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  • Ws - Religijne
    "Ref: Wsławiony bądź, o Panie mój,we wszystkim co stworzyłeś nam. /2xNiech wielbi Cię braciszek słońce, co daje nam i dzień i noc,codziennie śle promienne gońce,wychwala Twoją Boską moc.Niech wielbi Cię"
  • W.s. Walcott Medicine Show - Band, The
    "Band, The Stage Fright W.s. Walcott Medicine Show Verse: G f When your arms are empty, got no where to go G d7 g Come on out and catch the show G b7 There'll be saints and"
  • The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show - The Band
    "When your arms are empty, got no where to go Come on out and catch the show There'll be saints and sinners you'll see losers and winners All kinds of people you might want to know Once you get it, you"
  • Valholl - Advent
    "Herfor, Sigfor, Valfor, Gunnar. Valhll Hljos bi ek allar helgar kindir, Meiri ok minni mgu Heimdalar; Berserkir ok ulhenar, Hilolfr ok einherjar; Ek hon valkyrjum vitt komnar, Grvar at ria til Gojoar; Skuld"
  • Morze Łez - OIO
    "Myślisz ze było łatwo ale mordo, wcale nie Myślisz ze było łatwo ja ścierałem się z dnem mówisz ze nie było warto latasz nade mną jak sęp Wylałem za ws morze łez całe morze łez Ona ma mnie za gnoja Ale"
  • Chosen To Stay - Agent Steel
    "Freed from your shadow Approaching the lights, Still burned your darkness And so It's time... You can't hide forever You'll run, Until it's too late... You've chosen the moment And you're awaiting"
  • The King (Theoden Is Transformed By Gandalf) - Howard Shore
    "Lim-strang ws geboren Bearn lod-cyninga Magorinc Mearces. Bunden in byrde tó laedenne Bunden in lufe tó egnunge Lang beadugear ca Lic onginne bgan. Swift dadlic gar Stieppa geond willan. Ac agan get lócia"
  • The Devil's Child - Nocturnal Rites
    "Born into sin, a lust for the evil Betrayed and deceived, benn giving his number Serpent of death, child of the darkness A servant to torture, a slave to power Twisting his mind, the ways of the wicked There's"
  • V - Neigungsgruppe Sex, Gewalt & Gute Laune
    "Heite Ncht brauch i kan Wecker Es warad schd um die Batterien Mit so vle rosa Zuckerl Bin i sicha eh bld hin I wa eh: es is ka Lsung ba trotzdem is dnn aus Weil ws zhlt is des Ergebnis Und i pfeif auf"
  • Stay - Khalid
    "in the back of my life I know it’s hard on us but to tell you the truth there’s o more love, no more love it’s not easy to shake giving up and I;ve been losing count when the seconds turn to minutes into"
  • The Fallen (Theoden Grives For His Son) - Howard Shore
    "Words by Philipa Boyens, translated into Old English (Rohirric) by David Salo, music by Howard Shore Old English (Rohirric) H laered hine rdan And wealdan mce And standan fst And fond ne forhtian. N"
  • Orpheus - Carly Simon
    "(Carly Simon) Orpheus, it could have been you could have held me again You said your songs had all gone And that the road back up was too long But it ws there for us It was there for us I loved you all"
  • DA DIAB - Hubert von Goisern
    "i hab ma denkt i kimm ge heut a wen'g zu dir i brauchat wen der redt mit mir wen der mi hlt wen den i g'spr weil die ewigkeit is sowieso nix fr uns und der tg, der is"
  • Tree - The Incredible String Band
    "I had a tree in the dream hills where my childhood lay and I'd go there in the wide long days and my tree would listen to all that I'd say and the sun was shinging brightly and the sky was smiling then"
  • Thunder Island - Jay Ferguson
    "THUNDER ISLAND Jay Ferguson Sha la la la la la my lady In the sun with your hair undone Can you hear me now calling Your name from across the bay A summer's day laughing and a-hiding Chasing"
  • Emotional Rollercoaster - Vivian Green
    "Last night I cried tossed and turned, woke up with dry eyes. My mind was racing, feet were paceing. Lord help me please tell me what have I gotten into. Ran my 3 miles to clear my mind, it always me out, it's"
  • Sorrento Moon ( I Remember ) - Tina Arena
    "I sang your praises daily And we let ourselves get swept away Its true baby, we held heaven in our hands for days You wait a long time For something wild to take you somewhere All I needed was to"
  • Colorblind - Karma Fields, Tove Lo
    "the flowers are all dead in my garden nothing grows no life left in the soil no sunshine standing by your grave the colors are all gone the memory of you opens up the wound Again /2x I see your face these"
  • Bobby Ann Mason - Rick Trevino
    "It wasn't the books, that I didn't read It wasn't the teachers who tried to teach me It wasn't that varsity baseball coach, Who kept on tellin them locker room jokes, It was Bobby Ann Mason, back in"
  • Walking To You - Everything But The Girl
    "I met your boyfriend on St. Martin's Lane And he said, "Fancy running into you again". We talked a minute or so, then he turned to go, And I walked into the crowd again. And the morning was a different"

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