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keisza hideway

  • Hideway - The Corrs
    "It's time to change, throw out the books and start again Break all the rules, fall on your face don't be ashamed You can't waste more time 'cause you've been gone for far too long Trapped in his arms,"
  • Without You (feat. HELENA) - Komodo
    "no matter what i do i need you around in every hideway you’re tracking me down I wanna walk away but I can’t do without without you darling without you darling I hear your voice in my head caound’t"
  • Over And Over - Rage
    "Once our eyes stare hollow in to nothing our fingers clutching helpless in the void Then our skulls won't tell about our past lifes rich or poor, we're gonna be destroyed Nothing gonna save us from death,"
  • Hernando's Hideaway - Archie Bleyer
    "Archie Bleyer Miscellaneous Hernando's Hideaway Hernandos Hideaway Archie Bleyer (Richard Adler-Jerry Ross) from the musical "The Pajama Game" I know a dark secluded place. A place where no one knows your"
  • I'll Show You Love - Usher
    "Oh-ooh-oh I'll show you love more love baby It's all about the love I have in me So baby let me show you love More love baby It's all about the love I have in me So baby let me show you love Now come"
  • Headclouds Over Rising - Ashengrace
    "across the children close, beyond the faces where I hide in this empty torn up word, this creeping deep inside this heaven swims into the blue you know I still look up to you in love in everything you"

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