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kandam style

  • Style - Prince
    "(Style) Style, uh! (Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Style, dig it (Style) Style, come on Uh, style Style is not something that comes in a bottle Style is more like Jackie O. when she was doin' Aristotle Style"
  • Style - Utopia
    "Style must not be underrated Style is often overlooked Style is never in the papers I read it like an open book Style If you can't see the substance Style shows how it's organized Style is"
  • Style - Noir Fleurir
    "Twilight of barrier Daylight of barrier Holy nightmare collection Crash, Crash,Crash, Terror in the style Crash, Crash,Crash, Scar in the style Crash, Crash,Crash, Fear in the style Crash, Crash,Crash,"
  • Style - UB40
    "Now here comes a musical shack attack Really on truly design to make you rock Whether you white or black In a pants or frock Round a front or back Down an bottom or on top Is Pablo Ranks round the microphone"
  • Style - Foster The People
    "We're born to die so I'm gonna fight for how I wanna live Spark up the riots, I guess I'm a criminal and a futurist With the charges I've caught won't stand your trial You can take it out on me, I've"
  • Style - High And Mighty Color
    "Kitto tomara nai Tomerare wa shinai sa Yukeru tokoro made! Mukatte yuku jibun no omoi no tsuyosa wo shinjiteru Aitsu wa itsumo namida sae Yume no tame to waratta Mukuware nai no ni to omotteta Sameta"
  • Style - Taylor Swift
    "Midnight, you come and pick me up No headlights Long drive, could end in burning flames or paradise Fade into view, it's been a while since I have even heard from you I should just tell you to leave cause"
  • Style - Frank Sinatra
    "(S. Cahn, J. Van Heusen) (Bing Crosby) Some people dress 'cause they dress when they dress, But he gets dressed to get dressed. (It's only a hunch but I bet you a bunch) (He wears suspenders, a"
  • Style - Lemonheads
    "Don't wanna get stoned don't wanna get stoned but I don't wanna not get stoned I don't wanna not get stoned don't wanna get high but I don't wanna not get high and I don't wanna not get stoned wanna knock"
  • Style - Jahcoozi
    "I got style Upwardly mobile Which of you wankers stole my nail file Work at CNN, read the news at ten ironed out my afro just to work for them. Girls with designer handbags, wearing them padded bras"
  • Style - Kana Nishino
    "Hajimaruyo kimi to boku o Tsunagu tobira knock sureba Donna mirai ga bokura o matteiru no Otona ga sou motomeru no wa Kanpeki na Style Itsuka haguruma no you ni Subete ga kasanaru you ni Kamisama iru nara"
  • Style - Mis Teeq
    "You got a hot date on your armsYou got good looks and plenty charmsYou got a nice ride and everythingAin't nothing wrong with youYou got a good job, respectableYou got a nice crib, you got it allYou're"
  • Style, style - Paul McCartney
    "She's got an American accent from her head to her toes, if she's involved in an accident, you wouldn't see her underclothes. She is perfectly spotless, a fact that sticks out a mile. But people have got"
  • Styl nad Style - SNUZ (eS.eN.U.Zet)
    "Dobra , zoba ! aha.. Co się stanie? senuzet na pierwszym planie moja w tym głowa moje to zadanie niech tak się stanie aha ! Tu ........... przyjemne dranie to własnie mają w planie moim zdaniem znow"
  • Kalachnikov Style - Molodoi
    "Kalachnikov style Et c'est une mre qui pleure A.K. 47 style Et c'est un gosse qui meurt Smith & Wesson style Et c'est une chair blesse Remington style Et c'est une vie d'te Riot Gun style C'est une banlieue"
  • Army Style - Exploited
    "Detailed for a firing party An enemy of the states is going to be killed The firing squads are dressed to kill Duty first and they're well drilled Army style Army style Army style And they're dressed to"
  • Army Style - The Exploited
    "Detailed for a firing party An enemy of the states is going to be killed The firing squads are dressed to kill Duty first and theyre well drilled Army style Army style Army style And they're dressed"
  • Christmas Style - PSY
    "Oppan christmas style Kang-namseutayil Naje-neun ttasaroun inkanjeo-gin yeoja Keopi hanjanye yeoyureuraneun pumkyeok i-nneun yeoja Bami omyeon shimjangi tteugeowojineun yeoja Keureon banjeon i-nneun yeoja Naneun"
  • Style Kills - Gary Numan
    "Big bills Cheap thrills Style kills You say you set your standards way too high So you convincingly effect a compromise Some unsuspecting body's gonna pay When you discover that you can't always Have"
  • Style Kills - Robert Palmer
    "I see you got yourself a brand new bag You had enough of the imitation drag Although you're leaping to the latest thing You can't ignore the suspicion of a hallow ring Big bills Cheap thrills Style"

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