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  • Jericho I Will Feat Kristine Hermosa
    "Kristine: Who knows how longed I loved you, You know I love you still, Will I wait a lonely life time, If you want me to I will.... Jericho: For if I ever saw you, I didn't catch your name, but it never"
  • Jericho I Think I'm In Love (Kristine Hermosa's Song But O
    "Is this love, feeling restless inside Wanting you, to always be by my side I dont even want you out of my sight You are in my thoughts all day, and night I cant get you our of my mind I think im in love Chorus: I"
  • Orden Ogan Come With Me To The Other Side (feat. Liv Kristine)
    "Come with me to the other side, Leave the pain of this world behind, For whatever you will decide, You're wrong, I'll be your bonfire, Come with me to the other side, Leave the pain of this world behind, For"
  • Kristine W. That's How It Goes
    "So where are you at Kristine You blush as you look at me I smile cause I want to make sure that you truely understand I'm right where I've always been Our love is where it's meant to be Inside and our"
  • Kristine W. One More Try
    "(verse 1) Every window in my hometown is empty And I really don't know why And the house you used to live in Is cold and falling down And I am tired and I'm weary And Lord those gray skies bring me down And"
  • Kristine W. Save My Soul
    "who is gonna save me tell me can you save me you alone will save me nothing in the world can make change the way i feel for you nothing in the world can make me leave you dont you feel it to you have"
  • Kristine W. Some Lovin'
    "get some lovin' you want some get some get some lovin' you need some get some get some lovin' you want some get some get some lovin' you need some get some get some lovin' you want some get some get"
  • Kristine W. Stronger
    "My love is My love is My love is stronger, stronger If you think you stand alone You've got a lot to learn Because as long as there's one breath left in me You'll always have someone to turn to You're"
  • Kristine W. Wonder Of It All
    "I can see you comin' baby For so long you've been running Wish I could just save you just one time I'm feeling my last ones gone and done Chorus: If we could only see The wonder of it all And all that"
  • Kristine Blond Love Shy (Electrique Boutique Vocal Mix)
    "I'm on the run and I wanna stay What kind of a life I'll be leaving I just gotta watch what your stealing Cause when I see you I wanna hide A little afraid of the feeling One look at you boy and I'm dreaming And"
  • Kristine Blond Loveshy
    "heya heya heya heya hey i'm thinking about you, i'm a little loveshy got to got to get together be strong cuz i know our love will be coming and i wont be loveshy anymore sometimes i run when i wanna"
  • Kristine Blond You Make Me Go Oooh
    "ooooh yeah ooooh yeah sittin here starin out my window fed up with the boys that make me cry I dont need to have a preach of fate and I hate to hear the way they always lie then I just think of u thats"
  • Kristine Sa Find The Way
    "doushite kimi wa chiisa na te de kizu wo seoou to suru no darou? dareka no tame dake janai miushinawanaide doushite boku wa mayoinagara nigedasu koto dekinai no darou? nozomu no wa hikari sasu hi wo hi"
  • Kristine Sa Wishing On The Same Star
    "Kokoro kara anata o omou Michibikareru mama arunde kita michi Kanashimi ni makenai youni Wasurenai yo donna toki mo We'll never really be apart We'll be wishing on the same star Looking at the same moon Sora"
  • Kristine Sa A Dose Of You
    "If I whispered, what if I confessed That I'm lonely without you And if I asked you to stay for the night 'Cause I'm crazy about you And if all I'm asking is too much All I need is your warm touch"
  • Kristine Sa Real Emotion
    "I remember everything you said that night In your loneliness, your heart was with me And I know you were confused, I felt your fright But you held my hand, and stood so bravely Everything has changed Nothing"
  • Kristine Sa The Truth Is
    "Everywhere I look, I turn, it seems that you are there Everyone I leave, I learn that they cannot compare Everything I see, I do, I touch, I think of you Every little thing in life It leaves me so confused Oh,"
  • Kristine Sa The Last Goodbye
    "(Here. Here are my last words for you Here is the last time we say goodbye This is a promise I will never forget Save a few dreams for the next affair Keep a little passion for someone else This is the"
  • Kristine W. All That Glitters
    "Lights are down No one's around But faces in the glass Where did they go nobody knows But everybody asks The one they loved for so many years Took his show down the road But you were told All that glitters"
  • Kristine W. Be Alright
    "Ooooh I said you know it's gonna be (gonna be) Ooooh I said you know it's gonna be alright this time (time) Alright it's gonna be this time Alright (alright) this time Be be (alright) it's gonna be this"

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