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korden 60

  • 60% - NOFX
    "I'm not here to entertain you I'm here to meet my friend the Russian The Irish, the German, the Columbian I don't care how bad I fuck up I care about how fucked up I get I'm not your clown I'm your dealer And"
  • 60 Seconds - China Drum
    "China Drum Miscellaneous 60 Seconds 60 seconds what could happen now? He could end up going down 60 seconds what could happen then? He could end up changing again He was dreaming softly in his bed He woke"
  • 60 Revolutions - Gogol Bordello
    "60 revolutions per minute this is my regular speed So how do you want me to live with it? How do you want me to live with it? Without ringing all alarms! Without overthrowing czars! Without emptying the"
  • 60 Steps - Anasarca
    "{{Cover| |Artist = Carlos Santana |Title = 60 Steps }} The man of the struggle, In his search for solace, He tries to focus on and rest in the eye of the storm. He sees no future for himself, only an"
  • 60 Miles - Exit
    "I've got so much to do And so little time My life's a million miles an hour I feel like I'm losing my mind And I'm 60 miles from you But I'm on my way And you're the only one that Makes my worries go"
  • 60 bars - Miss Nana
    "Holt Miss Na... 60 Bars,Newarkilly,Questionmark,Souldiggaz listen Ladies Walk With Me, Kids Talk To Me, Fellas Its A New Beginning Part In Me. i Never Curse In A Verse,My Style Clean Im Not That Tall B-Ball"
  • Inverno '60 - Francesco Guccini
    "Le nove di sera, domenica sera d'inverno, fa freddo, c' nebbia, in fondo alla strada s' accesa l'insegna "Blue Garden: si balla ". Qualcuno ha gi aperto le grandi vetrate d'ingresso, canter Baby Silver, qualcuno"
  • 60% (Reprise) - NOFX
    "We're the band with our own label That's money under the table, that's answering to no one But still, other bands just love to hate us Talking shit behind us, but smiling to our face That's OK, it's not"
  • 60 Talsmedley - Carola
    "LOCOMOTIONEverybody's doing a brand new dance nowCome on baby, do the locomotionI know you'll get to like it if you give it a chance nowCome on baby, do the locomotionMy little baby sister can do it with"
  • SUNSHINE 60 - Flow
    "You're my sunshine furi sosogu aoi sora no shita deNa Na Na Atsusa komoru semai heya muda ni sugosu natsuyasumi Nanigena kumekutta zasshi ni hirogaru yo paradise Burning Burning toki ga ugoki dasu heya"
  • 60 Thompson - Razorlight
    "The bell boy brings you coffee, There are letters from every shore, There are flowers of the season, Heels are capsized by the door. You're well protected, Cold as you must be to survive, But I know somewhere"
  • 60 Segundos - Gusttavo Lima
    "Me dê um minuto pra falar Que eu preciso de você meu amor 59 segundos é o que resta Pra entender essa paixão no meu peito Cada segundo que se passa Mais aumenta essa vontade Esse desejo, essa paixão Que"
  • 60 Watt Bulb - Therapy?
    "(One, two) (One, two, three, four) I don't need a spotlight I've got a 60 watt bulb It shines a light on the music I like It shines a light on me and my friends I've got a 60 watt bulb And a concrete"
  • 60 Second Nightmare - Gowan
    "(Lawrence Gowan) Can this really be happening You're witness to a deadly thing Confirming every deepest fear That you've been hiding all these years It's a fatal mistake And your hands start to shake Not"
  • 60, Beautiful & Mine - Frenzal Rhomb
    "Well she's a fast DAMN woman She's a lovin' machince And she's been around the block if you know what i mean Spent the last 40 years just scopein' the scene And now she knows it's time To find someone"
  • 90 60 100 - Culcha Candela
    "Ref: noventa sesenta sientate sientate presentate noventa sesenta calientame calientame y cantame la la la la la la la la la la..... esa gyal balia fenomenal esa muchacha lo sabe controlar me gustan las"
  • 30 60 90 - Oleander
    "Hey, you can't complain about the sunshine When you're feeling a flatline And you're stuck in a low Hey, don't want to hear about the way you feel When you're the only one to sign the deal Your bed is"
  • 60, 70, 80 - Nomadi
    "Da stasera o da domani alzer una barricata di foto dischi e lattine di birra chiara e ghiacciata, riscalder pasta e fagioli, eluder tutti i telegiornali, pianger per te, che non so se sei gi all'inferno"
  • 60 Miles an hour - Tristania
    "60 Miles an Hour60 Milhas por Hora No sei se j te disseMas estou procurando um refgioVoc nunca adivinharia as coisas que faoO diabo est comigo para tomar um chVoc no sabe que estou aqui ao seu lado ?Voc"
  • 60 Milhas por Hora - Tristania
    "60 Milhas por Hora No sei se j te disse Mas estou procurando um refgio Voc nunca adivinharia as coisas que fao O diabo est comigo para tomar um ch Voc no sabe que estou aqui ao seu lado ? Voc no v que"

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