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  • Taxicab Messiah - Kidneythieves
    "My god loved the whores and babies My god never noticed a sin My god grew and killed the daises My god threw the towel in My god is weird my god is scared my god paints a pretty picture of fear He's"
  • S & M ( A Love Song ) - Kidneythieves
    "Distant son, nova fucker Hit and run to another Took from you, from me Lash and caress in between Hit the target won an animal Got a piece, a trace, a slip inside Tore a page from the bind Handed a twisted"
  • Feathers - Kidneythieves
    "Rain made a place For us to swim, to play Inopportune devotion cannot be sound So I take my lot of a few feathers from the sky Into a ritual and let my spirit fly Wake up, is this a dream of a dream"
  • Creature - Kidneythieves
    "Creature comfort, supplicant Let me tell you what I want What's the use, a void of course Take the abuse, make it worse Creature comfort, delicate Wish I could lose the day we met Never in words to say"
  • K - Kidneythieves
    "I'm elevated I'm stimulated I'm re-created I'm glad you made it Spiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and me You're elevated You're stimulated I'll be creative For you I'll"
  • Pretty - Kidneythieves
    "I'm pretty, what do I deserve I feel pretty, until I walk out the door I wonder when pretty's gonna bleed My monster has all the time he needs So I came home to feel ugly again Feels better alone, pretty"
  • Layers - Kidneythieves
    "One by one, stings my eyes Each is gone, each a disguise Smiling, so aware Precious moments so rare Boiled thoughts, evaporated - gone. Can't bear the loss of never loving you So jaded, so wrong Stripping"
  • Pleasant - Kidneythieves
    "I was everything, and nothing You were somebody, something Please, underestimate me I recognize your disease Ingested you, digested you I know, we can be each other's blessing Good-bye, I'm taking a"
  • Mustard Seed - Kidneythieves
    "Hill up the road, gathering thoughts never adding the way I want them Sweet Jesus show me through the Indian paintbrush Faith was Cursed upon me, a mustard seed was good enough for him and good enough"
  • Before I'm Dead - Kidneythieves
    "Moon hangs around A blade over my head Reminds me what to do before I'm dead Night consumes light And all I dread Reminds me what to do before I'm dead The sun reclines Eats my mind Reminds me what"
  • Zer?space - Kidneythieves
    "I am a fallen zer Below the glaciers of the evil I am a golden superhero Above the sun and all the people Space in your face I'm gonna drink the fucking ocean cause I ain't from a coast I'm just coastin' Said"
  • Arsenal - Kidneythieves
    "naive little pieces of what they tried to teach her quiet and protected slightly anorexic (She Waits) she's a time bomb, with her vibe on she's gonna use it and surprise them she's a time bomb, with her"
  • Black Bullet - Kidneythieves
    "can you deal with the hallucination? can you steal the hallucination? i can hear and feel all that you're thinking can you deal with the hallucination? when i'm drowning in the sea, i am when you're"
  • Dyskrasia - Kidneythieves
    "do you wanna be on what i feel? it looks so easy it's not that easy it should be simple but have you ever tried - stay above water, get in the water, drink it and breathe at the same time take your shirt,"
  • Spank - Kidneythieves
    "thick drops of rain sound like the way you spanked me your pleasure thrills in every way you make me thick drops. . all by myself and you're not here to take me my red hot stain still makes you call me,"
  • Glitter Girl - Kidneythieves
    "where's your good fire, baby? Glitter girl, woman waste your years Glitter girl, woman i know where you live Hey, woman off my dreams Glitter girl, woman they're not what you think where's your good"
  • Serene Dream - Kidneythieves
    "serene dream soft easy winter watering the dry spots on the day water leaves of gray serene dream spend nowhere with me isn't far to nowhere rise and feel the bomb of fountains land close your eyes in"
  • Crazy - Kidneythieves
    "Crazy, I'm crazy for feeling so lonely. I'm crazy, crazy for feeling so blue. I knew, you'd love me as long as you wanted, and someday, you'd leave me for somebody new. aaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhh WORRY?!?"
  • Placebo - Kidneythieves
    "no more wishing wells that never come around no more growing trees without a ground one, to take one, to fly one, to make use of all the treasure inside one, too late act surprised one, to play and say"
  • Take A Train (Awakening) - Kidneythieves
    "I wanted to take a train to the nearest awakening Took a bullet the speed of light, into infinite time I noticed a wake, the face was mine Where was I? I wanted to take a break at the next gathering Made"

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