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know you sometimes

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know you sometimes

  • Sometimes - Pearl Jam
    "large fingers pushing paint you're god and you've got big hands the colors blend... the challenges you give man seek my part... devote myself my small self... like a book amongst the many on a shelf sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Natalie Imbruglia
    "Isn't it like me to want to say things I can't explain ... in simple ways? Why should I be sane? Why can't I be crazy? Sometimes I'm up, sometimes I'm down, I choke on words, and make no sound. Sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Ash
    "Can't sleep in the city, you're far away Cigarettes keep me skinny And my mind off the rain Oh sometimes, sometimes Oh sometimes, sometimes Feelings are distant, and I know guilt by name It was the hardest"
  • Sometimes - G. LOVE & SPECIAL SAUCE
    "I'll always have myself ??? ??? Sitting on the stair Which way to find someone Look around the city Lookin' for my picture I lost my money and my wallet at the ??? Oh Mr. can you find Miss did"
  • Sometimes - Wersja De Lux
    "Sometimes I feel good, sometimes I feel bad It's one of things I don't understand x2 Sometimes I love you, sometimes I don't I don't know what's going on Sometimes I wanna go, sometimes"
  • Sometimes - Neulander
    "Sometimes you know who you are, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you know where you are, sometimes you won't. Underneath, and overhead, it's always there you can feel the weight. Sometimes you find time"
  • Sometimes - Alexia
    "Sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life I just wanna tell you sometimes I thought I gave you more than my life Sometimes, sometimes What's going on with me I don't wanna feel this way Without"
  • Sometimes - Bill Anderson
    "( Bill ) Hello beautiful are you married (sometimes) tell me are you happy (yes sometimes) ( Mary Lou ) But sometimes I feel like I've just got to get away From the same old existence day after day Oh"
  • Sometimes - Bowling For Soup
    "you've got me under your thumb sometimes i feel so dumb you put a smile on my face but only sometimes you make me weak in the knees i think its cute when you sneeze i think your shoes are so cool sometimes you"
  • Sometimes - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "Sometimes when I am lonely And I need some love and care Sometimes I feel I only Have to call and you'll be there Sometimes I wake up in the morning With my hair down in my eyes Sometimes I can look at"
  • Sometimes - John Waite
    "I remember when you whispered low I will go with you wherever you go Then I went and found someone new No one ever made me feel the way that you do Sometimes you don't know When to hold on or when to"
  • Sometimes - Natalise
    "Dont look at me that way Theres nothing else to say The fire we had is gone And the roads been far too long Hush now, I know what youre gonna say Things seem so different now, dont they? Now theres no"
  • Sometimes - Widespread Panic
    "Like a locomotive wheel Feelings real as steel Hearts are just bound to break Well, I'm off and on my way Rolling night and day Highway's callin' my name You know sometimes Maybe always You know sometimes I'll"
  • Sometimes - Ringo Starr
  • Sometimes - Avril Lavigne
    "SOMETIMES Sometime i get lonely,i feel like i am going to cry Sometimes. I know it fell like crap when u fall and hurt ur back. Sometimes. Sometimes. Sometime every thing come on you.It really sucks really"
  • Sometimes - Mireille Mathieu
    "Last night I made my baby cry Now my pour heart is asking why. And all my foolish pride Can?t hide the pain inside. How could I hurt my little boy? I love you. Sometimes you make me cry. Sometimes you"
  • Sometimes - John Butler Trio
    "If you just want to know something. All you got to do Is ask me. Cause though the sunsets all around us The truth is often plain to see. I know you been going through some hard times Yes I have been"
  • Sometimes - Bilal
    "This is a song that makes me spill out all my guts Sometimes Sometimes, I wish I wasn't me Sometimes, I wish I was drug free Sometimes, wish I saw the exit sign first Sometimes, wish I knew the truth without"
  • Sometimes - Starlight Dragons
    "Sometimes, Things just seem to fall apart When you least expect them to Sometimes, You want to pack up and leave behind All of them and all their smiles (Chorus) I don't know What to think any"
  • Sometimes - Reach The Sky
    "You tell me you're in love with me Like you can't take your pretty eyes away from me It's not that I don't want to stay But everytime you come to close I move away I wanna believe in everything that"

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