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kissed back

  • Kissed A Butterfly - Dilana
    "Remember when we took a trip All the way from jersey to la I got a fake id You took your brothers chevrolet Car broke down in atlantic city We didn't even have a place to stay Uh-huh, uh-huh The slot"
  • You Kissed Me Sweetly - Gary Moore
    "Wild in the street With the wind at my back Dead, dead on my feet But I've just got to make tracks Straight, straight through your door 'Cause your love's got me trapped Yes, your love's got me trapped You"
  • Kissed - Pansy Division
    "If you want to get it on If you want to turn me on Well it's like this First thing i need is a kiss And if you want me to come on strong If you want to get me long Well you're gonna miss Unless you're"
  • The Girls I Never Kissed - Frank Sinatra
    "(J.Leiber, M.Stoller) The old wolf sniffs the summer breeze, and dreams about his youth, For the sight of skirts above the knees turns his hardboiled brain to tears. And the scent of honey in the tree"
  • A Kissed Out Red Floatboat - Cocteau Twins
    "I'm standing here I said 'Love, you'd listen, uh hunh?' May love get here when you answer I thought he'd known loving before He's so mean to her If only had he held on He'd be along side with you so guarded He"
  • We Kissed - Carly Binding
    "Tell me the meaning of hypocrisy and superficial Give me a reason cause I don't believe we do compare Tell me a story of how you ought to love me Livin' a dream of innocence without a care *Chorus* We"
  • She Kissed Me - Terence Trent D'Arby
    "She is negative as can be And she's weak emotionally But she kissed me And she put it there She's got a chip on her shoulderblade And her attitude makes me afraid But she kissed me And she put it there She"
  • You kissed me - In Grid
    "Uh la la la la la la Uh la la la la la la la You said another time in the dark would be - So dreamy Then let me ride into your arms And then you kissed me You lead me into my eyes And then you told me That"
  • Never Been Kissed - Sherrie Austin
    "If I show up ten minutes early baby You can bet that you'll be running behind But it when it comes to loving me now baby I have to say you're right on time and I've never been kissed, never been kissed Never"
  • If We Kissed - Fiona Apple
    "Electricity, eye to eye. Hey don't I know you? I can't speak. Stripped my senses on the spot, I've never been defenseless, I can't even make sense of this. You speak and I don't hear a word. What would"

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