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  • Todesschwadron Ost - Minas Morgul
    "Dunkle Reiter, finstre Mchte, Des einen Herren, edle Knechte. Todesboten, ihr Ruf klingt schrill, Bluthunde, wie Er es will, Finstre Hscher, in seinem Namen, Dunkle Reiter, finstre Mchte, Des einen Herren,"
  • Adrenaline (Xxx Ost) - Gavin Rossdale
    "You don't feel the pain Too much is not enough Nobody said this stuff Makes any sense We're hooked again The point of no return See how the buildings burn Light up the night Such a pretty sight Adrenaline"
  • It's Alright (OST) - Jay-Z
    "Jay-Z: Bounce if you wanna bounce, ball if you wanna ball Play if you wanna play, floss if you wanna floss It's Alright, you heard?, It's Alright, Holla back Get ill if you wanna ill, smoke if you wanna"
  • Shine (OST Paddington) - Gwen Stefani & Pharrell Williams
    "One thing about me I'll be there for the team I'll do anything to protect my people's dreams And if the earth just finds me wandering 'round You know my soul will rise up and keep on shining Imagine you're"
  • Hero (ost. spider-man) - Chad Kroeger
    "CHAD KROEGER Miscellaneous Hero (ost. spider-man) (feat. Josey Scott) I am so high, I can hear heaven I am so high, I can hear heaven Whoa, but heaven...no, heaven don't hear me And they say That a hero"
  • Paloma negra - Frida OST - Chavela Vargas
    "Ya me canso de llorar y no amanece Ya no s si maldecirte o por ti rezar Tengo miedo de buscarte y de encontrarte Donde me aseguran mis amigos que te vas Hay momentos en que quisiera mejor rajarme Y arrancarme"
  • The 9th Circle (OST) - HIM
    "Is it so hard to believe the hearts are made to be broken Can't you see that the beauty of love lies in constant times Don't you want our hearts to be torn wide open Won't you feel the heaven in our endless"
  • Bug bites (ost. spider-man) - Alien Ant Farm
    "ALIEN ANT FARM Miscellaneous Bug bites (ost. spider-man) To much of nothing these days, you often hold me tightly I owe you everything You must be going crazy, Back papers staking nicely and Im still promising Of"
  • Revolution (ost. Birds of Prey) - Aimée Allen
    "AIMEE ALLEN Miscellaneous Revolution (ost. Birds of Prey) Hey kids, rock 'n' roll That's how I lost control Hey kids, go get high I can't remember why Up all night, I waste my time I am fine, but"
  • Big Love (ost. Blue Crush) - Chicken
    "CHICKEN Miscellaneous Big Love (ost. Blue Crush) Give me more I can't get enough I need your big love Give me more I can't get enough I need your big love Big love You give me kisses just like candies Then"
  • Unlike Me (Ost & Kjex Remix) - Kate Havnevik
    "There are no guarantees in life Not for the present, Nor for the future. All I know is That I'm here; Don't know for how long. I love the way You live so intensely Enjoy every minute of life With"
  • Surgeon bong dal hee ost - SS501
    "gasumun no hanaman chan-nunde apugo apaso piwo-netdon sangchoman nae-ge nam-gin chae ichuryo nol ijuryo hae-bwado sarachiji ha-nhun dan hansaram no ran-gol ajunhi wae non morun chok hani mar-hae-bwa wae"
  • Take Me Away (Ost. Freaky Friday) - Christina Vidal
    "Yeah.. Yeah.. Get up, Get out Move on, move on. There's no doubt I'm all wrong. You're right It's all the same with you I'm too thin, too fat You ask why, So why, so why, so why, so why? On and on and"
  • I Love You All (Frank OST) - Michael Fassbender
    "El Madrid it’s nice to see ya, it’s really nice to be here I love your wall Spilled your fat looks smoked out cow pokes sequinned mountain ladies I love you all Put your arms"
  • Side by Side Sweet Home OST - BewhY (비와이)
    "Hangul : 앞만 보고 달려 여긴 소돔 앞만 보고 달려 여긴 소돔 앞만 보고 달려 여긴 소돔 앞만 보고 달려 여긴 소돔 뒤돌아 갈일 없다 앞을 향한 발이 다시 벅차 한시도 어찌할 수 없는 시간에 날지 못하였던 날들이 날 비겁하게 하네 어느때를 살아가 내 자아는 걸어 가는 내 한보마다 해방을 외친다 이마에 맺힌땀이 거짓가득한 니 혀를 대신하지 보이지않는"
  • Theme from spider man (ost. spider-man) - Aerosmith
    "AEROSMITH Miscellaneous Theme from spider man (ost. spider-man) Spider-man, Spider-man Does whatever a spider can Spins a web, any size Catches thieves, just like flies Look out! Here comes the Spider-man! Is"
  • Bump in the night (Ost. Scooby-Doo) - Allstars
    "ALLSTARS Miscellaneous Bump in the night (Ost. Scooby-Doo) There's a chill in the air You hear a creak on the stairs You've got a knock on your door Is there anybody out? They're out to get you To capture"
  • Sittin' Up In My Room (OST Version) - Brandy
    "Whoa, ooh Seems like ever since The first day we met There is no one else I think of more than you I can't seem to forget Can't get you out my head Cause the verdicts in I'm crazy over you How can one"
  • Qing Fei De Yi (Ost. Meteor Garden) - Harlem Yu
    "* Nan yi wang ji chu ci jian ni Yi shuang mi ren de yan jing Zai wo nao hai li Ni de shen ying Hui san bu qu Wo ni de shuang shou gan jue ni de wen rou Zhen de you dian tou bu guo qi Ni de tian zhen Wo"
  • Can't help falling in love ( ost. lilo & stitch ) - A-Teens
    "A-TEENS Miscellaneous Can't help falling in love ( ost. lilo & stitch ) Wise men say only fools rush in But I can't help falling in love with you Shall I stay Would it be a sin If I can't help falling"

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