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kongos kom with me now

  • Kom - Dreams Of Sanity
    "dante: isn't it a strange thing that all the roads - along i'm wandering are leading into nowhere's land a life of no memories a story hidden place a world grown apart from what my mind refused to see people"
  • Come With Me Now - KONGOS
    "Afraid to lose control And caught up in this world I've wasted time, I've wasted breath I think I've thought myself to death I was born without this fear Now only this seems clear I need to move, I need"
  • Kom - Dreams Of Sanity
    "walking trough theh unknown woods the angels fell aslee (That night) but my steps were firm and strong (as they were) in the light of day i held my eyes straight in the dark to scare the beasts that cross"
  • Kom Igen - Outlandish
    "(feat. U$O, ADL, Salah Edin) Try to learn every single ayat So my soul in front of Allah, gon' be smelling good To that moment I be definitely making my move In it for the money? Nah man, I'm in it for"
  • Kom In De Cockpit - Spinvis
    "en ze zeuren en schreeuwen en je kop zit klem en je kan echt geen kant op en je lijkt wel gek dat je daar achterin zit al de hele tijd want er is een plaats in de cockpit bij het raam en wil je naar voren dan"
  • Kom Dichterbij - BL?F
    "Het lawaai van de lift houdt me wakker alle nachten Thuis had ik een koelkast van dat soort In de hoek ligt mijn rugzak al dagenlang te wachten Tot ik weer vertrek zoals dat hoort En ik weet"
  • Kom Nu - Helmut Lotti
    "Nog nooit had ik mezelf zo verloren Jij, jij was alles voor mij Ik straalde van geluk, het kon gewoon niet stuk Maar toch ging jouw liefde voorbij Was je bang teveel van mij te houden Ik had jou toch"
  • Stay with me now - Sailor
    "Can't you see what I feel for you Will you hold me now like you used to do Will you stay with me now I'm not just a lonely friend Once I fell for you, now I'm falling again Won't you stay with me now You're"
  • Here With Me Now - Clique Girlz
    "Destinee:I could tell you anything at all (and you dont laugh at me) didnt have to look before id fall (cause youd always catch me) anything I did i had a friend (and you always had me) and we made a pack"
  • Fuck with me now - Lil Wayne
    "Let's go - let's goLet's go - let's goThey can't fuck with me nowHuh? Fuck with me nowNo, they can't fuck with me nowCan't fuck with me nowLet's go I go by "Wheezy: the Don"Magnificent nigga, lot of ice"
    "Tears are shed, a shame I should have known I should have thought I could have thought Before I cast that stone The waves radiate far and wide There's a ringing in my ears For a minute I think I'm going"
  • Dance With Me, Now Darling - Hem
    "Dance with me, now darling - make me late I've been hanging 'round this barroom, and I can wait I can wait, now darling, don't you know Dance with me, now darling, sweet and slow I've been here in the"
  • Jesus Kom Til Jorden For L Dr - Extol
    "Jesus kom til jorden for d Han forlot himmelen for meg Og p korset mtte kongen bl For pne livets vei Jesus kom til jorden for d Vi var skilt fra Gud som syndens lnn Men Gud elsket oss med slik en gld At"
  • Kom Wat Dichterbij - Paul De Leeuw
    "kom wat dichter bij me je armen om me heen ook al is de kamer vol met namen voel me zo verloren en alleen kom wat dichterbij me jij weet wie ik ben voel zo graag de warmte branden van de handen die ik"
  • Kom Helge Ande - Gjallarhorn
    "Kom helge ande till mej in upplys min sjl uppfyll mitt sinn att jag i dej m bliva lt lysa lvets ljus p mej och led mej p den rtta vg dej vill jag mig helt giva || ==English translation== Come"
  • Kom Maar Met Me Mee - Ramses Shaffy
    "Kom Kom maar Kom maar met me mee Ik zal je te eten geven Ik zal je te drinken geven Ik zal platen draaien Je hoeft niets te zeggen En we zullen niet alleen meer zijn Kom Kom maar Kom maar met me mee Ik"
  • Now - Self
    "Handcuffed to the railroad tracks Gagged and bound, down on my knees My head upon a platter for you I'll offer anything Now, now, any way you want me Now, now, any way you want Now, now, any way you want"
  • Now - Edie Brickell
    "Your mouth is red-I'm picturing it in my head I'm picturing you smile at me I want you to be with me NOW Your hair is brown-I'm picturing it hanging down I'm picturing it falling round those big brown"
  • Now - Wishing Chair
    "She wants all the toys in the big wide world The power and the glory She's a growing girl She can't swim but she'll hold you down Stand on your head So she won't drown It's just me, me, me, all the time You're"
  • Now - Dixie Chicks
    "If I could be 13 again To live with no regret When I could still be president And I could feel my dad As he's holding me in his arms Not in my dreams And I could not wait to be Something at 23 But now"

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