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kill t his love

  • His Love - Tegan & Sara
    "Augusten, If I write something beautiful, Will it squash the hurt that's living Deep inside of you? Augusten, Are you just like me? Does your hurt fade As you write out your history? I just wanna"
  • Kill Murder - Twista
    "(feat. Turtle Banxx) most of you motherfuckers is comical the rule like me is impossible verbally illogical I took the heat and then followed you to your residence and spread your molecules blood floods"
  • Ice T - Ice-T
    "Im rollin up in a big grey bus Im shackled down, myself thats who I trust The minute I arrived some sucker got hit Shanked 10 times behind some bullshit Word on the pen the fool was a snitch So without"
  • Kill Eye - Crowded House
    "Kill eye tumbling come out of the sky Kill eye a fiery retreat from the stars Kill eye he came clambering over the wall Kill eye halfway to hell and beyond I wanna be forgiven I wanna laugh with children Won't"
  • Kill Me - The Pretty Reckless
    "Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Every day I wake up Every day I wake up alone Let me open up the discussion with I'm not impressed with any mother fuckin word I say See I didn't cry when"
  • Kill Time - Sonic Youth
    "Stretch me to the point where I stop Run ten thousand miles and then think of me I think you know the place we should meet Don't worry if it's dark and I'm late Run me out a thin wire Help me to kill this,"
  • Bambi Kill - Nirvana
    "Hey, the love of two A desire, is whats for you is it real? A lulliby? Face to face, with an unamed mouth Hey! Hey! Heyyyy! Hey! hey! Heyyyy! Feel the spirit form, in his eyes was loving for And his lion's"
  • Kill You - 50 Cent
    "When I just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me But then I got a little bit older and I realized,"
  • Kill You - Eminem
    "When I was just a little baby boy, my momma used to tell me these crazy things She used to tell me my daddy was an evil man, she used to tell me he hated me But then I got a little bit older and I realized,"
  • Scum - Kill - Rob Zombie
    "Reconstruction idea take the ultimate trip yea ultimate trip assasination-invasion a criminal masterpiece hang on the walls like a gold on the moon. thunderbolt fist, rocket feet a little knowle S a"
  • Kill 'em - Juelz Santana
    "Dude, c'mon you kno what you gotta do this time around..(Chorus)kill'emyou niggas aint nuthin,kill'emyou niggas is fruntinkill'emyou niggas dont want itkill'em, kill'em, kill'em, kill'em..My niggas they"
  • To Kill And Kill Again - Madder Mortem
    "On the eleventh day, he reached out his hand and made the sign of parting, spoke the words of taking leave and of never going back To breathe the air of dreams To walk upon a path of bodies To know what"
  • T-shirt suntan - Stereophonics
    "He was walking 'round to you one said french afternoon so he called in to a shop for two he brought himself an ice drink a totally tropical nice drink then he saw what he thought was you in a room he tought"
  • Kill, Kill, Kill - Blood Duster
    "An all-American boy Voted likely to succeed Started hearing voices So he made people bleed He had to kill 13 Stopping earthquakes Was his dream by 1972 Herb became a normal dude But he kept hearing voices He"
  • Kill, Kill,kill. - Marilyn Manson
    "I don't know what is wrong with me, the person I use to know and love is no Longer me. maybe it is my gun every time I look at it, it says-shoot me, shoot Me, shoot me. I beleive it has me under a spell"
  • Kill, Kill, Kill - The Pierces
    "what were you doing in my dream last night, honey well i thought i liked that you're uptight, baby well it's a mystery to me how you keep on slipping in my mind and it's downright dirty that this old wound"
  • Kill - Dead World
    "He's just a face in the crowd, a nondescript man, a dim witted mouthful of lies. Football on the TV, beer in the hand, the extent of his rational depth. He's a god fearing man, a wife beating fuck, a vacuous"
  • Kill - Jimmy Eat World
    "Well, you're just across the street Looks a mile to my feet I want to go to you Funny how I'm nervous still I've always been the easy kill I guess I always will Could it be that everything goes 'round"
  • His love - Hillsong
    "You're light is over meFlooding over meThe night is liftedHeaven over meFlooding over meI can't contain itMy cup overflowsMy cup overflowsPraise the LordWith all my heartPraise Him for HeHas done great"
  • The Girl Tried To Kill Me - Ice T
    "Verse One: Yo! I met this girl the other night Hype super-dope body and face, her mini-skirt tight Talkin' 'bout legs and lips, mindblowin' hips Had to cross my legs just to look at her tits Said she"

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