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keep your secrets andrew bayer

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keep your secrets andrew bayer

  • Keep Secrets - Saosin
    "You should have never come here, I know You're making a mistake Keep your eyes shut, tightly closed, and pray for yourself I've said all I can say You keep yourself so tightly wound, it's about time you"
  • Andrew - Bowling For Soup
    "Everybody knows if you've got the coolest clothes You've got everybody on your side Anyone can see if you hang around with me You'll be by yourself on Friday night It's hard to understand If you never"
  • Andrew - Fur Patrol
    "You will do, what you do Gotta go Gotta have it I'll just sit around, let everybody talk And I will show, what I show I cant help it, it's habit I'll just sit around, let everybody talk And if you thought"
  • Secrets - The Weeknd
    "Everybody here wants you my love, my love And I know that you want them too my love, my love I ask what your heart desires my love, my love You tell me I’m the only one my love, my love It’s a lie, a"
  • Secrets - Nicki French
    "Don't go so many things that I must know Please stay there's too many things that we must say I don't wanna waste your precious time But since when he's talking such a lie You know that all my love is"
  • Secrets - Bloc Party
    "Boy Keep your stories close to your chest, to your chest I said boy Keep your secrets secret They will make you an exhibit Nail you to a wall Something safe for the fireplace A warning for their kids For"
  • Secrets - Becky G
    "could tell you’re keeping secrets from me why you always keeping secrets from me? I know that you got some secrets don’t know how long you could keep it why you tryna hide these secrets form me but what’s"
  • Secrets - Good Charlotte
    "In the dark In the darkness you will find Dirty little secrets we all hide Cause we all have a darker side A place we keep where no one else will find Cause everybody wants to hide their secrets away Nobody"
  • Secrets - Alice Smith
    "A morning after the only laughter 'Cause that project goes wrong the night before I'm feeling broken, words already spoken They crumble and hurt on the floor Accept for those that I should not have said Guarded"
  • Secrets - Golden Earring
    "From the Album: * Cut Tell me what's happenin' Curiosity doin' me in Something strange happenin' You keep a closed door behind you Got a window I can't see through Lock your mail inside a drawer Never"
  • Secrets - J Church
    "Last night I saw your skin go red, From your smelly little feet to the top of your head, Why do I feel so ashamed? I know, I know, I know, I know You read old letters written to me, I found an ancient"
  • Secrets - Before Dark
    "Chorus: keep it close to your heart don't ever let it go they'll always be part of you life those secrets we have inside Verse1: i know a girl i don't know how she feels but in her life she, knows"
  • Secrets - Lily Frost
    "You spilled, your shame; into, my trust; you feel, relieved; I feel, exhaust; and now I can't tell a soul.... Years..., gone by...; I've been, tongue tied; I've leant, my ears; to quell, your fears; the"
  • Secrets - Jordan Pruitt
    "Secrets Are no good Yeah I know your secrets I know who you're really with You told me one thing And I saw something different Why all the secrets You could of told me Who your really with So I didn't"
  • Secrets - Mick Jagger
    "(Jagger) I heard a story, all about you I heard the secrets, maybe they're true I read the papers, I read the news I hear the gossip, all about you They say that you're really not so prim and prude Behind"
  • Secrets - Ginuwine
    "Oh... Ooh ma how you be Oh boo it's something bout cha I just wanna know and it's up to me To give it to you till you just can't get enough uh keep a secret, oh mama can you keep a secret But tell me"
  • Secrets - All-4-One
    "i've got a secret i've never told, it's kind of nasty and kinda bold, it's all about you and i, doing our thing and getting freaky all right (sang) i really wanna touch ya and lay you down massage your"
  • Secrets - All 4 One
    "I've got a secret I've never told, it's kind of nasty and kinda bold, it's all about you and I, doing our thing and getting freaky all right (sang) I really wanna touch ya and lay you down massage your"
  • No Secrets - No Secrets
    "Secrets (secrets) are no fun Secrets (secrets) hurt someone Let me tell you how it all began A little secret got out of hand I ran into him just by chance At this party we were talking then we started"
  • I'll Keep Your Secrets - Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    "( theresa ) Lost in your dark I see you there What do you see beyond your stare And you believe that no one else can know What is this thing you keep inside Out of the light and wrapped in pride Always"

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