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kid ink body language

  • Body Language (feat. Usher & Tinashe) - Kid Ink
    "It's not that a lot that you've been saying Wo-oh But I can tell from your body language Let's talk about it Is you 'bout it? Let's talk about it We'll talk about it You ain't gotta say too much She"
  • Dum Dada (feat. Kid Ink) - Pia Mia
    "Boy you got me hotter than the summer in L.A. No one takes me farther, do me every single way Way you give it to me, make me want it every day When you beat, beat, beat it, feel like dum dada da day Dum"
  • Body Language - INXS
    "If you say something to me An' you mean, you mean what you say An' you're wanting my attention There's a game you must play Body Language Body Language Body Language Body Language yo o o o o o Use your"
  • Body Language - Queen
    "Give me, body - give me - body - body give me your body don't talk, baby don't talk body language give me your body just give my your body don't talk body language you got red lips snakes in your eyes long"
  • Body Language - Pete Townshend
    "Mix it up and make it nice. Cussed it once and cussed it twice. Talking chrome and whispering steel. Escargot and lemon peel. Body language Body language Remove the bandage. Body language. Beasting lips."
  • Body Language - Jesse McCartney
    "Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear Ooo, that body's like music to my ear 'Cause what you want is right here Oh she, oh she so international The way, the way she"
  • Body Language - Heidi Montag
    "(Body Language) (Ohhhh....Ohhh....) I see what i need to do i see you watching tell me is there something you like?, like cause i feel your eyes as they undress me no dont you stop it love it with your"
  • Body Language - Roisin Murphy
    "Have you omitted to say Those rubber bullets don't bounce off you? Oh, incry, hear it in stereo I'll cry after everything is done and dusted I may convince bold and original Forgive, what's that for when"
  • Body Language - Kali Uchis
    "I wanna know if you want to I wanna go if you want to go I’m sick and tired of talking told you everything you need to know cause the rest is in the body language do you hear me? can you feel me now? yeah,"
  • Body Language - John Holt
    "Youre so beautiful Black love is in the garden So sweet and kind (I want you to be mine) Little girl, you dont have to talk to me Your body language is saying it all You dont have to walk with me Girl,"
  • Body Language - Raptile
    "Chorus 1 (2x) Come and sex me(right now), Come and sex me(right now), Come and sex me(right now,right now,right now,right now) Chorus 2 (2x) It's the body language, We ain't talkin, Let the bodies handle"
  • Body Language - Kaci Brown
    "I don't speak Portuguese - Chinese - Vietnamese - Arabian - Bulgarian - Italian - French - or German But I know what you mean Yeah I know what you mean Eyes lock - buns move - jelly's jumping - one two"
  • Body language - Peter Cetera
    "Moment by moment, day after day Trying your best to forget It's all behind you, it's part of the past You've got no time for regrets Time to start over with somebody new You've got nothing more to lose"
  • Body Language - Sabrina Cuie
    "A little smile is all you need. To let him know that he may proceed Or just a look, maybe a wink Will tell him that you're open You don't even have to say a word To let her know that you're feeling"
  • Ink - Finch
    "I climbed the mountaintop I saw the bottom drop I'm clinging to driftwood I swim in a deep world Words unspoken Seem so foreign Have you heard this one? The hair on the back of your neck stands "Another"
  • Kama Sutra (feat. Kid Ink) - Jason Derulo
    "We could call it Kama Sutra You trying tie me up (trying tie me up) Shawty thinking about the future I'm just trynna pour up Come out of those jeans And make me a believer (woop woop) Put it on me I ain't"
  • Worth It (ft. Kid Ink) - Fifth Harmony
    "Give it to me, I'm worth it Baby, I'm worth it Uh huh I'm worth it Gimme gimme I'm worth it Give it to me, I'm worth it Baby, I'm worth it Uh huh I'm worth it Gimme gimme I'm worth it Ok. I tell her"
  • Body Language (feat. Faydee) - Randi
    "If you speak in body language I get all you trying to say I know, oh my, oh my I can be your favourite hostage, baby Let you play away You know, oh my, oh my You know your love turns my body Upside down,"
  • Body Language And Bad Habits - Just Surrender
    "Her body was ransom Her kisses were dancin' On my lips and in my mind The money has run out The music is played out And now it seems were running out of time I'm feeling her rhythm This is your decision Take"
  • Ink & Needles - Diane Cluck
    "someone's ink and needles have written skin riddles on his body bare before me except for these sketches signal and cemaphore for things he won't talk about quiet and shut about his padlocks and latches my"

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