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  • Burn Hollywood Burn - Zack De La Rocha
    "Zack de la Rocha: Babylon fall, Yes y'all I'm like ??? Stylist Wild on a blacklist Check how they strangled his life Hollywood the edge of the government knife Exit the age of the black pawn I won't stand"
  • Hollywood - Dalbello
    "I'd buy a Martoni Marquis Ride San Fernando Valley I know I could in Hollywood Hotdamn the L.A. Freeway Wear mink from Montego Bay I know I could in Hollywood Wanna toot-toot la In a single's bar Gonna"
  • Hollywood - Negrita
    "Esco di scena e vado a camminare solo sui marciapiedi io volo sono straniero nella mia citta' la gente passa mi vede e lo sa Mi fermo, poi riparto, poi mi fermo ancora e osservo la strada che si colora c'e'"
  • Hollywood - Volumen Cero
    "Ellla era el angel De padres antiguos Ella pintaba mariposas Dies y siete anos Guardaba sus cosas Un ano mas para volar Vivir en Hollywood Andar en limosine Ella quiere ser actriz Vivir en Hollywood Andar"
  • Hollywood - Akwid
    "de donde vengo no hay mal todo estamos listos pa rolar si mi varrio biene al lu todos people hollywood dicen que feria es el modo de las calles llo medio bengo nada pega y sube mas que el ritmo de las"
  • Hollywood - Common Rotation
    "Album: The Hotel Cafe Get this table off my back And let me teach you how to clap We'll sketch out all our dreams And write down our elaborate schemes We could clone ourselves Despite what they might"
  • Hollywood - Alabama
    "Atlanta, Georgia made her the Ctoon Queen L.A. bound, she had visions of the silver screen But Hollywood ain't nothin' but glamor and lights To a blue-eyed blond with stars in her eyes Her days are long,"
  • Hollywood Hollywood (II) - Roberto Vecchioni
    "La carrozzina va per le scale la corazzata non vuol partire la carrozzina si rovescita non partita la corazzata una scena veramente molto commovente e vieni amore che ti diverti e vieni vieni se vuoi"
  • Vision thing - The Sisters Of Mercy
    "Twenty-five whores in the room next door Twenty-five floors and I need more I'm looking for the can in the candy store 2000 Hamburg 4 And colours I ain't seen before It's a small world and it smells funny"
  • Euro-Vision - Telex
    "Beaux messieurs, belles dames: musique au programme Chanteurs, vos gammes, que le meilleur gagne Les frontires sont ouvertes Que dclarer si ce soir c'est la fte? Les vedettes sont inquites Elles se maquillent Fument"
  • Hollywood Kiss - Emerson Drive
    "The morning after what have I done? What did I promise? Did I say love? I can't believe it's come to this All on account of one good night kiss She must have learned how at the movies Only fiction could"
  • Hollywood boulevard - Tina Arena
    "Ce soir, un homme a tir dans la foule Juste prendre des vies pour condamner la sienne Ce soir, un homme a tir sur ses freres. Ce soir un homme obscur et solitaire A rendu sa justice, s'est tromp de priere,"
  • Hollywood Nights - Bob Seger
    "She stood there bright as the sun on that California coast He was a midwestern boy on his own She looked at him with those soft eyes, so innocent and blue He knew right then he was too far from home He"
  • Hollywood Babylon - CrazyTown
    "Now people say I'm jinxed I got some kind of voodoo hex Life is so complex there's no telling what could happen next Life on the edge, fuels the sickness in my head it imbeds the type of thoughts that"
  • Hollywood Babylon - Crazy Town
    "If you got an itch to catch some havoc.Theres mayhem in the plastic.City of La La, I mean the land of holy Zsa ZsaThe wood is hot and you can spot the flocksOf people like sheep, those with dredlocksTo"
  • Vision de ti - Jennifer Rush
    "Pasa el tiempo pero yo An as te puedo ver Y siempre me pesar donde ests donde estoy La niebla ya se esfumó y me dejó en el ayer Gente extraa viene y va Y maana quin sabr. Nadie me acaricia igual Nadie"
  • In Hollywood - Village People
    "Take a bus, a train or a plane to Hollywood Go there and then change your name You die your hair out there, it's part of the game You're gonna be a star, a big star Tell the bank that you need a loan Go"
  • Esmeralda's Hollywood - Steve Earle
    "Nights fall hard on Hollywood The stars don't come out like they should Up above the world so high tonight They can't outshine the neon lights Now the golden days are gone for good In Esmeralda's"
  • Esmeralda's Hollywood - Steve Earle & The Dukes
    "Nights fall hard on hollywood The stars don't come out like they should Up above the world so high tonight They can't outshine the neon lights Now the golden days are gone for good In esmeralda's hollywood She"
  • Welcome To Hollywood - Jim Verraros
    "I brought a vision of dreams, like everyone else here I saw it on tv and thought it was a mirror Cars brigther than skylines, billboards brighter than streetlights Something like a movie screen - not as"

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