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kosheen damage

  • Damage - Kosheen
    "Don't lose your head Another damage has been done I know that I wasn't the wrong I should have told you What can I say? Has probably been said You probably wish that I was dead And I don't blame you You"
  • Catch! -Kosheen - Kosheen
    "You create misery, have your cake and eat it Take your place in history, and pray we dont repeat it Call it faith, call it back, call it off, dont call me later Lay your head in your pain, its just how"
  • Damage - Freak Kitchen
    "You don't get it until you let me explain. If this shit continues it'll drive me insane. There's no way I can take it, I'm lower than low. My f**king pride is killing me but I can't let it go. You see"
  • Damage - Chris Brown
    "Damage.. You know.. Sometimes you don't realize what you've done, until you've seen the damage... And I looked at the damage... Whoa.. yea.. yea.. Whoa.. yea .. Look at the damage.. 3 AM when my"
  • Damage - Anthony B
    "I and I defend the down press is a must In a need I and I nuh fight nor fuss Caw everything them dem she rightful own belong to us My fadduh done tell I and I everything shall fall to I and I is a muss"
  • Damage - Athenaeum
    "Darling I'm sorry I never let anyone talk to you And please don't be angry if you don't grow up like you wanted to This is the damage that two can do 24 hours a day keep turning but I'm not sorry 24"
  • Damage - Ten Foot Pole
    "she was working all her life for justice in this world but every time she made some gains someone would kick her down again then damage takes its toll the rising the falling the rising the falling can"
  • Damage - Sage Francis
    "(Chorus) I'm doing Damage (uh), Damage (uh), Damage (uh), Damage (uh) Damage (uh), Damege (uh), Destruction (terror), Motherf**ker say WHAT? (ONE) something's got to give (TWO) something's got to give"
  • Damage - The Cooper Temple Clause
    "Creeping all night in the heat Getting all hot under the collar and speaking again Give me the run around You're never gonna bring me down Sleeping all night like a leaf You've got to trust your instincts Get"
  • Damage - Linda Ronstadt
    "I wasn't readyI gave myself to youLook at the damageSee what you put me throughI don't want to do what you want me to anymoreI won't feel better 'til I'm walking out of that doorOnce you could stop meNow"
  • Damage - Yo La Tengo
    "not much a friday night, pinball glorious sight walked out of the past and into the bar i used to think about you all the time i would think about you all the time now it just feels weird, cause there"
  • Damage - Edge Of Dawn
    "Damage is what You and I will find I sense You're running out of time Fragments that You walk on Craving for a little piece of mind And I sense You're running out of time Fight the tears and walk on Damage"
  • Damage - You Am I
    "I Woke up with a war in my head an old man's grumble, and an extra space in the bed. and if ol' John Prine can't sing the next line 'bout something that can make me smile I'm gonna have to be content to"
  • Damage - Tapping The Vein
    "Hiding here, hoping this will finally give me peace Pretty please Readying, practicing the damage on my cheek I'm not about to crumble I'm not about to cave I'm not about to paint you a picture"
  • Damage - H.E.R.
    "If you got it It ain’t no question No, it ain’t no room for guessin’ No more than emotuonally invested Showin’ you all my imprefections If i let you You’ll take me for granted Yeah! You /4x If i wolr"
  • Damage - Ol' Dirty Bastard
    "feat. The GeniusIntro: Peace The Genius Verse One: Ol Dirty Bastard I'll grab and the mic and now I damage you, cut your whole stamina Here comes the medical examiner One verse then you're out"
  • Damage - TLC
    "Artist : TLC Song : Damaged Album : Submitted by : Erica H Corrected by : EmmY* Rated : 9.7 (302 votes) I know I'm kind of strange to you sometimes don't always say what's on my mind you know"
  • Damage - Craig David
    "yes im ready babe first time i saw you love was in the air that tickling feeling im sure we both shared i stepped to you to ask you for your name you said lets talk a while and led my hand away we talked"
  • Damage - Hide
    "You took the best parts of my life tashika ni omae wa itte ita yumemi kokochi wa koko de wa tsuu ja nai kawaru koto naku shitsujitsu jicchoku ga subete sachi aru koko ni mure gari korezo tekizaitekishou"
  • Falling Down (Kosheen DJs Mix) - Hybrid
    "Open my eyes, But I can't see where you are, Put out my hands, But I can't reach that far. Holding you in, The taste is still on my lips, The need to feel, Close, touch, fingertips. Like rivers, We"

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