kina i lov them babe oo f day oof day''''' -

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kina i lov them babe oo f day oof day'''''

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kina i lov them babe oo f day oof day'''''

  • Boulevard Oof Broken Songs - Party Ben - Green Day, Oasis, Travis, Eminem Aerosmith
    "I walk a lonely road The only one that I have ever known Don't know where it goes But it's home to me and I walk alone Today is gonna be the day That they're gonna throw it back to you I walk this empty"
  • Lov Me Lov Me Not - Soulja Slim
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me I'm known for making promises that I can't keep And baby the streets made me And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily Look you knew what you was"
  • Toodle-Oo - Brooke Allison
    "I've been waiting for so long When I thought I had thought you were gone But now you're callin' me You been checkin' loud but you said nothing When you knew that I felt something should've never fell for"
  • Babe - Emigrate
    "You're So pure So sure again Whatever you do We will laugh again I'm (I'm) Like you (Like you) A fool again (A fool again) Whenever I fell I got up again (I got up again) Babe You don't"
  • Babe - M2M
    "YEH...BaBe...Ohhh Yehh.. Lets go out together, to check out the world, to look at all the things, you wonder about me. what'd you do without me? will you still think of me? would you still care about"
  • F - Monkey Flip
    "I'm lying here in my bed Thinking of happier times Watching the tube and hearing songs that make me want to shine Fish heads fish heads lovely and prime Fish heads fish heads covered in slime I got something"
  • One Day - Underground Kingz
    "Hello baby fool One day you're here and then you're gone Well, well well I know. I know Mama put me out at only fourteen So I started sellin' crack cocaine and codeine Time to stack some paper I gotta"
  • Another Day - Tha Eastsidaz
    "( Goldie Loc ) Damn cause this spot's gettin hot I can't trust the paremedics or them crooked ass cops The closest nigga to you would do you and try to screw you Backstab you in the back and act like he"
  • Ghetto Day - Kane & Able
    "Kane: See in the ghetto When thug niggas die We Ride The whole hood ride You gonna ride if you a soldier You a soldier ain't cha Abel: Hell Yeah, nigga Kane: Then you gonna ride for the ????? D. Marshall Chorus:"
  • Oo My Head - 22 Pistepirkko
    "I'm in love with the girl in downtown I'm in love with the girl in downtown she don't know that I am I don't know where she usually moves Saw her one summer day Now the snow is on my way I'm riding"
  • Babs And Babs - Daryl Hall
    "Babs and Babs lay dreaming in a four poster bed Arm in arm, head to head, Babs and Babs Babs said, "Whatcha thinking?" She said, "Nothing But I never do 'cause I leave it up to you" Babs looked out the"
  • Babs and babs - Hall & Oates
    "Babs and Babs lay dreaming in a four poster bedArm in arm, head to head, Babs and BabsBabs said, "Whatcha thinking?"She said, "NothingBut I never do 'cause I leave it up to you"Babs looked out the windowSaw"
  • Oo-Wee - Ringo Starr
  • Judgement Day - Pooh-Man
    "(Jet) It's Judgement Day and like you mothaf**kas can't stop me F**k being dropped, nigga, you gotta Glock me I'm judging these f**king cowards, bitch Only 18 and feeling that first power shit Mad Family"
  • Groundhog Day - Drag On
    "Everyday is the same day Its Groundhog day, its Groundhog day Verse 1: Wake up in the morning wipe the cold from my eyes Put my dick in, grab the ashtray and take a tote from the lye Hear the folks outside,"
  • One Day - Fabolous
    "It's easy to look at my life and don't see no pain I remember takin 3, 4 trains to re cocaine Standing in the lobby during sleet, snow, rain Waiting for fiends with a pint of beef lomain Breaking day on"
  • Fried day - Bizzy Bone
    "Now this is what I'm talking about baby (inhaling)And this is for the weed heads and this is for theWeedheadsGet a bag of dope in a quarter o So who want a bag who want a bagYou want a bag you want a"
  • Judgement Day - Method Man
    "First.. there was the collapse of civilization Anarchy, genocide, starvation Then.. when it seemed like shit couldn't get any more fucked up We got The Plague The Living Death Closing his icy grip around"
  • Oo La La La - Cheap Trick
    "Words and Music by Rick Nielsen and Robin Zander Oo la la la, oh oo la la la Oo la la la, oh oo la la la Oo la la la, oh oo la la la Oo la la la, oh oo la la la I gave you just about the best years of"
  • Wu-Blood Kin - La The Darkman
    "Chorus: Ghostface Young Gods when you killed them guns you kill sons Can't get into the pen for murder one I rather be rich, lay back and spark that shit Killed now son of being hit by a bullet Verse"

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