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kings on set

  • Kings - July For Kings
    "Seven strong we came and Seven we were named in an empire of irrepressibility Dancing in the street with heaven at our feet in a circle of sustenance And no one stopped to say that we'd be gone someday the"
  • Kottonmouth kings - ICP
    "When I get to California...(It's on!!)When I get there...(Suburban Noize!!)When I get to California...Hook me up with one of them chicks,(Psychoathic!!)And when you get to the Mid-West...I'll hook you"
  • Cali Kings - Xzibit
    "Verse one: Xzibit If it wasn't for the West These rap niggaz wouldn't need a vest around they chest Keeping bustin about, where you at? and what you owe, and what you drive? So the day some niggaz"
  • No Kings - El-P
    "(El-P) And the kids say Watch your man I think he's faking the band Y'all will either run the world or destroy it while holding hands Architect, terrible vet with bent flashback Me clutchin' a 30 od, burn"
  • Krazy Kings - Company Flow
    "I swing boomerangs and murder air attacks Blow out busted internet, access info out your back Clip cut you off, I'm too advanced for your little cause Pole position, my verbal contact no life support We'll"
  • The Kings - RUN-DMC
    "The King of Rock, who? The King of Rock, what? The King of Rock, who? The King of Rock, what? The King of Rock, who? The King of Rock, what? The King of Rock, who? The King of Rock, what? The King of Rock,"
  • Kings - The Magnetic Fields
    "All day snow covered us Night-time: it was always night The people on the street were made of meat Black girl, trucks ran us down Blue boy... The people on the sidewalk were traced in chalk Whale embryos"
  • Kings - Frozen Crown
    "Howling, crawling The creatures are screaming at nighttime We'll be holding up the blades for the broken For the fears we live today For the moment we'll realize That everything is dying with the rain Don't"
  • Kings - Steely Dan
    "Now they lay his body down Sad old men who run this town I still recall the way He led the charge and saved the day Blue blood and rain I can hear the bugle playin' We seen the last of Good King Richard Ring"
  • Kings - Chasing Victory
    "Oh please, please, oh please I'm begging on my knees for a coin in the cup I got a fatal disease Could you help me get back on my feet? Why don't you give me something you don't need? Oh girl, I won't"
  • Kings Of Eternity - Power Quest
    "A crash of thunder, lightning starts to glow Standing in the rainstorm you feel so alone And in the distance can you hear the sound of something new The sun is hidden now, no rainbows can arise All"
  • Krazy Kings Too - Company Flow
    "It's the classic underground styles of the urban masters The krazy kings be thinking caps and sparking tags quick I was once in the land where things would never go right There lived a king who sang"
  • King Among Kings - Army Of The Pharaohs
    "Chief Kamachi: Yeah, uh The dark arts AOTP, yeah Feel like the nineties right here don't it Yeah uh uh, uh uh take 'em back Yeah, yo Chief Kamachi: Yo I'm a pharaoh my street magic been on deck I'm"
  • Heavy Metal Kings - Jedi Mind Trics (feat. Ill Bill)
    "I murder you and laugh I'm Barry Sanders slashing through the path you a magician's assistant, I'm sawin' you in half you a heathan that rely on the beast I'm a demon at the fire crucifyin' the priest"
  • Kings Blend - Kottonmouth Kings
    "Good Evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to this years Cannabis Cup finals! Some of the best buds from all over the planet displayed here today, Bud smokers.. let's get ready to bubble!!! With this"
  • On Set - Growing Down
    "It's so easy to say tomorrow starts today but the table will turn finding a way to leave you're sitting at the bottom of the wall you're screaming ignorance how can you persist it's so simple to"
  • Set It Off - Thousand Foot Krutch
    "To all the people in the house tonite, Can ya feel me? To those who live under the street lights at night, Can ya feel me? Check this out, We bout to set this off, Here come the drums: When I let loose, I"
  • Cali Kings Part 1 - Xzibit
    ""the first up on the mic, is my homeboy xzibit *echoes*" Verse one: xzibit If it wasn't for the west These rap niggaz wouldn't need a vest around they chest Keeping bustin about, where you at? and what"
  • Wheat Kings - The Tragically Hip
    "Sundown in the Paris of the prairie Wheat kings have all treasures buried And all you hear are the rusty breezes Pushing around the weather vane Jesus In his Zippo lighter he sees the killer's face Maybe"
  • Kings Road - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers
    "(Tom Petty) Well they put me out on the old Kings Road I didn't know which way to go There was people all around Wearin' funny lookin' clothes Some boys, some girls, some I don't know (Chorus) I didn't"

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