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kyle pearce beautiful girl

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kyle pearce beautiful girl

  • Kyle - Cyclefly
    "You watch, staring from a distance Cover up my eyes There to test my sanity Maybe break a smile Ohhhh kyle Is it just the way I feel Conjure up some hope Is it just the I stand, naked in the distance Cover"
  • I Love You Kyle - Emily Falden
    "Have you ever seen such a beautiful night, I could just kiss the stars for, shinging so bright, I love you kyle, and I'll never let you go o o, I'm waiting here for you so just let me know... I love you"
  • Kyle - A Hope For Home
    "On the day you left i packed my bags and went home, because fear has no place here. so i'll follow your lead and live my life like you. always pushing forward with the weight of the world holding me back. its"
  • Beautiful Girl - Sweetbox
    "Another magazine creates a dream that I can't reach That I can't be but I try to be And another label tells me That it's just not enough to be just me Airbrush those thoughts, because they're not pretty But"
  • Beautiful girl - Poe
    "Someone's gotta hear this... Beautiful girl, You must've been a beautiful baby too Beautiful woman, You must've had your moments inside the sun Beautiful girl Beautiful stranger Why do you have to walk"
  • Beautiful Girl - INXS
    "Nicky's in the corner With a black coat on Running from a bad home With some cat inside Now where did you find her Among the neon lights That haunt the streets outside Stay with me Beautiful girl (stay"
  • Beautiful Girl - Sophie B. Hawkins
    "Are you alright Is there a light Can you still hear me where you are Are you so fine That you can slip between the lines You're such a Beautiful Beautiful Girl You make the sky come down You make the"
  • Beautiful Girl - Hitchcock Robyn
    "I'm in love with a Beautiful Girl, Yes I'm in love with a beautiful girl. Well I thought I knew all about everything, but I'm in love with a beautiful girl. And she's staring through a crack in the sky, Yes"
  • Beautiful girl - Robyn Hitchcock
    "I'm in love with a beautiful girl yes i'm in love with a beautiful girl well i thought i knew all about everything but i'm in love with a beautiful girl and she's staring through a crack in the sky yes"
  • Beautiful Girl - You Am I
    "Hey you Put yer chewing gum in my fist And pass the last over of yer drink You've known me long enough to know Yeah I'm in deep and it shows I met her on grand final day And from sixteen thousand miles"
  • Beautiful Girl - Meja
    "Let me take you to this place It's not so very far away To meet the only peace of mind, yeah Just follow me and take my hand Write a memo in the sand Sign your name and: Come into my world I'll be your"
  • Beautiful Girl - Jasmine Guy
    "what a beautiful girl standing over there waiting to be picked up what a smile she has what beautiful hair and eyes i wish i was what i call beautiful if i am can you say what a beauttiful girl my soul"
  • Beautiful Girl - Baha Men
    "beautiful girl your way to beautiful girl datz why itll never work youll have me suicidal suicidal when you say its over dam all these beautiful girls they only wanna do you dirt theyll have you"
  • Beautiful Girl - Kenny Lattimore
    "Beautiful girl, beautiful girl I think I've found myself an angel A pretty girl who makes my life complete Ever since the day I found her She's all that I dream No other so lovely I've never seen such"
  • Beautiful Girl - Spacehog
    "Sixteen or seventeen, that's all I think you were Fly by me one more time, I wonder who you are The most beautiful girl in the world I won't make promises I know I cannot keep You'll be my sweet thing"
  • Beautiful Girl - No Authority
    "Oh yeah Oh, oh, oh, oh Sitting by the phone Girl, I'm feeling so alone How I wish I knew your name When I saw your eyes Girl, a touch of paradise You have set my heart aflame It's a shame (It's a shame) Cause"
  • Beautiful Girl - Andrew Peterson
    "I've got your bottle, and I've got you swaddled and you're to loud to ignore. Your mamma is sleeping, the angels are keeping, so cry no more. Hey, beautiful girl, Daddy loves you, he loves you, most"
  • Beautiful Girl - Pete Droge
    "I woke up near Rittenhouse Square There was noise in the hall; snow was flowing in the air And I could see just then the flashing spark Of the match to my first smoke Some houses are built to last It's"
  • Beautiful Girl - Broken Iris
    "Woke today, another memory passes of you Shades of gray from those three broken words That unfold the truth but... I'll never forget those eyes, that beautiful smile. I still remember the way you said"
  • Beautiful Girl - Sean Kingston
    "Chorus: You're way too beautiful girl That's why it'll never work You'll have me suicidal, suicidal When you say it's over Damn all these beautiful girls They only wanna do your dirt They'll have you suicidal,"

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