Come Fly With Me - Foxy Brown
    ": Foxy Brown Murder (Murder) na na na murder (murder) na na na Murder dem, murder dem mi nuh competition I gwaan, murder dem (*Foxy Brown): Sexiness you need some of mine (Uh huh) come kick it with"
  • Mash Dem Down - Sizzla
    "Ah, Just like in the older days chop off the pagan head and let it roll away Listen to what I got to say Praise the King every day Come mek we go mash dem down nah lose All dem ah wrinch and ah"
  • Diamond & Pearl - Sizzla
    "As you know yea yea Bless dem now Kalonji We say hail to the high one of iration Emperor Hailie Sellasie I you know The black king of Etiopia... Black nation rise... ey If it's diamond and pearl"
  • Don't Trouble Us - Sizzla
    "Oy! let it go! Yeah man,is music Hmm ha ha ha ha ! Yeah man Fire we ah use,bu'n up dem judge (That's right,that's right!) Yah! Yuh got to be lyrical,yuh see me ah sjow dem say (fuh real!) Don't"
  • Tell The Children - Sizzla
    "Yea man go way from here so Babylon You cyar take the black people fi fool Wha you ah deal with man You nah see we have hands and feet, eyes and nose you don't see we have mouth Yea man righteousness"
  • The Jam - Mad Skillz
    "Now who done passed you a diaper and got you thinkin you the shit? The styles I be inkin get you hyper when I get and attack tracks Bruise and snooze on the wack My crew's in the back, gettin blitzed like"

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