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la cucaracha text

  • La Cucaracha - Lila Downs
    "La cucaracha, la cucaracha que ya no puede caminar porque no tiene, porque le falta la marihuana, marihuana que fumar en la misa y en la feria todo el mundo ya lo sabe los que llegan al gobierno porque"
  • La Cucaracha - Inti-Illimani
    "Voy a cantar un corrido que anda en toditas las voces de una mujer de la tropa que todo el mundo conoce. En el pueblo de Conejos por unas calles muy tiestas viene triste y derrotado el valiente Antonio"
  • La Cucaracha - Kumbia Kings
    "(La cucaracha!) (chorus) (uh,uh!)La cucaracha, la cucaracha ya no puede caminar (ah,ah) porque le falta porque le falta(ah,ah) marijuana que fumar (2x) ya estoy arto de que me digan de que yo dije algo"
  • La Cucaracha Dance - Hot Banditoz
    "ucucu cucucu cucucucucucu cuaracha dance) lelelelele lelele lelele--- lelelelele lelele lelele--- dont this boy flipping like a chakalaka flip oltra noche see the reason and the limit what you slip johnny"
  • Coffin Text - Unwritten Law
    "There was a time when men would prosper They saw a sign that would offer them the key Immortality The desert sand held a place of recourse Their motivation driven by higher source A higher source They"
  • Text Book - Lana Del Rey
    "I guess you could cal lit tekst book I was looking for the father I wanted back And i thought i found in Brentwood It seems only approriate You’d easily had my back And then there was the issue of her I"
  • Text me an sms - Bobi Andonov
    "Ooh ooooh no yeah So far away A place where you are Its a place where I am With my thoughts in my head Far away ( far away ) A place in my mind I am counting the days Since youve been away Wanna see your"
  • Slim Shady (The Best Text) - Eminem
    "(the women) May I have your attention please, may I have your attention please, will the real slim shady please stand up, I repeat will the real slim shady please stand up we're gonna have a problem here (Verse"
  • Text From Your Ex (ft. Tinashe) - Tinie Tempah
    "I got a text from your ex, boy She said to look through your texts, boy I’m not the kind of girl to snoop but I had a feeling to And now I’m looking form my next boy See, I got a text from your ex-girl And"
  • Goodbye My Love Goodbye (Deutscher Text) - Demis Roussos
    "Hr den Wind, der sein Lied Dir singt, er wei, da ich heut' von Dir geh'. Weine nicht, wenn der Abschied kommt, denn Trnen tun so weh. Goodbye, my Love Goodbye, Goodbye, auf Wiedersehen, die Zeit im Sommersonnenschein mit"
  • Tykie Love (Text Book Memorial Hemmingway) - Guided By Voices
    "and it riles to no end a fuming speaker crackling devilspeak to say "o' rise!" and select defense its civil disobedience its a national mockery hell yes, ma'am i'll support your life system but"
  • Uh La La - Monrose
    "Text: Ooh la la la, ooh La la la What I want from this life only God knows I wanna rough cut brother kinda macho Who put rings on my fingers, bells on my toes And when you give it to me boy you make me"
  • La Invasi - Mojinos Escozios
    "(mojinos, mojinos, bieeen!) Una noche conoc una muchacha que era extranjera Le pagu quincemil pesetas y ella me quitó las penas Pasaron un par de horas y empec a tener cosquillas Me haba pegao la muchacha"
  • La Dificil - Corina Smith
    "Tu me ves yo esquivo tu mirada tu te acercas yo te doy la espalda Como ves no estoy interesada en tu labia ya prefabricada No es tan facil como un text ni que me llames una vez si tu me quieres ver me"
  • La La La La La - Fury In The Slaughterhouse
    "she is one of those downtown rats living with mummy in a cheesy flat brother's in the army and daddy's pissed off but she forgets it all when she takes her clothes off I'll buy you flowers instead of"
  • La La La - When September
    "la la la la la la la, la la la la la la, la la la la la la la, la la la la la la x4 Living inside and waiting for the night, Living it up when someone aganist the light, My body would go where music"
  • La La La - Snoop Lion
    "(Snoop Dogg) Then I walk and I talk to this one Then I laugh and go to a better one Hey, once you want to get the getty, getty, and the problem will get real dretty, dretties WHo feels it lost, and I"
  • La La La - Erasure
    "(A. Bell / V. Clarke) Don't be naive, don't deny what you see. Where lies the truth? Hidden deep, in-between. Dance through the night, from sublime to extreme. Lift your voices high, from a whisper to"
  • La - Old Man River
    "The sun's coming up in the sky I'm watching the birds passing on by It makes me wanna cry It makes me wanna cry La la la la la la la la La la la la la la la la La la la la la La la la la la I'm lying"
  • La La La La - Gareth Gates
    "la la la come and get me babe la la la come and kiss me la la la come and catch me baby la la la la la la chorus oh ah la la la moo maa la la la kee kaa la la la la oh ah moo maa kee kaa la la la la"

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