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  • Dum Dada (feat. Kid Ink) - Pia Mia
    "Boy you got me hotter than the summer in L.A. No one takes me farther, do me every single way Way you give it to me, make me want it every day When you beat, beat, beat it, feel like dum dada da day Dum"
  • Kama Sutra (feat. Kid Ink) - Jason Derulo
    "We could call it Kama Sutra You trying tie me up (trying tie me up) Shawty thinking about the future I'm just trynna pour up Come out of those jeans And make me a believer (woop woop) Put it on me I ain't"
  • Worth It (ft. Kid Ink) - Fifth Harmony
    "Give it to me, I'm worth it Baby, I'm worth it Uh huh I'm worth it Gimme gimme I'm worth it Give it to me, I'm worth it Baby, I'm worth it Uh huh I'm worth it Gimme gimme I'm worth it Ok. I tell her"
  • Dame Esta Noche (feat. Kid Ink) - Fifth Harmony
    "Dame dame esta noche Baby esta noche Uh huh mi noche Dame dame esta noche Dame dame esta noche Baby esta noche Uh huh mi noche Dame dame esta noche Okay, I tell her bring it back like she left some Bring"
  • I Love You (ft. Kid Ink) - Axwell Λ Ingrosso
    "I love you Even though I don’t like you right now I want you Even though you keep breaking me down We got really highs, really low lows But I still love you Even though I don’t like you right now I was"
  • I’m Up (Ft. Kid Ink & French Montana) - Omarion
    "Baby I'm the man, I'm up Couple hundred bands on the car Villa and a mansion, I'm that nigga I'm that nigga, I'm that nigga I'm with my niggas bring more bitches Girl, I got the mojo See you when you"
  • Spraypaint & Ink Pens - Fort Minor
    "Fort Minor, Minor Fort Minor, Minor, Minor... Uh, spraypaint and ink pens I use to write in every color I think in To paint a picture with every rhyme that I speak in Yeah, the gallery is the beat then"
  • That's How You Know (feat. Kid Ink & Bebe Rexha) - Nico & Vinz
    "You were big city living; girlfriend like Eva Mendes Until your side chick called you up, said when she might be back in Now you're alone and crying; inside, you're slowly dying Cause Magic Mike just got"
  • 100 (feat. Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign, Iamsu! & Tyga) - Travis Barker
    "I know you hating brought your girlfriend with you Don’t leave her alone The way I'm feeling right now is an issue She gonna want it I’m 100, I’m 100 I’m 100, right now I wasn’t even paying no attention No,"
  • Ink - Finch
    "I climbed the mountaintop I saw the bottom drop I'm clinging to driftwood I swim in a deep world Words unspoken Seem so foreign Have you heard this one? The hair on the back of your neck stands "Another"
  • Ink - Coldplay
    "Got a tattoo that said "2gether thru life" Carved in your name with my pocket knife And you wonder when you wake up, will it be alright? Feels like there's something broken inside All I know All I know Is"
  • Happy Kid - Nada Surf
    "i'm just a happy kid stuck with the heart of a sad punk drowning in my id always searching like it's on junk no matter who i hang out with i can hear the clack clunk of the chains that pull the cars up the"
  • Ink Mathematics - Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band
    "Ink mathematics Grey mass ecstatics Noggin elastics Cerebral tatics Cranium classics Brainium domics Denizen omics Grey massmatics Quantum pure It's plain to feel Hard to see Fission antics Abombastics Death"
  • King Ink - Nick Cave
    "Cave Nick Miscellaneous King Ink This leaves out a lot of the repetions on this lyric sheet, and I'm pretty sure a few sections are out of order compared with the recorded song. King Ink strolls into"
  • Blue ink - Laura Veirs
    "I'm falling off the barstool mama in this old ghost town saloonWhere sunlight moves like sadness across the roomOh my sweet mama if you could only see meNow drunk as a skunk falling out of this rundown"
  • Invisible Ink - Peter Hammill
    "Follow the instructions, the envelope is sealed: we're waiting on an update, something like the reinvention of the wheel. Who made the world so complicated? Who made the watchword wait and see? I wake"
  • Washable Ink - John Hiatt
    "Little girl playin' with the moonlight Shine it on me, shine it on me There's a cloud over my light and its troubling me, troubling me Such a world, such an invitation Come as you are, come as you"
  • Ink & Needles - Diane Cluck
    "someone's ink and needles have written skin riddles on his body bare before me except for these sketches signal and cemaphore for things he won't talk about quiet and shut about his padlocks and latches my"
  • Pen & Ink - Boy Kill Boy
    "I need some time To make up my mind Same kinda way it might sound strange If this appears unkind To make some sense Of this consequence Pen 'n ink is nothing more Than a confession told It's cold I know,"
  • Invisible Ink - Aimee Mann
    "There comes a time when you swim or sink So I jumped in the drink Cuz I couldn't make myself clear Maybe I wrote in invisible ink Oh I've tried to think How I could have made it appear But another illustration"

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