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ken laszlo dancing

  • Ken - Kate Bush
    "YOWWW! Ha! We look to the left and to the right We need help but nobody's in sight Where is the man that we all need Well tell him he's to come and rescue me Chorus: Do do 'n do do 'n do dow Do do 'n"
  • Dancing - Ken Hensley
    "You are my life, you are my love You're the heart that beats within me You're the one I'll never leave You're what makes my life worth living And if the worst should come And we must move to a different"
  • Hey Hey Guy - Ken Laszlo
    "Ken: "Hallo" French guy: "Hallo, ??" Ken: "Oh dear, you have phone" French guy: "Yeah, hey guy, tell me about your menicure" Ken: "I love you and feel the groove" French guy: "Tell me about it, is it the"
  • Ken Kaniff - Eminem
    "Ken: Let's call this motherfucker. Ken: Oh, fuck yeah... give him a piece of my mind... piece of my ass. Operator: Thanks for waiting. Hello, may I help you? Ken: Oh, thank you. I need to make"
  • Kinky Ken - Shampoo
    "Kinky Ken And Bondage Barbie, They Ran A Hotel By The Sea, They Never Had No Vacancies. Kinky Ken And... They Get Complaints From The Residents Living Next Door {What Did They Say?} They Couldn't"
  • Uncle Ken - Frenzal Rhomb
    "I never liked your boat shoes or your white cotton slacks And when you run for council did you get a vote or did you get a push in the back When someone finds you out will you walk or will you get"
  • Ken bub - Stacie Orrico
    "(Special sister duet)Bub how many times do i have to say i love you bubi do smelly eggers foryou but you don't repay me bubbut somtimes you do do eggers you smelly bubyour feet smell of cheese bub and"
  • Yan Ken P - Rafo Raez
    "Piedra, tijera y papel yan ken pó, yan ken pó, yan ken pó La gente de piedra por nada te rompe la cabeza adiós seor, usted y su intil nobleza Yan ken pó, yan ken pó, yan ken pó La gente de tijera a"
  • Ik Ken Iemand - Liesbeth List
    "Ik ken iemand Ik ken iemand Ze lijkt op niemand Ze lijkt op niemand die ik ken Als ik haar aankijk Zie ik mijzelf Zoals ik in haar ogen ben Ze heeft geen geheimen maar het is een raadsel Hoe ze zo doorzichtig"
  • Ken i Barbie - Pięć Dwa Dębiec
    "Jak Ken i Barbie na imprezę wpadli Ciuchy za trzy moje wypłaty poubierani, odjebani Ken zostawił na parkingu nowe Audi, Ma już trzy tygodnie, mówisz, że jest stare No i trochę dużo pali, W poniedziałek"
  • Ken i Barbi - Aro
    "Jak Ken i Barbi na imprezę wpadli W ciuchy za trzy moje wypłaty poubierani odje***i jak zostawił na parkingu nowe audi Ma już 3 tygodnie mówi, że jest stare No i trochę dużo pali W poniedziałek kupi sobie"
  • Ken About That - Werd N Deeko
    "Uh Werd n Deek Listen S.O.S. Yeah Werd n Deek Listen (listen) Spiting with raw power devour your whole rap catalog Peep how a murdered the track did it in camouflage Am able to handle bars when I ride"
  • Ken I Die - Blackmail
    "Converted to addiction So easy to complain I haggle to decipher it Consume what I have claimed Attending on a minute Transcend that I'm here Engage me with a purple mind and struggle for your fear In here I"
  • Quizas (Ken-Y) - Rakim Y Keny
    "S que han lastimado ya tu corazón Y que tienes miedo a otra desilusión Se que tus sonrisas han cambiado Que muchos sueos se marcharon Cuando aquel se fue y te dejo Pero si me dieras a mi una oportunidad"
  • Sei Excalibur Ken - Psycho le Cemu
    "Kisetsu no owari wo tsugeru kaze ga fuku shizuka ni nagareru shinpiteki na yoru Machi wa kawatte yuku ibuki ni dakarete kimi no miru yume wa iroasetari shinai Mujou no sekai ni hikaru risoukyou e karitateru"
  • Underground/Ken Kaniff - Eminem
    "A lotta ppl ask me where the fuck ive been at these last few years shit i dont know Chorus Here comes the rain and thunder now No where to go to run to now I'll disappear, they'll wonder how Lookin for"
  • Dirty dancing - Dirty Dancing
    "Muevele, mueveleBailar, yo quiero baila lalalalalalala bailar, Mueve las nalgas, shake your ass girl. A la musica, we'll be dancing, dancing, dancing a bit Havana. And we gon shake it, shake it, shake"
  • Dancing - Zounds
    "It's nineteen thirty-three ??? ??? But she just wanna go Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing Dancing, dancing She walk the street by day There's people all around But she don't"
  • Dancing - Bauhaus
    "Dancing on hot tiles dancing on tender-hooks dancing down church aisles dancing on holy books dancing on hallowed ground dancing nyjinsky style dancing with the lost and found dancing on rock'n'roll graves"
  • Dancing - Bloo Crane
    "I like talking to myslef And dance like no one is watching Overthinking every move i make And do things that i am lovin’ I ilike driving my car with friends And having no destination One thing that keeps"

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