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  • Kevin - Pansy Division
    "Kevin's mysterious and enigmatic Kevin is tall and darkly attractive Kevin's the subject of speculation 'Cause Kevin avoids any explanation Kevin's a bachelor, never dated He's had a dozen offers he's"
  • Kevin - Otsochodzi
    "zostańmy dzisiaj w domu chcę oglądać “Kevin sam w domu” mamy środek grudnia, a ja ciągle żyję gdzieś z boku żeby znów nie robić nic, znajdę kilka powodów zostańmy dzisiaj w domu chcę oglądać “Kevin sam"
  • Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer - Bee Gees
    "Bee Gees Miscellaneous Rudolf The Red-nosed Reindeer =============================== Rudolf the Red-nosed Reindeer =============================== Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. And"
  • Rudolf Hess - The Last Flame - Honor
    "Mrok-ogarnął pustą celę Zgasł-ostatni promień dnia Tam-zakończył życie człowiek, za wolność Na którą czekał świat Rudolf Hess-ostatni płomień zgasł Ofiara komunistycznych kłamstw Rudolf Hess-ostatni"
  • Kevin Carter - Manic Street Preachers
    "Hi Time magazine hi Pulitzer Prize Tribal scars in Technicolor Bang bang club AK 47 hour Kevin Carter Hi Time magazine hi Pulitzer Prize Vulture stalked white piped lie forever Wasted your life in black"
  • Kevin Barry - Hank Locklin
    "In Mountjoy jail one Monday morning High above the gallows seen Kevin Barry gave his young life For the 'cause of liberty Just a lad of eighteen summers Yet no true man can deny As he walked to death that"
  • Mephisto & Kevin - Primus
    "In 1986, the university of californa at davis Saw two of it's all-time brightest stars, Dr. alphonse mephisto and dr. arnie abesacraben. Dr. mephisto worked hard towards his thesis - his goal Was to genetically"
  • Kevin Paccashio - Psapp
    "Back when I was in the seventh grade, We used to live on, um, Beaumont Drive. 1100 Beaumont Drive. And I used to take the bus to school every day To Brooks Junior High, Which was about twenty minutes away. Anyway,"
  • Cousin Kevin - The Who
    "Were on our own cousin, all alone cousin. Let's think of a game to play Now the grownups have all gone away. You won't be much fun being blind deaf and dumb But I've no one to play with today. D'you know"
  • Shooting Star - Kevin Rudolf
    "(Female Voice) Par-par-par...par-par-party rock L-M-F-A-O Shake that (x2) Move that Shake that (Redfoo and Sky Blu) We like to party rock and we came to lose control(Shake that) Came to keep the party"
  • Welcome to the world - Kevin Rudolf
    "Welcome to the world, welcome to the world You got your popstar, ill be your rockstar When it's a suicide, you call it superstar Check out the forecast, predictions wont stop You get your fifteen,"
  • Let It Rock - Kevin Rudolf
    "(Feat. Lil' Wayne) (Verse 1 : Kevin Rudolph) I see your dirty face Hide behind your collar What is done in vain Truth is hard to swallow So you pray to God To justify the way you live a lie, live a lie,"
  • Free Kevin Jonas - Goldfinger
    "Yeah, that man is innocent How can they see the truth when they're all blind? So, let him go Your jail is only four walls Your jail won't take his resolve Yeah, I know this man will change the world"
  • Kevin To Fall - Five Queen
    "Kevin To Fall Words and Music by Marc Brown Here we stand or here we fall History won't care at all Make the bed light the light Kevin Deeley won't be home tonight yeah You don't waste no time at"
  • Mephisto And Kevin - Primus
    "In 1986, the University of Californa at Davis saw two of its all-time brightest stars, Dr. Alphonse Mephisto and Dr. Arnie Abesacraben. Dr. Mephisto worked hard towards his thesis - his goal was to genetically"
  • Mephesto And Kevin - South Park
    "In 1986 the University of California Davis saw two of its all time brightest stars, Dr Alphonse Mephesto and Dr Arnie Absucrepin. Dr Mephesto worked hard towards his theasis, his goal was to genetically"
  • Mephisto And Kevin - South Park
    "In 1986, the University of California Davis, sought two of the all-time brightest stars, Dr. Alphonze Mephesto, and Dr. Arny Abe Sacrabin, Dr. Mephesto worked hard toward his thesis, his goal was to"
  • Kevin Nash Interview - Montell Jordan
    "Yeah, I hear ya Ha, I hope she will tonight Hey, I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya Aight, my man Montell Hit you in the head wit' some phat bangin' tracks That's for the party But not for the after-party If"
  • Kevin Is Gay - Giant Drag
    "Three sixty five seven fifty your all i need your all in me three sixty five seven fifty your all i see your all i need three sixty five seven fifty your all i eat your all in mean dont keep me clean oh"
  • And1 Kevin Garnett Commercial - Styles
    "Kevin Garnett Da Kid The player of the present and the future Ideal player of the 21st century You call him KG da Kid (KG) But if you seen him with basketball You know that he grown (uh huh) You seen"

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