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kode bandar pusat no jp tgl 17

  • Ragazzi seri - Bassi Maestro
    "(Rit.x2) Noi, siamo ragazzi seri, ci vedi e ne convieni, musica cruda per i veri, non lo sai? chiedi, noi siamo medi, tu spingi Totti e Vieri, noi spingiamo in auto coi sistemi con i Boower neri, siamo"
  • Akai Kodo - The GazettE
    "Hikarabita machi yase kogareta norainu oita hifu musaboru kodomo no mure muryoku na ai no te wo sashinobeteru haritsuke no jyakusha wa itta God of death is calling me God of death sings the last song Hai"
  • 17 - Mandy Moore
    "Some people tell me, that you're not my kind And i believe them, but i can't get you out of my mind Some people tell me that i should stay away Maybe I will... some other day 'Cause it feel right And"
  • 17 - Julia Michaels
    "i had a dream we were riding in a drop top down the block taking our time doing whatever we want you put your hand on top of my hand and just like grease we were summer loving had our first kiss and we"
  • 17 - Sex Pistols
    "You're only 29 got a lot to learn But when your business (mummy) dies she will not return We make (like) noise it's our choice it's what we wanna do We don't care about long hairs I don't wear flares See"
  • 17 - Zhavia
    "i grew up in Norwalk hanging by the donut shop didn’t have a car so we used to have to walk the block I was only 6 years old I was running cold bare feel when the storm started coming mama worked 2 jobs couldn’t"
  • 17 - Kingdom Come
    "I need your lovin' this I know Seventeen, you drive me wild You're just so lovely this I know Oh, I want to make you mine Slip into my hands I want it , I want it, I want it Ohh, say it, say it, say it Don't"
  • 17 - Cross Canadian Ragweed
    "Sirens wale and a flashing light Nothin' better to do on a Tuesday night But give me hell Where you headed, what are you out for Don't see much of you 'round here anymore I guess it's just as well Once"
  • 17 - Milburn
    "Put on the TV Flick through the stations In the truth or a miss interpretaion He doesn't care all he cares about he's going out tonight He tucks his shirt in and does his hair nice He's got to run to"
  • 17 - James Rick
    "A little girl came up to me, acting young and shy A look of curiosity was flashing in her eyes She had seen my face before and thought she knew me well So I said "Shall we talk some more, you'll come to"
  • Perfect Strangers (ft. JP Cooper) - Jonas Blue
    "You’re looking at me like you wanted to say When I saw you yesterday I’m not wasting your time I’m not playing no games, I see you! Who knows the secrets tomorrow will hold? We don’t really need to know Coz"
  • JP na Stoprocent (gość. Popek, Bosski) - Sobota x Matheo
    "Nie wiem czy jestem porządny ale jebać psy Jestem pewnie niewygodny, wieszasz na mnie psy A co na to ja? Na 100% nic Nic! W gniewie nie wiesz skąd te wąty Ale ciągle jesteś zły Już od wtedy kiedy ziomuś,"
  • 17 Magazine - Relient K
    "Talked to my sister late last night. And she gave me some advice. And what she said was right. Talked to my sister late last night. I said I've got her on my mind. She said it's good I know my kind. And"
  • 17 Reasons - Master P
    "car full of weed didn't see him creep up hit him in the jaw took him for his phone and his beeper left him on the ground, caughin blood pissed in the ????, then pulled the plug 2 to the dome, didn't let"
  • 17 Anos - Juan Gabriel
    "T me dices que me quieres y yo quiero ser tu amigo yo se bien que eres muy joven para hablarte de mi amor para mi t eres muy joven y yo soy mayor que t si te digo que me gustas que te quiero y si te asustas"
  • At 17 - Brian Kirk And The Jirks
    "At 17 my mother's screams at night could wake the dead Four days this week I didn't make the bed What's important to you now is something we don't share Can you learn to fear when your already scared? I'm"
  • Sweet 17 - Babys, The
    "Babys, The On The Edge Sweet 17 Sixteen going on seventeen But she thinks that she's twenty-one Doing things she ain't done before Got her hands on a loaded gun Talking 'bout Sweet seventeen Got a mouthful"
  • 17 Shots - A.L.T.
    "17 shots in my clip I'm rolling through my hood muthafuckas don't trip Then I saw the Liquor Store where they shot lil' Joe, Hanging out the window, puffin' on some Indo. The owners on his knees and he's"
  • 17 Shots - Partners N Crime
    "Full pack, P-N-C and we back, Forever When I bang, I bang, it ain't nothin' but a thing, We can swing, let's swing, I'm a man I can hang, Don't get buck, get stuck, Walk that ass like a duck, Now you"
  • Opus 17 - Frankie Valli
    "(Don't Worry Bout Me)Oh I can see there ain't no room for meYou're only holding out your heart in sympathyIf there's another man, then girl I understandGo on and take his hand and don't you worry bout"

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