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kingdom of machines

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kingdom of machines

  • Machines - Sadus
    "What you breathe Is supposedly Exhausted clean Machines Toxins rise Through melting Skies Life will die Machines Work to feed A lifeless breed Eternally Machines Nourishing The flourishing Hybrid way Machines Circuits"
  • Machines - Sailor
    "I was born from a 'Triple X' computerised machine Although my daddy, he was just another 'lazermatic' beam They used to tell me funny stories About creatures they call people - long ago They even told"
  • Machines - Queen
    "Machines... It's a machines world Don't tell me I ain't got no soul When the machines take over It ain't no place for rock and roll They tell me I don't care But deep inside I'm just a man They freeze"
  • Machines - Hetane
    "Machineswith the pockets of nails Machineswith bullets in their brains Machineswith bombs in their ears Machinesresistant to fear Machinestaking pills Machinespaying bills Machinesnourishing well Machines"
  • Machines - Crossbreed
    "You complain of breathing You can't wait to die You just wait just wait Just wait to suffocate(2) You complain of breathing You can't wait to die You just wait just wait just wait to suffocate!!! (2) You"
  • Machines - Biffy Clyro
    "I would dig a thousand holes to lay next to you I would dig a thousand more if I needed to I look around the grave for an escape route of old routines There doesnt seem to be any other way Cause Ive started"
  • Kingdom Of Loss - Pain Of Salvation
    "Someone sells us toys in a cheap cartoon Someone sells us cars in the latest Bond that's coming soon Someone sells us trends through a sitcom star Someone sells herself in a docu-soap that goes too far Life"
  • Kingdom - Elen Levon
    "Oh, take back the kingdom Oh, take back the kingdom These songs are long overdue The songs that I sing just for you Your vacation, my destination You're my favorite radio station So don't turn it down"
  • Kingdom - Caedmon's Call
    "I was a pilgrim in early lifeI traveled at nightBound for Jordan just ten miles northOf a civil warImmersed in mercy in holy floodThat mingled with bloodMy sextant headed for homebound landsThrough twilight"
  • Kingdom - Dawson's Creek
    "Heard a sound screaming down from all around From loud speakers in the center of the square Said my time was up, and all the spotlights focused down Seemed like everyone I ever knew was there Wandered"
  • Kingdom - Caedmons Call
    "I was a pilgrim in early life I traveled at night Bound for Jordan just ten miles north Of a civil war Immersed in mercy in holy flood That mingled with blood My sextant headed for homebound lands Through"
  • Kingdom - Anathema
    "There is a whole mountain And a river runs through it If you split my mountain wide You would find many rivers Among flocks of non-white doves And non-temptable mortals The kingdom is much more real And"
  • Kingdom - Elysium
    "I am the alpha and I am the omega burn forever burn the kingdom of light as light fades away we hail the victory as earth dies in flames we welcome victory now we are standing among the ruins we welcome"
  • Kingdom - L'
    "My summers worn out And my winters just begun My last snow has fallen with the dawning of the sun I see them staring at me With their greedy eyes I clench my fist and hatred rise As I fall into demise"
  • Kingdom - Blutengel
    "Hey my little girlWould you come to join me now?I will show you thenWhat you've never seen beforeLet me take you downTo my secret place tonightI want to play with youYou just have to let yourself goWe"
  • Kingdom - Rentokill
    "The lights set low, the blinds pulled down. We learned the lesson. The candle center-spot replies to question asked repeatedly. A round of kings without a crown. Who's gonna be the last one? This extraordinary"
  • Kingdom - Celesty
    "(Amardon) I can hear the silence calling Curtains of darkness fallen Together we will stand, side by side (Shemin) I can hear how the wind blows And how the sun glows It's safe walk to home, once again Everything"
  • Man Machines - Pete Townshend
    "Man makes machines To man the machines That make the machines That make the machines Make a machine To make a machine And man and machine Will make a machine To break the machines That make the machines I"
  • Time Machines - Guided By Voices
    "Time machines escape the fall But cannot climb the prison wall Nowhere to go they stumble headlong Stumbling back to where they belong Are you looking at my signs? Have you noticed they're no timelines? Can"
  • Strange machines - The Gathering
    "It has always been in the back of my mind dreaming about going to the corners of time i always wanted to fly in strange machines i wanna do centuries in a lifetime and feel it with my hands touch the world"

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