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killing with kidnes

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killing with kidnes

  • Killing - Korn
    "Birds are circling above, they're called back to a waiting glove Oh, why don't they fly away? Surely they'd have guessed by now There is no gun to shoot them down And still they stay For what, please say Are"
  • Killing - The Rapture
    "Killing with flange and with tape and with hendrix and Killing with flange and with tape and with help I am the one who cannot ever see cause I am the one who cannot help myself Oh, you're so bored Trying"
  • Killing - Dreamaker
    "Two snakes will decide my fate Always near to my chest In the middle of this land In search of a name I'll not be alone I can find her dream If you never lose your hope Leave a chill, fly to fantasy And"
  • Killing - Subhumans
    "You-You're driving me insane But you know there's something wrong with my brain My head is really in a whirl You look just like a normal girl (Chorus:) But you don't really care It happens everywhere You"
  • Killing With Kindness - Tears For Fears
    "Don't cry for me my baby Don't say a word Everyone knows you're a dangerous bird Fly like a golden eagle Sleek like the snow Ticking your time bomb where ever you go You're sinking a line without"
  • Killing With Kindness - Breaking Point
    "I held my tongue too many times Even though i should have spoke my mind And i have nothing nice to say So i won't say anything at all And now i've swallowed my pride And i've ignored i've even lied But"
  • Its Killing Time - Dogs With Jobs
    "I woke up this morning with a thought in my head I like the idea of seeing you dead It's not that I hate you I just need something to do I think I'll kill some time I'll do it killing YOU What's the point"
  • Killing Me With Kindness - Dum Dums
    "Turned down three crap jobs now they're cutting off my money And they only say they do it cause they know whats best for me Mum and dad wanting me to sell my brains to a factory Well it feels so good all"
  • Killing Me Killing You - Jerk
    "Why should I try? You'll make me just like you And I will deny The things you say are true Alive when I'm high This time I'll break on through I'll tell you a lie So you can hate me too Why Do ya think? Why Do"
  • Killing Me Killing You - Sentenced
    "Baby, have you seen, there is a snake in our paradise A serpent that's wriggling between us and freezing our feelings to ice And with each drop of blood we bleed because of this something so precious"
  • Killing Loneliness - H.I.M.
    "Memories sharp as daggers Pierce into the flesh of today The suicide of love took away all that matters And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart With the venomous kiss you gave me I'm"
  • Killing Time - Metallica
    "(Sweet Savage) Sound of gunfire comes through the night, Killing and hatred, it's a terrible sight. Reports come in of the heavy attack, Message is seen, we're moving back. Preparations are made for"
  • Killing Time - Papa Roach
    "Why do I feel Like I'm constantly scratching the surface I hate how I deal With myself when I don't have a purpose I have been killing my time I've been in my bedroom losing my mind Trying treat a head"
  • Killing Time - The Kinks
    "Everybody's going somewhere See how they stand in line All complaining their lives are unfair Too bad for them, too bad for mine (It's the killing time) From now till then (Killing time), Not knowing"
  • Killing Loneliness - HIM
    "Memories, sharp as daggers Pierce into the flesh of today Suicide of love took away all that matters And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart With the venomous kiss you gave me I'm killing"
  • Killing for Killing Time - Esqarial
    "Come for more you hungry one With drooped head you reach for more Eagerness to satisfy your primitive senses The stream of information turned into sea of madness Another turnpike in the no-man's-land"
  • Killing yourself - Alice In Chains
    "Move up from the table Stick her arm let her go Dropped dime on me last time By morning his blood turned bold Runnin from the law since Monday 'Cause Suzy went down on time Got enough to last till Sunday"
  • Killing Game - Skinny Puppy
    "Fallen angel head crashes dead out of control Lost memories staircase twists Darker rooms lit with left out toys After playing mean changes toys into tools Twisted playthings on the staircase fools Fools"
  • Killing Season - Testament
    "Asking for salvation at the stations of the cross, eternal is my pledge if eternal is thy loss Back in the days of yore my country summoned me, enlisted willingly in defense of liberty Eroding all alone"
  • The Killing - Artension
    "Dark cloud is covering the sky And I feel, now there is no end in sight Don't turn and run away You'll never know Won't let you leave this place No, not alive! Come and join the killing Not without a"

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