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keep going

  • Keep Going - T-Pain
    "('''Intro''') Yeah Uh (Clears Throat) (Takes Deep Breath) Keep Going Yeah Mm ('''Verse 1''') They get me up in the morning They give me reason to believe I'm here For somebody Someone They make me feel"
  • Just Keep Going - Wallis Bird
    "Months pass by and I'm still the same Can't stop saying your name Pictures show I look so washed out I haven't slept right for days And I was crying Please don't be inlove Unless you love me back Put on"
  • Keep It Going - Amy Grant
    "(a one...two three four.) Someone's got to keep it on going, Just as long as they're folks who haven't heard. So you can count on me, 'cause he's showing There's so many ways to spread his word. Don't"
  • Keep On Going - Vivian Green
    "The days are overhelming I swear I just can't tell if I'm Coming or going, I wish I was all knowing Cause I wanna fly, but what if I Fall right on my face But I can't stop here, I gotta face my fear Or"
  • Keep on going - Blondie
    "There'll come a time you need a friend When disappointment follows you around and although we scheme in the shallow end Both mice and men continue to be drowned So if you're out and get caught in the rain"
  • Keep it Going - Doug E. Fresh
    "Yeah.. keep it real.. and keep it going.. "Ah yes yes y'all, ah keep on hah Ah keep on, to the break of dawn" One, two, three, UH! I keep it going, I keep it going, I keep it going, yeh, yeh I keep"
  • Keep on going - Fleetwood Mac
    "For a little peace in any season I'd give up anything but your love I don't want to trade, tryin' to be happy That's only playin' anyway But if I dream about it, it makes me wonder For every good thing,"
  • Keep It On Going - Amy Grant
    "Someone's got to keep it on going Just as long as there're folks who haven't heard So you can count on me 'cause he's showin' That there're so many ways to spread his word Don't you know that someone's"
  • Keep This Party Going - The B-52's
    "Fast forward Where's my remote Wild-eyed in a crazed haze Fast forward Rock this boat Party goin for days and days Follow the bliss but remember this It's all about the kiss As I gaze at the skies and"
  • Keep This Party Going - The B-52s
    "Fast forward Where's my remote Wild-eyed in a crazed haze Fast forward Rock this boat Party goin for days and days Follow the bliss but remember this It's all about the kiss As I gaze at the skies and"
  • Keep this party going - B 52s
    "Fast forwardWhere's my remoteWild-eyed in a crazed hazeFast forwardRock this boatParty goin' for days and daysFollow the blissBut remember thisIt's all about the kissAs I gaze at the skiesAnd look into"
  • Something To Keep Me Going - Chris Knight
    "All the memories of our good time Keep crowdin' in my mind But I'm counting on the bad times To help me leave you behind Even though I said it's over I'm really not that strong I need something to keep"
  • Going Going Gone - Dave Dudley
    "(Going going gone going going gone) Mister auctioneer those are my things you're selling today And just like the love they remind me of they're going going gone I still see her face when I gave her that"
  • I Keep Going Back To Joe's - Nat King Cole
    "(Fisher/Segal) I keep goin' back to Joe's To that table in the corner, Sippin' wine and staring at the door. Our old waiter knows we're through, Still he sets a place for you Everything the way it"
  • Going Home - Sophie Zelmani
    "Not very often have we met But the music's been too bad Can only sense happiness if the music is sad So, I'm going home I must hurry home Where a life goes on We're too old to make a mess Dreams will keep"
  • Going wrong - Armin Van Buuren
    "Yeah I keep dreamingthat I have it allIm always waitingfor that something moreIm still cravingto have you by my sideI know our love is fadingbut soon it will shineChorus:And I cant see todayand I cant"
  • Going Nowhere - Fifth Harmony
    "First off Give a girl some credit I'm a keep on loving you 'Cause you be the realest all day and all night And that's why you stay by my side I don't always Do the right thing And that don't matter 'Cause"
  • Going Wrong - Armin Van Buuren & Shah feat. Chris Jones
    "Yeah I keep dreaming that I have it all Im always waiting for that something more Im still craving to have you by my side I know our love is fading but soon it will shine Chorus: And I cant see today and"
  • Going Under - Evanescence
    "Now I will tell you what I've done for you 50 thousand tears I've cried Screaming Deceiving and Bleeding for you And you still won't hear me (Im going under) Don't want your hand this time I'll save myself Maybe"
  • Going Away - Nelly Furtado
    "Nelly: I saw you yesterday, your eyes all a-glazed, oh no. Was it too much for you to take? Did you want the pain to go away? K'naan: Yeah, I'll take it. I knew I had to leave that trash on my sleeves; Got"

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