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karl wolf

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karl wolf
  • Zaunpfahl Karl
    "Tief im Wald zwischen Moos und Pfarn Da lebt ein Kfer mit Namen Karl Sein leben wurde je gestrt Als Er ein dumpfes Grllen hrt Lrmende Maschienen berrollen den Wald Und stren den Gesang der Vgel schon"
  • Video Nasties Karl Blau
    "1 2 3 4! Oh me and Karl Blau we used to be best friends, He would say no, I would say yes, Me and Karl Blau, Oh me and Karl Blau, Me and Karl Blau. Me and Karl Blau hanging out with each other, I only"
  • 999 Wolf
    "The last thing up but thats no excuse, Drown the state in self abuse, self abuse. Let it get out of hand, You go off the rut Know that your just just a living shame! Cancel the tape, more lies thrown at"
  • Karl Wolf Profession' My Love
    "I'm professing my love to ya I really don't think u understand me ma Let me show you a lil bit a what I'm talking ma I know you wanna be down cause you're stickin aroud Do I wanna give you my number (na"
  • Iced Earth Wolf
    "Innocence tainted by pure lunacy Cursed by the slash of a shape-shifting beast Oh no, this can't be Demonic infection, a doomed changeling His future concealed as he begs to be told A kiss from the gypsy,"
  • Joe Walsh Wolf
    "Woke up again this morning To play another game It comes without a warning It's nothing you can name, nothing you can name It's raining in the meadow Shepherd's gone to town Wolf has finished breakfast No-one"
  • Angelspit Wolf
    "Eight Ball in my hand The key in your liver Sculpting danger signs Bladed credit powder Jack sweet suck you dry Baby flesh and candy Metal salt like blood Bucket tastes like honey Skipping with the hood Basket"
  • Three 6 Mafia Wolf Wolf
    "(Hook)Juicy J Wolf Wolf all you want run yo mouth in da street, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me, I dun give a mother fuck if you 100 deep, but ya aint gon fuck with a pitch of me. (Lord Infamous) Time"
  • Rantanplan Karl Der Cop
    "Er ist so hei, dass er dich verbrennt und du kannst gar nichts dagegen machen, Da er dich anfsst. Fr die Leibesvisite nimmt er seinen Sonderstab und nimmt dich Hart ins Verhr. Ich schwr'; irgendwann fickt"
  • Georg Danzer Karl, Der Wahnsinnige
    "unlngst sitz ma im wirtshaus in an dorf an der grenz irgendwo i wollt mit an freund an freund besuchen doch der freund war leider ned da und wia ma da so sitzen bei ana leber und an wein geht die"
  • Fame Factory Karl Martindahl - Stay
    "Karl Martindahl Stay Stay,stay,stay stay by me now don't walk away. Whoo. Stay,stay,stay stay by me now don't walk away. Lonelyness can kill a guy, baby please don't say goodbye. Without you girl"
  • Fame Factory Stay (Karl Martindahl)
    "Stay, stay, stay, stay by me now don't walk away. Stay, stay, stay, stay by me now don't walk away. Lonelyness can kill a guy baby please don't say goodbye Without you girl, I couldn't live stay by me,"
  • Stefan Raab Der Karl, Der Karl, Der Moik
    "Immer wenn wir ihn im Fernsehen sehen Ist er super drauf Das ist wunderschn Immer gut gelaunt bis die Bude kracht Jetzt erzhl ich euch mal was der Karl vor jeder Sendung macht Der Karl, der Karl, der"
  • Patrick Wolf Wolf Song
    "Walk tall beneath these trees boy you monolith not scarred by fallout us wolves were right behind you and lucifer will never find you oh no! the moon, let it guide you, when selene comes, we'll alll know"
  • Randy Karl Marx And History
    "We got firecrackers & red balloons And a street orcherstra that plays a tune Confetti's flying in the air A lot of people are gathered here We got placards posters & stickers to We got reggae music"
  • Fame Factory Call You (Karl Martindahl)
    "Call You (Karl Martindahl) It feels like a thunder every day when you're around but I don't know what to say Oh baby, tell me what I got to do I can see the lightning in your eyes I wanna hold you tight"
  • Fame Factory Karl Martindahl - Call You
    ""It feels like a thounder evereyday when you're around but i don't know how to say OoOo Babe, tell me what i've got to do and I can see the lightning, in your eyes I wanna hold you tight trough the sunrise OoOo"
  • Fame Factory My Melody - Karl Martindahl
    "I have a feeling, a feeling of goodbye. You don't have to say it I see it in your eyes ref. If you were the sky Then I was the sea And you were the verse In my melody I ask how you feel you tell me"
  • Fame Factory Hang On - Karl Martindahl
    "" Hang on.. Fragile like a single one feather Silently flying, wailed the wings are holding you Lost into the arms of the weather, going wherever And you think you, think you had enough Pleasure and"
  • Howlin' Wolf I'm The Wolf
    "You know I'm the Wolf baby, you know I stays in the woods You know I'm the Wolf babe, you know I stays in the woods Well when you get in trouble, you call the wolf out of the woods Well you want my money,"

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