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  • Know Why - Norah Jones
    "I waited 'til I saw the sun I don't know why I didnt come I left you by the house of fun I don't know why I didn't come I don't know why i didn't come When I saw the break of day I wished that I could"
  • Never Know Why - Ozzy Osbourne
    "(Daisley - Lee - Osbourne) If we're offensive and pose a threat You fear what we represent is a mess You've missed the message that says it all And you'll never know why Oh no, you'll never know why We"
  • Don't Know Why - The Rutles
    "I don't know why The world turns out to be the way it is As time goes by Oh I (I...) Don't know why (don't know why...) True love turns out to be the stuff Between hello and goodbye Looking back with"
  • Don't Know Why - Sparkle
    "What's going on? Tell me what's up Do you wanna know why This woman's fed up People running their mouth But they don't know I might as well changed my name to Jackie O Drama filled life, no privacy Them"
  • I know why - Manhattan Transfer
    "Why do robins sing in December? Long before the Springtime is due? And even though it's snowing, violets are growing I Know Why and so do you Why do breezes sigh ev'ry ev'ning whispering your name as they"
  • Don't Know Why - Norah Jones
    "I waited 'til I saw the sun I don't know why I didn't call I left you by the house of fun I don't know why I didn't call I don't know why I didn't call When I saw the break of day I wished that I could"
  • Don't Know Why - Jack Russell
    "i remember something then it fades to nothing and as i sit and smile the days roll on and on what's been taken from me is everything i could be all i ever was and everything i am the simple things in life"
  • Don't Know Why - McFly
    "One by one Drinks are gone Do I have to stay Hate the sound Of one more pound As it rolls away Why did I need your proof When I knew the truth And I don't know why I just let it slip by Me all the time I"
  • Don't Know Why - Eric Clapton
    "(Bonnie Bramlett and Eric Clapton) You say you want everything good for me, But I know so well, I can tell when you're lying. Making believe you're looking up to me, And I'm just sitting here, crying. "
  • Don't know why - Ewan McGregor
    "I waited till I saw the sunI don't know why I didn't comeI left you by the house of funI don't know why I didn't come I don't know why I didn't comeWhen I saw the break of dayWished that I could fly awayInstead"
  • Don't Know Why - Kelly Willis
    "History runs pretty deep with you and me There were times we thought it ended Times we fought out in the street Baby we have knocked each other upside down Yeah the winds of change are blowing wide Rumors"
  • I Know Why - Sheryl Crow
    "They say love keeps on growing It's the one thing that I've felt I've always known Cause it wouldn't matter where you're going Cause where you are is where I wanna go I know why the heart gets lonely Every"
  • Don't Know Why - Swollen Members
    "I don't know when the time will be Which side of me whom you might see Be careful what you ask for That's no lie sometimes we Just don't know why Why do I do it like I do How come I don't get in"
  • Don't Know Why - Trish Thuy Trang
    "Don't know why you always want to say good-bye I guess you're seeing someone new If it's true oh baby please don't try to hide your feelings I will try to learn to live with all this pain I feel inside Give"
  • Don't Know Why - Saves The Day
    "There must be something wrong with me. I get so tired, I cant sleep. The voices in my head are haunting my dreams. No matter how I try, To kill the thoughts inside. I cannot, I cannot, hide. The mirror"
  • Don't Know Why - Karine Polwart
    "All of these moments cling to each other Just like a small boy clutches his mother Maybe one day theyll go their own way I keep linking the daisies into chains I keep blinking to see if it all looks"
  • I Know Why - H2O
    "And so she said to me I'm leaving, I can't take it anymore For all that it's worth, I knew that was over Long before she turned the handle on my door Cause I can read between the lies And I can see"
  • Why, Why, Why? - Foxy Brown
    "Hook 1: Why, why, why, why? I'ma in love, I'ma love with this man. Why, why, why, why? I'm in love, I'm in love... 1st Verse: PIMPIN'! Don't you get enough pussy at home? Tell me. What really make this"
  • Why - Dani
    "Why.? Why do you do this to me? Why do you do this to you? Tell me why and all my problems will go away Why does the world go round? Why do cats go meow? Why are boys so violent? Why is why a question?"
  • Why - Dub War
    "He's sick of living without know cash he knows the consequences But he don't care bout dat He'll not forget what his father said It's by the sweet an ya brow You should make your bread But still with a"

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