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korpiklaani the steel' order by 999

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korpiklaani the steel' order by 999

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korpiklaani the steel' order by 999
  • Korpiklaani Korpiklaani
    "Kanervalan kasvatiksi, Tapiolan tarpojaksi Olen syntynt' sotijalo, Varttunt' vaeltaja vahva. Soitten, korpein halki tarvon, Aarnikankain aarteit' etsin, Ikihenki symmehessin, Vuorten voima rantehessain. Salon,"
  • Atari Teenage Riot Anarchy 999
    "Atari Teenage Riot 60 Second Wipe Out Anarchy 999 I'll set the sights higher! I'll set the sights higher! Higher and higher! I'll set the sights higher! A dividing conflict is about to come A virtual"
  • D.O.A. Order
    "the home viewers just don't care they're getting tired of the regular fare they want something new and it isn't there so here it comes, the big idea the public trustworthy panacea completely different"
  • Pipedown Order
    "Follow us, reaching out of us, to strain against determination. Superfluous is our structure, maintained by the predication. We're so continuous. Intent on the will, to follow us. Intent on the will,"
  • Keith Richards 999
    "Makin' it, doesn't matter how many Takin'it Well, I can't shake it Off of my back, damn monkey It's either too tight Or it's too slack How much That's all it is ooh Ninety nine How much, yahh"
  • Rockets Ziga ziga 999
    "Our missionTo seek out and destroyAll we findSubmissionWill not computeYou must stay behindWe have made room in all the galaxies surroundingYou say friendThere is room here forAll to surviveYou pretendThat"
  • Jeru The Damaja 999 Pa Cent
    "You wanna front WHAT??Jump up and get bucked The original, Dirty Rotten's fuckin shit up Empty your clip of lyrics, in your chest and gut All punks play the floor, it's raw and hardcore Hotter than a meteor,"
  • Steel Pulse New World Order
    "David Hinds I'm in an angry mood yeah Got an attitude, oh yeah Things are overflowing In dis ya melting pot Justice has been stolen From the have nots I've come to a conclusion It's time for a revolution It's"
  • Sacred Steel Sacred Steel
    "Born into metal born into steel deep in the heart of darkness metal is revealed out of the blackness to rule and to kill those weak and false shall perish taste the sacred steel See the light feel the"
  • The Hooters Engine 999
    "She was the fire and I was the engine One of a thousand built to last She was the fire dancing with hunger She knew I would follow 'til I ran out of gas Lost in the summer of burning desire She lit"
  • Sinister Barbaric Order
    "Dark outer garment Shapeless mark god-fearing man Hail sincere cruel tyrant Thy servant anticipates pain The reason why things come together Acts Performed in elaborate way Quit sedate pronounced sentence Sober"
  • Reactor Zero order
    "Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Neoadvent by cold fusion Non inductive current drive to the frozen iron core Chrome tunnels of redemption A time gap propelling"
  • Hammerfall Steel Meets Steel
    "(Zuruck) Back in 1095, when the call to arms came we had the red cross sown on Sent to save the holy land and crush the infidels with strength from above STEEL MEETS STEEL On towards victory we"
  • Onslaught Steel Meets Steel
    "Battle follows battle To the death to take the hill Blackened leather warriors The chill as steel meets steel One survives by cunning The other lives by might The death defying warlords By the firelight"
  • Futuristic Sex Robotz Law & Order
    "In the entertainment industry's war on its customers, the CEOs of media conglomerates are represented by two separate yet equally-important groups. The Motion Picture Association of America (the MPAA),"
  • Embrace Love Order
    "Remember me when the circus comes to town and you're welcomed in, but can't get out and no one hears you shout remember me remember me cause i'm drying, lost at sea for a day that won't be happening"
  • Loose Ends Dial 999
    "You can pick me up You can pull me down You can treat me like a circus clown Anything that you You feel you wanna do '''Chorus''' You got my only number its up to you If you don't want to call what"
  • Baustelle Musichiere 999
    "Voglio essere Gainsbourg Voglio una Lolita al mou Ay Marieke mon amour Dammi quello che vuoi tu Se con gli altri balli il twist Se con gli altri prendi il trip Dove vado non lo so Quanto male ti"
  • Before God Order
    "Late in life's dawning morn I've seen a figure in the rain Standing idle beneath the storm At the end of memories lane Straight and tall his stance Like a calm island amongst the lost The thunder talked In"
  • Avail Order
    "not impressed with who knows who and it never really matters if you win or lose passively reject let the rats race on stand sound until they are gone have you rejected what you learned? is your resistance"

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