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kygo firestone ft conrad cewell

  • Firestone (ft. Conrad) - Kygo
    "I'm a flame Shot of fire I'm the dark in need of light And we touch, you inspire Will it change in me tonight So take me up, take me higher There's a world not far from here We can die in desire Or we"
  • It Ain't Me (ft. Kygo) - Selena Gomez
    ""I had a dream We were back to 70's Summer nights and liberties Nevar growing up" Media doniosły o zarejestrowaniu przez Selenę Gomez wspólnego utworu z norweskim DJ-em i producentem muzycznym, któremu"
  • Conrad - Ben Howard
    "Climb out Out to where you see the curl of the world, We're alone just like you said cold cold world, life lasts only one thing left to roll last year to learn, you were the boat that bridged in the"
  • Conrad - Widespread Panic
    "Conrad the Caterpillar thought he was really killer, Couldn't wait to build a cocoon (original lyrics) Couldn't wait to buy blue suede shoes (recent lyrics) Spent all his days eatin' leaves in the shade And"
  • Joseph Conrad - Sarius
    "To nie koniec nawet jeśli powiesz nie wiem już raz słony czas polubić smak przeżyć jak zła kiedy łajba tonie a znana stara twarz o świecie jedną z wielkich praw przegrasz tylko kiedy pójdziesz sam za tym"
  • Fragile (ft. Labrinth) - Kygo
    "Crazy to think that a man can't hurt Love takes its toll every time it don't work One door closes and another opens But it's hard to let go when your heart's broken I give you my trust, can you give me"
  • Stay (ft. Maty Noyes) - Kygo
    "Thought I could leave you cause I felt my heart numbing It hits so deep, I closed my eyes and I just took off running I turned around and saw the look on your face So I stayed, stayed But I don't need"
  • Again (ft. Maroon 5) - Kygo
    "Anywhere we can go Anywhere we can go And so you and me We'll kiss the sky and now Just run away with me, darling We'll get real lost, we'll get real lost again Just run away with me, darling We'll get"
  • StarGazing (ft. Justin Jesso) - Kygo
    "You’re saying this hopeless that I sould hope less heaven can help us well maybe she might you say it’s beyond us what is beyond us? let’s see and decide we’ve been meteoric even before this burns half"
  • Stranger Things (ft. OneRepublic) - Kygo
    "Stranger things we’re like we’re like a stranger things we’re stranger things dream of place at cause that’s just who we are I used to run around this ghost time always thinking out are we gonna get"
  • Freedom (ft. Zak Abel) - Kygo
    "I was living a lie living a lie this is my confession I was living a lie before we met there were so many nights so many nights full of dark temptation there were so many nights that I regret you give"
  • Undeniable (ft. X Ambassadors) - Kygo
    "Lie to myself but I Don’t believe a word and I Try to sabotage it but But when you’re gone it hurts and I I used to get cold feet I never go too deep I was scared of the sound of a heartbeat But it’s"
  • Carry Me (ft. Julia Michaels) - Kygo
    "Like a kid and a teddy bear Like a leaf blowing in the air Could you carry me? /2x Like a flag after a war When you're gone and when you give a first born Could you carry me /2x Cause I don't know how"
  • This Town (ft. Sasha Sloan) - Kygo
    "all of my friends are settling down they’re all kids but they’re married now let’s follow the light let’s follow the crowd baby we got to get out let’s get out of this town I want an ocean view, somewhere as"
  • Happy Now (ft. Sandro Cavazza) - Kygo
    "We don't wanna believe it, that it’s all gone Just a matter of minutes, before the sun goes down We're free to admit it, but I know you know, know that We should've known better, we kept on trying I just"
  • Here For You (ft. Ella Henderson) - Kygo
    "We’ll be passing by And they’ll be wasting time Just waiting for new And while they’re chasing darks We’ll be dancing in the dusk Guess a way coming through Whenever you need me I’m behind I promise to"
  • Remind Me to Forget (ft. Miguel) - Kygo
    "it never fades away, it’s staying your kiss like broken glass on my skin and all the greatest loves end in violence it’s tearing up my voice, left in silence baby, it hit so hard, holding on to my chest maybe"
  • Think About You (ft. Valerie Broussard) - Kygo
    "We've been quiet Said we'd try it for a while But that was years ago If you see me, if I see you, A part of me hopes that we do, no Say everything we wanted to After all this time I cut the tree"
  • I'm in Love (ft. James Vincent Mcmorrow) - Kygo
    "I'm in Love /30x Not enough I see you waiting Your hands are up Your body is shaking That’s hard look I know you’re faking I know you lie I’ve seen you lying For 4 months in front of me And now we’re"
  • Kids in Love (ft. The Night Game) - Kygo
    "this is our last goodbye don’t come to find me So hard to see you cry please, somebody blind me Cause I can feel it I’m still logging onto every word my heart is beating and I’m sorry that I left you hurt We"

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