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  • Tameka And Keisha - Partners N Crime
    "(feat. Nickel Slick) Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha This is for the projects, Ha, ha This is for the projects, Ha, Yo, yo, yo, yo I met this hoe named Tameka, And she said she wanna meet'cha, And she said"
  • Don't Care Who Knows - Keisha White
    "(feat. Cassidy) Yeah I present to you Keisha White, Cassidy, Listen, When I saw you boy I had nowhere to hide No matter where I turned I found you up down left to right Didn't wanna move by,"
  • So Much Death - B.G. F/ Keisha
    "B.G. F/ Keisha Miscellaneous So Much Death Verse 1 Every day I sit and wonder why I lost my daddy so young Just reminence think how me and him had so much fun Teach me man to man things bout the game Let"
  • Don't Mistake Me - Keisha White
    "Life can rush you, It's all about just choosing the way, Might sometimes rush you, Cause you're looking for yesterday So many reasons for looking for freedom By living life and learning each day, They"
  • The Weakness In Me - Keisha White
    "Im not the sort of person.. who falls in and quickly out of love but to you I gave my affection right from the start. If I have a lover who loves me how could I break such a heart, you can still get my"
  • I Choose Life - Keisha White
    "Used to be easy, Used to have truth hangin' round, Never had secrets, Always singin' your praises good and loud, All I got is questions, And you left me wondering why, Why you keep your distance, Every"
  • Complicated Emotions - Keisha White
    "Remember that very first time You walked back in my life It was like I already knew your game Your game You're caught in a trap but I'll say one word (Oh yeah) How come you don't talk to me With so"
  • Out Of My Hands - Keisha White
    "I got my head in a mess When I woke up this morning I dreamt of foolish hearts And that you stop calling I didn't realize quite how much I loved your eyes Oh dear I've fallen Out of the mold that was"
  • Love Is The Deepest Hurt - Keisha White
    "Love is all pain There was a time when I adored you (um) But I was too blind in love to see (see) That it wasn't real it was only me Giving in to every word that you said (you said) I'm loving you but"
  • Why - Keisha White
    "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah Yeah, Yeah, Yeah ...Listen I Thought You Were Always Gonna Be Here By My Side It's Taken Such A Long Time For Me To Find What I Want To Do Too Much I Never Knew You Could Do What You"
  • One Step At A Time - Keisha White
    "Whats Goin On Is Troubling Me Will There Be A New Century Well Lookin At The World Today Babies Havin Babies Brothas Killin Brothas Where Were Living Mothers Have No Say Children Walking Away Walking"
  • Don't Fool A Woman In Love - Keisha White
    "Started up when you left me there i dunno how, all i wanted was a bit of time. Whatever! You told me i was the only one, yeah rite! You messed it up, u broke me down, oh you lost your mind oh. I know"
  • Whatcha Gonna Do? - Keisha White
    "Oh no... Verse 1: Girls like me we dont mess around Stick together as one through our ups and downs Just because ya dont like whatcha see (Like what ya see) Cats like us dont take sh' easily Hook: Do"
  • Weakness In Me - Keisha White
    "I'm not the sort of person Who falls In and quickly out of love But to you I gave my affection Right from the start If I have a lover Who loves me How could I break such a heart Yet you still get my"
  • Make My World Come True - Keisha White
    "i can make my wish come true all my dreams will see me through doesnt matter what may come my way believe me now i will win some day i can make my wish come true all my dreams will see me through and"
  • Someday - Keisha White
    "i've got an attitude i don't ever cry so don't expect me to but gonna tell you why i know my destiny oh because in my dreams i see there'll be a better place staring right in front of me i will do what"
  • Telling Me This - Keisha White
    "* Intro * 1, 2, 3, listen All the thing you wanted for me and all the things i gave to you you took advantage of the best i had the disadvantage comes back to you im tierd of the same old story were always"
  • Flatline - Mutya Keisha Siobhan
    "Don't say it no, please wait till we're sober Don't play a sad song, put your guitar back down The change was obvious, so miscellaneous We used to live it up Remember baby, we're like a pack of cards The"
  • Truth Or Dare (Interlude) - Total
    "Girls Laughing Keisha:"Alright so I'ma start it off" Laughing Keisha:"Kema,truth or dare?" Kema:"UM truth" Background music Total: Baby, my darling baby I want to know what turns you on And its so crazy I'll"
  • I Don't Wanna Smile - Total
    "(Pam) If you ever to leave me How could I breathe How could I even go on If you're not here beside me Then what good would my life be This life won't mean a thing if you're not around And don't you know"

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