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keep it running

  • Keep Running - Swingin' Utters
    ""Hello again," you say to the folks at the E.D.D. you've been dire and disgusted and come in most every day to keep yourself alive you heave insults and forever curse the almighty fuckin' talisman that"
  • Keep on running - Spencer Davis Group
    "Keep on running, keep on hiding One fine day I'm gonna be the one To make you understand Oh, yeah, I'm gonna be your man. Keep on running, running from my arms One fine day I'm gonna be the one To make"
  • Can't Keep Running - Gregg Allman Band
    "Don't ask me where I'm going, I don't know, Which way the wind is blowing, I don't know, We've been over this again and again, Talking 'bout it only drives me insane, Think I'd rather take a walk in the"
  • Keep On Running - Dance Hall Crashers
    "I keep on running but I'm starting to tire I keep on moving cause my mind's on fire It's an uphill climb but my feet are gettin heavy I keep on running cause I'm feeling ready Keep on running... I'm getting"
  • Running - John Newman
    "(Verse) 100 Days, 2000 miles To you I'd run through day and night We've got to finish what we started We've got a lot to rescue darling (Verse) My shirt is torn, the shoes are worn My birth's been drawn"
  • Running - The Boogie Town
    "We keep on going down With no one to show us the way And they keep on telling us That there is no time to waste And my hands are getting colder With every breath I take Life ticks away so fast And nobody"
  • Running - Jessie Ware
    "Your words alone, could drive me to A thousand tears, All the same words, that kept me here For all the years I'm lost again, it's happening When you're around I just go... All I wanna know, is it mutual Then"
  • Running - No Doubt
    "Run Running all the time Running to the future With you right by my side Me I'm the one you chose Out of all the people You wanted me the most I'm so sorry that I've fallen Help me up lets keep on running Don't"
  • Running - Timothy B. Schmit
    "(Hudson/Selover) Will I ever love again? IfI do I don't know when So I'll just pretend you still love me All my friends will say The pain will go away But, that's the price you'll pay for leaving I want"
  • Running - Agonoize
    "running away... running away running away... running away you call this an existence... condemnation im here on my own... feed this evil illusion go on keep on running away wake up the evil within"
  • Running - 311
    "Here in the world feel it flowing River of life on a human journey Don't be afraid of becoming the sea Don't worry yourself (3x) Many stories will Be left untold But understand everything must go Slow"
  • Running - Jason Mraz
    "words by jason mraz & ariel quirolo music by jason mraz Running to catch up again, jumping higher and flying more often than not Your trampoline has got holes in it but I can still see the top Let me"
  • Keep my motor running - Roy Orbison
    "Ive been loving you since you were sweet 16 Good lookin woman Jerry Lee ever seen Cmon girl you got my heart a really jamming Go ahead and keep my mother humping motor running Lets go why dont you put"
  • Keep The Car Running - Arcade Fire
    "Every night my dream's the same Same old city with a different name Men are coming to take me away I don't know why, but I know I can't stay There's a weight that's pressing down Late at night you can"
  • Keep the car running - The Arcade Fire
    "Every night my dream's the sameSame old city, different nameMen are coming to take me awayDon't know why but i know i can't stayThere's a weight that's pressing downLate at night i can hear the soundEven"
  • Running - Get Over It
    "I look about, cant see you. I turn around , your there. I think about all the shit u caused me, omg, what the hell? Why do you even bother? Your not ganna win, So tell me what the F*C* your asking, How"
  • Running Back - Jessica Mauboy Feat. Flo Rida
    "These days you barely even say my name Like you dont really feel the same Im wondering whats to blame These nights, I fall asleep wondering where you are It feels like were falling apart And its totally"
  • Running back - Jessica Mauboy
    "These days you barely even say my name Like you don't really feel the same I'm wondering whats to blame These nights i fall asleep wondering where you are It feels like we're falling apart And its"
  • Running away - T'Pau
    "I'm talking, you won't talk You won't hear what I say I'm walking you will not walk Day after day, You sit there blaming the world Nobody owes you a thing You say you're too young To know what you like,"
  • Come Running - Van Morrison
    "By the side of the tracks where the train goes by The wind and the rain will catch you, you will sigh Deep in your heart Then you'll come a-running to me You'll come a-running to me Well you watch the"

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