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keaton henson judging

  • Keaton - Francesco Guccini
    "Lo chiamavamo Keaton quel pianista, naturalmente perch non sorrideva mai, mentre noi ci ammazzavamo di risate a vederlo l, come un parafulmine, dritto contro un cielo di guai; guai di tasca a violoncello,"
  • Keaton - Lor
    "Slide in the glader, I’m outsider, so I’ll jump Clouds undercovered, rediscovered by the bump Fall down the Island of silence, undersell Words swallow notions and emotions start to swell Slippery sidekick"
  • Judging Eyes - Prime Time
    "Cold desserts burn like swallowed rats Face down in irony Inventive horror binding lust to vanity My judging eyes... Like thrown off branches, crumbled, dry, So lie the penalized Like freaks of nature"
  • Judging Lucia - Tangarine
    "Seven died some day some night.Yes death it is a part of life.As long as it stays out of the news than it'salright.But channel two got in my room.With a story about a deadly broom.Wrapped inside a female"
  • One (prod. Henson) - SITEK
    "Tak lojalna ze zabije za mnie Inne przy niej są jak Przerobimy w Instagramie Co robimy na śniadanie, kończy si eto na kanapie Temperament tak gorący ma ze lecisz na Hawaje Twoja ma wyrzuty ze za dużo grasz"
  • The Michael Keaton Backslash - Burns Out Bright
    "moderation has never been one of my. strong suits me fine. so if you're out past ten, and you see me then. please send me home. before apathy turns to atrophy, and i stop listening. i kill myself to feel"
  • Lekki Wieje Wiatr (Prod. Gedz X Henson) - Gedz
    "(Instrumentalna wersja utworu)"
  • Hipnoterapia (gość. Gruby Mielzky i Dj Gondek, prod. Henson) - Gedz
    "Nocna lampka, kartka, brzmienie bitu Myśli spadają na głowę, jak deszcz meteorytów Jak frisbee rzucane miedzy ziomami Się kręcę zahipnotyzowany /2x Bez kitu, chyba wpadłem w trans jakiś Czas mi muli jakbym"
  • You - Keaton Henson
    "If you must wait Wait for them here in my arms as i shake If you must weep Do it right here in my bed as i sleep If you must mourn my love Mourn with the moon and the stars up above If you must mourn don't"
  • Lying To You - Keaton Henson
    "I can see in your eyes that you mean it. I can feel in your arms that it's true. And though I just heard myself say it, Baby, I'm lying to you. Baby, I'm lying to you. And all of these years you've been"
  • You Don't Know How Lucky You Are - Keaton Henson
    "Does he know who you are? Does he laugh, just to know what he has? Does he know not to talk about your dad? Does he know when you're sad? You don't like to be touched, Let alone kissed Does he know where"
  • Kronos - Keaton Henson
    "I've been looking for you all year long Just to tell me I have not been wrong Is this all that you can give me back Come on, woman! You'll have to do less than that And now I see that waking everyday Always"
  • Burden Of Proof - Keaton Simons
    "Burden Of Proof Im in the mood for you to take control this time Im gonna lay down here and let it all unwind Slap me, kiss me Tell me that you miss me You dont believe me You dont believe me You dont"
  • Anywhere - Keaton Simons
    "Anywhere Yeah, wear those shoes You know They go with that skirt You know You take so long to get your hair just right Put your coat on Then you turn to me and you say Do you think Im ready? You think"
  • What Do You Do? - Keaton Simons
    "What Do You Do? I wear these old shoes Full of holes Cause they remind me of the million miles that I have walked beside you Good and bad times, we have been through You know that car you drive keeps"
  • Seven - Keaton Simons
    "Seven Seven was her lucky number Before she met you She was a spunky girl, a bummer, a hand-drummer And she loved you She had long hair She was never all there If you look away, youll miss her Sometimes"
  • Lift Me Up - Keaton Simons
    "Lift Me Up Lift me up from your shallows I am stumbled in a lonely grave Lift me up from your shallows I am destined to live ashamed Ive been sold out by my best friend Ive been knocked down and thrown"
  • It's Ok - Keaton Simons
    "It's Ok I think about it all the time But dont know what to say When the room is cold and empty And you look at me that way Should I sing about the babies playing pool Or how bout all the times I broke the"
  • Hello, You Know, Goodbye - Keaton Simons
    "Hello, You Know, Goodbye Empty hours pass my eyes The floor, my checkered bed There you stand like natures child Unfettered by my wandering head The night creeps on so tired Daylight brings a fright Another"
  • Changes - Keaton Simons
    "Changes Now, you want me to need you I know Incompletely So sweetly You go No change in sight Youre still uptight Dont close your eyes on me So, uniquely Concretely Secure Pressed against me So tensely Assured No"

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