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  • TCB - Diana Ross
    "Stop whatever you're doing Hold it right there Drop whatever you're doing There's not a minute to spare Time is flying, grab it Break that nowhere habit TCB And TCB TCB TCB do it now Don't sit around and"
  • Tcb - Supremes
    "Stop whatever you're doingHold it right thereDrop whatever you're doingThere's not a minute to spareTime is flying, grab itBreak that nowhere habitTCB And TCBTCBTCB do it nowDon't sit around and wonder"
  • Kartel - Pezet
    "nie zrozum mnie źle bo nie mam uzi, ani w domu jacuzzi ani nie jestem z Yakuzy lecz jak włączam flow to się kurzy jak.. to ci źle wróży jakbyś zadarł kimś, kogo niemądrze jest wkurzyć gdy nawijam to Pablo,"
  • How Many Ways - Heather Headley, Vybz Kartel - Heather Headley
    "I gotta' lotta' things to share with you boy I'm checking for ya', call me baby sometime, I'll tell it to ya I'm feelin' all this chemistry between you and me I can't sleep at night I toss and turn and"
  • New Name Fi Informer Mr. Palmer (Vybz Kartel Diss) - Mavado
    "New Name Fi Informa Ah Mr Palmer Grudge Me Fi So Mi Sing Dah Pslams Yah Strap Wid Mi Hamma Clip Longer Dan Banana Bwoy Come Pass Di Corna. Gunshot Ring Inna Yu Ears Like Llaama Everybody Ask Wha Cause"
  • Rough Sex - Yybz Kartel
    "Ah baby! Wha yuh really dealin ? (Delicious & kartel) Baby (yeh) I dont wanna hurt tonight (but) I just want u to take ur time (baby u know) and make love to me (baby yuh must) I want it slow and sexy"
  • Badda Dan Dem - Vybz Kartel
    "Me nuh care where yuh bad from Or the ends where yuh trad from gun shot mek yuh fall like the bridge ova london when it kick yuh like vandam dis me outa east and meh buck yuh up ah boston head ah buss"
  • I Neva - Vybz Kartel
    "Don Corleone, Kartel, colaboration always start well I neva I neva I neva, nyam pum pum, and, I neva I neva I neva I neva, fuck batty, and, I neva I neva I neva, nyam pum pum, and, I neva I neva I neva"
  • Gun Session - Vybz Kartel
    "Yea, yea testing 1 2 3 it's Akon the illegal alien yea, Sizzla Kolongi coming to you live, Shabba India, Si mi yah seh yuh knoe its Kartel Obsession FX Gun Session teks Run session duppy wi mek aye! "
  • Tekk Buddy Gal - Vybz Kartel
    "Back in time Baby (baby) back in time Baby (baby) don't play around (you know) ??????? (never) (It'll be alright) Yo, hey, hey (Chorus) Tek buddy gal, yuh think me easy? Who you ramp wid? Yuh wha live"
  • Visa - Vybz Kartel
    "(Chorus) Weeed makes me fly without visa Dont give me coke nor crack or rum Cigarette smoke is just no good I am juss a ganja man Makes me fly without visa Dont give me coke or crack or rum Cigarette smoke"
  • December - Juke Kartel
    "Money, love I never wanna give you up Youre like a million dollar rush Running my brain Waste away, on nights we cant remember I floated through december On a desolate wave Im not alone, I hear a voice"
  • Firesign - Juke Kartel
    "I dont wanna fight Never wanna leave without the right To ever wonder why That we couldve stopped this time So you wandered there, unaware You wondered if well ever speak again Well listen to your head"
  • Forever Young - Juke Kartel
    "Caught in a moment I never listen Broken bottles paved my way Bustin the bubble avoiding the trouble Lets drink and hide away Near enough, is near enough Im amazed that Im on foreign ground I am I am"
  • If Only - Juke Kartel
    "Hey I can hear you in stereo Through the traffic Your voice is the only sound I know Do you notice When I walk in the room Am I a liar Do you believe my words are the truth All these fears will fade While"
  • Long Way - Juke Kartel
    "It's been easy so far, And I've waited so long to know If I miss you like rain, Will you remember my name tomorrow? So I can feel, And I will lose your heart. Take my eyes look inside, My mind. Now the"
  • My Baby - Juke Kartel
    "Everytime you look around me I can sense your eyes are seeking What you think my life is dealing What you think that I am feeling Picture perfect nothing hurts me Well I can tell you plastic kills me You"
  • Pick It Up - Juke Kartel
    "This is the last time, second last song Before you said you gotta go You said you want it, want it Go and get it, get it The days are numbered And the window will be closing in You mouth is running, running"
  • Robbie's Song - Juke Kartel
    "So I heard the news today Nineteen years have walked away I had not seen you for days And I lost myself along the way Youll be alright now x3 Everyday I sleep for night Close my eyes and see your smile"
  • Running - Juke Kartel
    "Afraid of, this is your big day, love Ya finally made the grade The inner circle has changed This is what you wanted Ready to be hitting the high The sweat will be stinging your eyes I can tell your wasting"

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