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  • D*G*T*T*M - Pantera
    "This is "DIME" Open the door Let me in!! WARNING a general surgeon Has warned that D*G*T*T*M May be hazardous to you mental, As well as "METAL" health. To obtain maximum benefit Follow these "easy to"
  • G - Sniper
    "Et tu restes la baraque Jai envie de rien faire La vie cest trop difficile Gnration tinquite AKETO Quest ce quon est bien a la baraque putain Tes au ptit soins chez la mama t-ma La grand dadet que test"
  • G.O.D. We Tru$t - Maestro Fresh Wes
    "(yo yo, yo yo) Yeah Here's some food for thought (you love to hear the story, again and again) This is the shit that niggas die for The shit they breath for Sweat and cry for Sacrafice their life for Civlized"
  • T - Gabriel O Pensador
    "Chegou a hora de acabar com os marajs / Oh Collor! 1 Ouam todos! Foi executado O nosso presidente... -Pera, pera, o qu que essa msica t fazendo a? Virou flashback, o disco, flashback? -Flashback no,"
  • T - Abba
    "Tnk om jorden vore ung och vi var med frn brjan Tnk om vran gamla vrld var blomstrande och hel Tnk att kunna somna in var kvll och slippa srja ver snt som nn annan gjort fel Tnk om jorden vore ung"
  • Ghetto (G-H-E-T-T-O) - House Gang Animalz
    "I'm a victim of the very song I sing These mean streets of N.Y.C. Got a hold of me, just when I thought I was out They pull me back in... Aiyo.. I've been, thrown in the bullpens over again And I've"
  • T?g - Jakob Hellman
    "Jag blev fdd fr lnge se'n p ett tg, p en evig resa svitt jag sg i vr gamla svartvita frgteve som skymde fnstret i vr kup. Jag blev fdd mellan spegeln och grammofon om ni undrar var jag kommer ifrn, om"
  • G Style - Ice T
    "Intro: Yeah! Right about now motherfuckers is layin for a nigga like me Ice-T to bust some freestyle shit... but I don't do that I just cold lounge up here at the Ammo Dump with my nigga Alladdin, SLJ,"
  • G style - Ice-T
    "Intro: Yeah! Right about now motherfuckers is layin for a nigga like me Ice-T to bust some freestyle shit... but I don't do that I just cold lounge up here at the Ammo Dump with my nigga Alladdin, SLJ,"
  • D-O-D-G-E-R-S Song - Danny Kaye
    "Oh, I say D I say D-O D-O-D D-O-D-G D-O-D-G-E-R-S Team, team, team, team Oh I say O-M O-M-A O-M-A-L O-M-A-L-L-E-Y Oh really? No, O'Malley Sandy Koufax Oh, my Drysdale Maury Wills I love you so And we"
  • G. O. D. - Billy Squier
    "I been searchin' for so long For a love to fill my life--soldier me on Feel the hunger in my blood As I walk into the fire I can't get enough Where, oh where can I find you I have seen you and called"
  • G To D - Snuff
    "Would anybody care to elaborate Would anyone care to point out what's going on It's bothered me all afternoon Wrote it down but it seems wrong A vicious circle turning Would anyone care to re-write this"
  • D&D soundclash - Afu-Ra
    "[ Steele ] Feel this, feel this Brooklyn's in the house Brooklyn's in the house [ VERSE 1: Steele of Cocoa Brovas ] S-T, Supreme Teacher, read you like a preacher Seat you down, make you pay close attention"
  • S. T. D. - Necro
    "I was walking in the park, in the noon When I saw her, she was beautiful Like a flower in the summer, what a bummer I wish I could talk to her, I got my nerve up And then I started to walk to her I said,"
  • G - Teoman
    "Su yok, sulu yok Hayat byle anladm Ak yok, artk yok AmA amanla altm Senle ben hep byle kalacagz Gitgide eriyip yok olacaz Yava yava Sorma neden niin Her ey yalnzlktan Bak bak bak Gzel bir gn lmek iin D"
  • G - Tyr
    "Gestur villur fr hllini gongur, blindur er hann og fur; mtir hann einum gomlum manni, allur hrum grur. "Far t tr grasgarar og r fyri tnum b; eg skal mr fyri Heirik kong og gtur kenna n". Treum lttliga"
  • D Rugs - Cam'ron
    "This song is about young children who live in single family homes and their mother or father chooses their boyfriend or girlfriend over you. Remember parents, kids don't ask to be born. So I'm tell this story"
  • G Turns To D - Sloan
    "These songs are all about you And I'm tellin' everyone I'm doin' fine without you I hurt you but I helped you You may think I've a lot of nerve But I deserve some credit Or at least an edit Take"
  • D - Raul Seixas
    "D-lhe que d... D d-lhe que d D d-lhe que d, me Que no vai sangrar, no Eu digo vai l, D-lhe que d! D-lhe que d D d-lhe que d D d-lhe que d, mame Que no vai sangrar no Vai l, d-lhe que d! Tire a cabea,"
  • D - Camela
    "Deja que nazca, mujer, el hijo que llevas dentro, deja que vea la luna y que oiga soplar el viento. Tiene derecho a la vida, la que no est gozando, tiene derecho a ser hombre y t se lo ests quitando. Deja"

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