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katy carr ma��a litle flower

  • Carr - Stijn
    "Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais il y a des choses Que moi, je comprend pas Cest carrment gratuit Cest carrment gratuit Temps en temps, cest moi Et temps en temps cest toi Mais"
  • Katy - Agent 5/9
    "You're brilliant what more can I say Only known you for one day Now it seems like I've found the one To share my secrets with Hope I'm not getting ahead of myself Will you hold my hand And you stare deep"
  • Katy - Forteca
    "Związano do tyłu ręce, By w obecności kata Nie mogły się wznieść błagalnie Do Boga i do świata. Zakneblowano usta! By w tej katyńskiej nocy Nie mogły wołać o litość Ni wezwać znikąd pomocy. W podartym"
  • Katy - The Boy Who Trapped The Sun
    "We were watching V.C.R on your couch before D.V.D when I was still quite young You backed me into a corner, when I was trying to escape my friends said you had no shoes on, when you chased me down the"
  • Sweet Litle Sister - Skid Row
    "She blew my mind behind the wrecking machine She was a shitload of trouble called the subway queen Had a hip with bad habits and a shake that was a bit obscene One night I caught her running out the cellar"
  • Mała Little Flower - Katy Carr
    "Kocham cię Janku, mój Janku Going into the woods And you think you can keep me from him I'm going into the woods And you think you can keep me from him But I'm doing it for myself But I'm doing it all"
  • Carr?o De Dois - Raimundos
    "Gatinha dos olhos de amendoim Pediu uma carona, eu dei Homem, essa mulher me deu uma canseira Que at hoje eu no descansei E passa a 5, mo aqui e ali Apressadinha, quer engatar de 1 Me levou pro"
  • Piccola Katy - Pooh
    "Oh, oh piccola Katy. Oh, oh piccola Katy. Oh, oh, oh! Piccola Katy, stanotte hai bruciato tutti i ricordi del tuo passato tutte la bambole con cui dormivi de il tuo diario che sempre riempivi solo"
  • Daylight Katy - Gordon Lightfoot
    "She walks be the sea where the seaworld isAnd she waits for the man to comeShe lives in town with her high-heeled friendsAnd she knows it's a long way downBut she doesn't have to get up in the morningWith"
  • Katy Did - Porter Wagoner
    "Two sisters lived alone out in the country their names were Katy and her sister Liz They farmed to raise the food that graced their table Liz never went to town but Katy did Katy went to town each Saturday"
  • Katy Daley - The Stanley Brothers
    "With her old man she came from Tipperary In the pioneering days of '42 Her old man was shot in Tombstone City For the making of his good old mountain dew Oh Come on down the mountain Katy Daley Come on"
  • Katy Song - Red House Painters
    "Some escape some door to open this path seems the blackest but I guess it's the soonest but there in the clearing I know you'll be wearing your young aching smile and waving your hand. Can't go with my"
  • Flower - Aicha & Asteya
    "(Na swoim facebooku Aicha & Asteya zapowiedziały nowy utwór, a wraz z nim klip. Produkcja będzie zatytułowana "Flower".)"
  • Flower - Toadies
    "My love you're so beautiful, like a flower. I want to kiss you, to touch you, to feel your power Sweet thing you fill my heart with hope, love and desire You're my flower. Sweet thing talk to me now. Are"
  • Flower - Sonic Youth
    "Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The word is love Support the power of women Use the power of man Support the flower of women Use the word: Fuck The"
  • Flower - Kylie Minogue
    "Wrapped in a blanket of hope Asleep in a bed of dreams I step into eternity It’s not part of my hand Not at all For who knows which way the wind is gonna blow I am waiting for your gentle whisper Distant"
  • Flower - Cody Simpson
    "I know I'll never be the apple of your eye But I pick you a flower if you like I know I'll never be the stars up in your sky But I'll pick you a flower if you like She loves me, she loves me not She says"
  • Flower - Spark
    "He picks a yellow flower on a Sunday afternoon The love he had for her only he and God knew The smile she gave him said all the unspoken words With a glance in her eyes he saw a love so pure (chorus) Just"
  • Flower - Back-On
    "kimi to deaeta no wa kitto guuzen janai itsu no manika sonna fuu ni omoeteta dokomade mo tsuduku bokura no tabiji futo kidukeba saitetanda na bokura no aida ichirin no hana arigatoutte sunao ni ienakute sonna"
  • Flower - Jewel
    "She dreams of the country her eyes go far away. She wishes for flowers He says, "Perhaps in May." The city always was gray the reflections of his eyes. And she knows he liked it that way And that way"

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