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kelli wolfe
  • The Arrogant Worms Wolfe Island Ferry
    "Oh the Wolfe Island Ferry is a very nice ferry It's a very nice ferry it's the Wolfe Island Ferry The Wolfe Island Ferry is a very nice ferry It's a very nice ferry, it's the Wolfe Island Ferry! Oh"
  • Redd Kross Peach Kelli Pop
    "Peach Kelli Pop, yeah yeah yeah, that's rock-n-roll now Let's forget all, baby, that is dull now Just let them teach you If you don't know how Peach Kelli Pop, yeah yeah yeah, that's rock-n-roll now Everybody"
  • Meghan Trainor Mom (feat. Kelli Trainor)
    "You might have a mom She might be the bomb But ain’t nobody got mom like mine! Her loves till the end She’s my best friend Ain’t nobody got mom like mine She’s my world She’s my heart and there’s no denying I’m"
  • James Hype More Than Friends (ft. Kelli-Leigh)
    "What's it gonna be Cuz I can't pretend Don't you wanna be more than friends Hold me tight and don't let go Don't let go Have the right to loose control Don't let go I often tell myself That we could be"
  • Murder By Death I'm Afraid Of Who's Afraid Of Virginia Wolfe
    "I didn't mean to make you feel out of place by the comments on your clothing or the makeup on your face I didn't mean to preempt the chase you're the drama queen of every scene perfectly out of place So"
  • Wolfe Tones Bodenstown Churchyard
    "In Bodenstown churchyard there is a green grave, And wildly around it the winter winds rave; Small shelter I ween are the ruined walls there When the storm sweeps down on the plains of Kildare. Once I"
  • Tones Wolfe James Connelly
    "James Connolly Collected and Arranged by The Wolfe Tones The man was all shot through that came to day into the Barrack Square And a soldier I, I am not proud to say that we killed him there They brought"
  • Anna Wolfe I Never Was Cool
    "Anna Wolfe Miscellaneous I Never Was Cool I forgot that I shouldn't know you I forgot that I shouldn't smile I forgot that I shouldn't be so good to you I forgot to set my stone face I forgot we're in"
  • Wolfe Tones Protestant Men
    "It was back in history's page, the story's told of a Napper Tandy brave and bold With his scarlet and green, he then was seen with his big long gun his fighting men And they beat at the drum, they fired"
  • Kelli Ali Inferno High Love
    "We got telepathy Psychic TV In our eyes We got a cobra kiss We're cosmic kids In disguise High love my inferno High love my inferno High love my inferno High high love Cause the prettiest thing in the"
  • Kelli Ali Teardrop Hittin' The Ground
    "look out brother she's my sister ain't stopped cryin' since you kissed her turn around turn around and you better keep on goin' got you down got you down but it's been a real pleasure knowin' you like"
  • Kelli Ali Keep On Dreaming
    "A bird of paradise Came and lay next to me He sang a pretty song of lover's ecstacy He laid his silver wings Over my sleepy head He whispered magic things And this is what he said... Ah, ah, ah As"
  • Kelli Ali Angel In L.A.
    "Feel the sunrise in his smile Let me rest here for a while Don't ask me to leave Wild horses won't drag me away My soul runs free Wild horses won't drag me away Who could turn her back on being loved? If"
  • Kelli Ali Here Comes The Summer
    "Here comes the summer I've been waiting for you Like two butterflies in glass jars Staring out at sunny skies Winter always comes when we part See the sunset in my eyes... Here comes the summer Here"
  • Kelli Ali Fellow Man
    "Stone cold city lights Glittering gold Where we headed to day? So much beauty in every soul And I just wanna say... Gonna give a smile Gonna shake a hand It's time to love My fellow man Gonna get on"
  • Kelli Ali Sunlight In The Rain
    "Raindrops are fallin' But I don't mind No need to call me I'll be there on time Every step brings me closer to you Senses excited The night is still young My heart is delighted The tip of my tongue Tastes"
  • Kelli Ali Beautiful Boy
    "Sweet dreams Night scenes Play on my mind Full moon at high noon Must be a sign Beautiful boy Dance in fire Beautiful boy Touch the flame I see danger I see a smile Lonesome stranger Stay for a while Beautiful"
  • Kelli Ali Wings In Motion
    "Love Like a eagle in the sky Into the sun I watched it fly Wings in motion Feel no sorrow Love If you care then set me free There's still so much we have to see Wings in motion No tomorrow If I don't"
  • Kelli Ali The Infinite Stars
    "Who do you call when you need somebody? Who do you call when it's goin' down? Who do you call when you wanna turn it around? Let it be me baby Let me be the one 'Cos I was born for pleasure And you are"
  • Kelli Ali Kids
    "Baby we've been playin' with fire Turnin' on a record desire Baby we've been playin' with fire Baby if you come out tonight We can make you feel alright Baby if you come out tonight Look in my bedroom I"

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