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king cgrles

  • King - Reverend Horton Heat
    "Here comes the king King! King! Here in my castle, I'm king of the house Slippers, paper, pipe, and dog Easy chair and a burning log Something smells good in the kitchen tonight Oh yeah, my baby can treat"
  • King - Nanowar
    "Walking on the hill, with the crown of steel Going to McDonald's to eat an happy meal (Waiter:) To eat an happy meal, to eat an happy meal He's going to mac donald to eat an happy meal He's the king, King"
  • King - Audio Adrenaline
    "Today I've finally found A melody that fits A melody that fits Today I've finally found A song that I can sing A song that I can sing You are my king You are my king I bow down before you And"
  • King - Kasia Nosowska
    "Mówiono o nim King w mieście świętej wieży pamiętam z podstawówki jak całował się a papieżem Przejeżdżał też sekretarz gdy przecinano wstęg e King poszedł na wagary, pomarzyć o czymś innym (Przecież każdy"
  • King - Florence & The Machine
    "We argue in the kitchen about whether to have children About the world ending and the scale of my ambition And how much is art really worth The very thing you’re best at Is the thing that hurts the most "
  • King - Manowar
    "Now is the time to reach for the sky Gather the wind hear the voice to fly To know why they sing about heroes and kings Who were brave and not afraid to die Look and you'll see that a new day will bring The"
  • King - UB40
    "King, where are your people now? Chained and pacified. Tried in vain to show them how. And for that you die.d You had a dream of a promised land. People of all nations walking hand in hand But they're"
  • King - Żaluzja Solonez
    "2k8 Dom dziecka kichaj w tą miskę krupniku stary rzucaj te papiery pracuje na ochronie w Biku wpada znowu komornik wszędzie leje sie czysta poślij kielona twój stary w pingu ma 300 stary w nocy dupa ściska dwa"
  • King - T.Love
    "Mówiono o nim King W mieście świętej Wieży Pamiętam z podstawówki Jak całował się z papieżem Przejeżdżał też sekretarz Gdy przecinano wstęgę Kingi poszedł na wagary Pomarzyć o czymś innym Był zawsze"
  • King - Accept
    "He was a leader of a small gangCommiting crimes each dayBut time has changed where he was proudIt's a far awayHe took living easy, his bad reputationOh it was known all aroundBut he didn't care no, he"
  • King - Edu Falaschi
    "Drowned by the fury Of the evolution times You lose all Lose your reputation For the glory Controlled by the force Of alienation you say... I'm the king I'm the king From my own war I get the pain Live"
  • King - Almah
    "Drowned by the fury Of the evolution times You lose all Lose your reputation for the glory Controlled by the force of alienation you say... I'm the king I'm the king From my own war I get the pain Live"
  • King - Paul Brandt
    "The other day I got in a fight It involved me and my foot in my mouth And my wife Then I got to thinking Wouldn't it be grand If with every word I said My wish was the world's command I'd be the"
  • King - Tree63
    "We have heard the thunder We have seen the storm Echoes of your kingdom coming Rumors of our home Where one day we will stand before you Lord Our altogether beautiful reward Chorus: And we will give you"
  • King - Weezer
    "One night at the disco I wanted to dance slow I saw a sweet baby, such a fine lady And I walked up to ask her, but some dude just grabbed her I told him to back off, cut me some slack off I see you come"
  • King - Enchant
    "(Music - P. Craddick & D. Ott / Lyrics - D. Ott) Frightened -- trying to decide Which way do I side Can't make up my mind this time Searching -- curiosity's burning Just what am I learning From all this"
  • King - Thin Lizzy
    "Down and out in the city Won't you give a boy a break Juvenile on trial before committee Taken all he can take But the king shall have his vengeance Especially on the poor Some say preaching to convert"
  • King - Years & Years
    "I caught you watching me under the light Can I be your (?)? They say it’s easy to leave you behind I don’t wanna try Come and take that test Hold courage to your chest Don’t wanna wait for you Don’t wanna"
  • King - Tunng
    "Four foot nothing knees stained with dirt When we went hiding why don't you seek? No one came looking for me Your head restless with greed She carried on shoulders like a little king She is worshipped"
  • King - King's X
    "You are the one who causes me pain You are the one who causes me grief You are the one who lied to me It won't be long soon you will see King is coming... You are the one who magnifies hate You are the"

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