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l wil alweys lov you

  • Lov Me Lov Me Not - Soulja Slim
    "Yeah, yeah, yeah Either you love me or love me not I'ma be me I'm known for making promises that I can't keep And baby the streets made me And I run 'em 24/7 365 daily Look you knew what you was"
  • L.O.V. (e) - Ella Eyre
    "there’s a ghost in my heartbeat and it knows my pain reminding me I should be cautious oh, yeah, yeah but oh, how my heart aches to be whole again a feeling I can’t be ignoring oh, yeah, yeah it’s a"
  • L - Nicole (FI)
    "jt patsas tuulen pois ota lahjat, kaiken saada voit ota kahdet kasvot pois el thdet, nahkan luoda voit l vrn vaakaan luo l kylm vallan maljaa juo ole tiedon huoneessa ole viisaan seurassa aivan kuin hengitt aina"
  • L - Gigi Dagostino
    "I still believe in your eyes I just don't care what you've done in your life Baby I'll always be here by your side Don't leave me waiting too long, please come by I-I-I-I still believe in your eyes There"
  • L' - Ali Project
    "Yo ga machi wo tsutsumu Kaze ga mado wo naderu Watashi wa tada mabuta wo Tojiru no Anata no yubi fureru Aa sono shunkan no Kimochi wo totte ok Itsu made mo Hyaku no yorokobi Sen no shiawase Donna yasashisa"
  • L - Jd Natasha
    "Triste me dejaste triste Como esta canción Lgrimas de amor Fuiste quizs nunca tu viste este corazón Lgrimas de amor Coro: Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Y te vas Y te vas No me queda nada Porque no"
  • L - Snook
    "Mannen r den nya kvinnan Smink fr mn, avkldda mn, sex sljer, och... jag menar Bimbon blev frbytt med himbon You know! Snook Baby du knullar bra Du var, du var underbar Men jag, men jag tror det vore"
  • Wily Creilly - Phideaux
    "Wily Creilly was inside me Painting pictures telling stories All about the world outside All about the things he might have been If he had bones and skin Wily Creilly cried inside me: please don't hide"
  • L-L-L-L-Lies - King Diana
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why, You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away So b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye(goodbye) 12"
  • Eternal Lov - S.E.S.
    "Uhl mah nah oh raen gi dah rim dwi ae yah Nuhl bah rah bohl soo eet neun ji Nuhl hyang hahn mah eum juhn hah goh shi puh Ah jik eun ahl soo up neun nuh ae mah eum Gi dae hahl soon up jji mahn Poh gi hah"
  • Clap & Lov - Ayaka
    "Mabushisugiru hikari ni me wo mukeru Tokei no hari wa shichiji wo sugiteru Aoi sora ni tatakai no sutato ga naru Chiisai koro ni mieteta mono ga Wakaranaku natta ima sore wa naze? Hen na tekunikku bakari"
  • Wil u hold me - Guns N' Roses
    "Sometimes i wonder what you think of meAnd it is plane to see that you dont really careHow i feel or even if our loves realYou seem to only care about my outlookAround youWhat i look like and the things"
  • As Jy Ja Wil S? - Nicholis Louw
    "As jy ja wil s kom praat net met my As jy ja wil s kom wys dit vir my As jy ja wil s dan sien ek n lewe vir jou en my As jy als wil h kom vat wat jy wil As jy dink ek praat te veel maak my stil As jy by"
  • Three Minute Positive Not Too Country Up Tempo Lov - Alan Jackson
    "This is a three minute song To tell her that I love her And how wonderful we get along A sweet sentiment that's borderline stick A lotta right and not much wrong It's a little bit edgy, but softer"
  • I wil be the flame - Alexz Johnson
    "Am I supposed to thank you For walking in my door And giving me your love Like pennies to the poor You tell me you're bringing me Everything you've got If you think that's good enough You don't know warm"
  • If It Be Your Wil - Leonard Cohen
    "lIf it be your will That I speak no more And my voice be still As it was before I will speak no more I shall abide until I am spoken for If it be your will If it be your will That a voice be true From"
  • Wil Chizu ni nai Basho - Janne Da Arc
    "kimi no kokoro no kizu wa imamo mada ienai mama? "masaka..." no wakare kara dokoka kimi wa okubyou ni natta ne kodoku na yoru kara nigete tokai ni magiretemitemo "hitori ga sabishii wake janakute.... hitori"
  • L-L-Lies - Diana King
    "Oh why, oh why, oh why You tell me l-l-l-lies Never t-t-t-t-t think That I woulda re-a-li-a-li-a-lize Things you say-ay-ay-ay-ay-ay Will make you fay-ay-ay-ade away b-b-b-b-bye-bye-bye B-b-b-b-bye-bye-bye-bye"
  • At Wits End - Cadillac Blindside
    "your photogenic face, must have missed the train. i'd advise checking the baggage claim. those new eyes disturb me, they lost that youthful glow hearing spoken evils from your throat. days used to be so"
  • Den Glemte Lov - Helheim
    "Den stoltes tale Smykket i jern hugget Dypt i sinnet Bygget p en eldgammel Lre om hedningemakt Og eder Borgen slo sprekker dengang Et fremmed Hogg dogmer Sverd kan tvinge en Mann til kne Men den hyes"

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