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kwatera c2 PISS OFF

  • Piss Off - FFS
    "You get the runaround from him The runaround from her The runaround, around, around You get the put you down from him The put you down from her They always, always put you down You get the shake you down"
  • Piss Off - Saxon
    "How come every time you feel real good Somebody drops you a piss off bomb How come every time you roll the dice Somebody offers you the wrong advise Oh no not again, just when I'm feeling happy Oh no not"
  • Piss Off - The Unseen
    "to be such a coward is a fucking disgrace if you got a problem with me say it to my face punk rock gossip reminds me of high school cliques well i remember high school being full of dicks scandalous lies"
  • Piss Off - Home Grown
    "Abuse me with all of your words But tell me something I haven't heard You think that you're better than me I won't listen to anything that you say Prechorus: Don't tell me what you think is right"
  • Piss Off - The Arrogant Sons Of Bitches
    "p-i-s-s-o-f-f hey i remember way back when, when i wanted you to be mine and now that i kinda had you i wonder was it all a waste of time and did it make sense jumping into something knowing that i'd"
  • Piss - Pantera
    "Half assed for most his life Done nothing but stand Talks big because he’s so small so No one will give him a hand The kind of guy that would steal your cast And buy a burning house Then call you up and"
  • You Piss Me Off - Coyote Shivers
    "Well, you piss me off with the things you say, You piss me off in a major way, You piss me off every other day, But you better not piss me off today, Hey! Listen up baby, Stay out of my way, Hey! Comprunday? Yeah,"
  • Take Me Home (Piss Off) - Snuff
    "I know it's gone half one, by now we've missed the tubes home, night bus won't take me there. Can't fly the pilot's pissed, can't walk the ground flies up and hits me. Best scrape me into a cab and take"
  • Piss Virus - Amen
    "This virus... Piss virus... I fuckin' hate you! Well I fuckin' hate myself Tear me off these computer wings of cyanide I cannot take myself Can't tolerate myself Naked and napalmed in the schoolyard"
  • Piss Factory - Patti Smith
    "Sixteen and time to pay off I got this job in a piss factory inspecting pipe Forty hours thirty-six dollars a week But it's a paycheck, Jack. It's so hot in here, hot like Sahara You could faint in the"
  • Rest In Piss - Brotha Lynch Hung
    "(Brotha Lynch) Yeah I'm back up in this motherfucker For the 9 whatever the fuck You know I ain't dead yet I'm with my real loc niggas I was a dead man, walking they say, so every night I hit the gates Load"
  • Little Things That Piss Me Off (Radio Version) - Rodney Carrington
    "When I'm sittin on a toilet, in a house that I dont know, Looking all around me where the toilet paper goes, feeling real uneasy, feeling real uncertain, Cause I gotta wipe my butt again, With the shower"
  • Piss - Ministry
    "Who'se on trial? The state says it's me Or is it the lawyer I handsomely paid to go free Or maybe the judge with the yellowing teeth And the fuck you smile Or how about the bailiff who stinks of a longstanding"
  • Maximum Piss And Vinegar - Dillinger Four
    "I laughed at what was said, I'd been misled, confusing my enemies Blind trust in what was put in front of me You laughed as well, in on the joke, all poker faced Fingers crossed behind your back Eyes not"
  • Diary of a Piss Drinker - Labrat
    "Left alone - with fingers bleeding Try to claw - something worth keeping On my knees - and bleeding And you just don't give a fuck A new betrayal - fucked hard again Stripped to bone - by one more set"
  • Roadtrippin%C2%B4 - Daniel Cirera
    "Cherry, I know I've been stupid and blind You possessed me all the time I know that you've got someone on the side Feels so good to leave this shit behind So now I stand here with the thumb in the air"
  • Won%C2%B4t Somebody - Bad Religion
    "Won't somebody please come up with something, Cause Jesus just don't seem to be impartially working And all of the rest are really down in the ratings, While everyone is right here waiting Out in the"
  • Piss test - Kottonmouth Kings
    "A man should be judge by the quality of his workNot by the quality of his pissI aint gonna piss in a cup for no manI aint gonna piss in a cup for no manI aint gonna piss ni a cup for no manCause thats"
  • Piss & Moan - Gourds
    "Spent my whole paycheck On the goddamn rent And much more I can piss and moan about Gonna piss and moan right outta here Spent the whole damn day In the goddamn house Ain't much more I ramble on"
  • Piss & vinegar - Anthrax
    "It was a day to remember, twice as hard as long That was the day that I convinced myself That I found my God I tip my cap and I step up I fix myself to the right I move right into the firing zone And scream"

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