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  • I'm Jelous - Shania Twain
    "Im Jealous If I were the moon, I could catch your eye--I'm jealous of the moon If I were the wind, I would make you fly--I'm jealous of that too I wish I were the sun shining on your face--caressing like"
  • I Was A Landscape In Your Dream - Of Montreal
    "What kind of comedy is this all of the danger you've discovered What kind of comedy is this how can you say now you're frightened You labeled me in forty tries and in case you didn't realize I was a landscape"
  • Cute (I'm Not Cute) - Blog 27
    "Zwrotka 1 : I'm not kick you little girl! I'm not playing without shoot! I'm more that witress girl, yeah! Exciting nowhere, wait for life! You make me L-O-L You better get off my way! So now, should I"
  • Take Me Back - Roy Drusky
    "Take me back I'm begging please take me back I'm on my knees For you to scold me hurt me hold me darling take me back When you belonged to me I had a jelous mind Too late I've learned that you were not"
  • Be - Brettell
    "Come and hold my hand I want to ask you a question Not sure you'll understand The things I am thinkin I sit and write some songs And people laugh at my ways There is somethin missin I just don't understand I"
  • Mona Lisa Smile (ft. Nicole Scherzinger) - Will.I.Am
    "Let me tell you about my girlfriend My girlfriend mona lisa She let somebody took a picture So she can be a fashionista She said she wanna be a model But what she wanna be a model for? She told me that"
  • That's All That Matters To Me - Mickey Gilley
    "I know, I'm not your first love There's been others before me, But I'm the one that's got you now. That's all that matters to me. And I know other arms have held you I'm not jelous of these, Mine"
  • Intro '98 - Lostprophets
    "*Ian talks smack* Awwww yeah. Lost Prophets y'all, comin back at you all second time with a second run. And its like that. Boo-hah. This is goin out to all the jelous and pussy ass bitches, talkin shit"
  • Be Vs Rich And Famous - Brettell
    "I just want to be, like Paul Be like Paul and like Jemma. They have so much love, for each other, I'm so jelous. Cause I want to be, like Paul Who is dateing Jemma. They are so alike, yet they're so diffrent, They're"
  • Sparkle - Aretha Franklin
    "I sparkle, Loving the way that I do (It is true) I feel so good Just having you Breathlessly and Eager Submission isn't easy for me (We were so loving wasn't we) I always known it could be Don't want"
  • Dios (Englsih Version) - Brettell
    "look at the time the time we first met and everything you said and this is all for you you came along i wrote this song for you sorry it took so long and it is called 'dios' so i took my time oh what"
  • Bitches - Lostprophets
    "(Feel me?) (into your mind?) Into your heart! So, Listen up everybody, call up (one of your friends), invite em to a party its time for jelousy. But if you don't come, then you won't be missed. And if"
  • Frozer - Veronica Glapa
    "So many people wanna destroy me Wanna Have my life on their hands They lettin rumors to make me doubt again But I gotta tell you Id never gonna give up Whatever what you would to do Destroy Killed"
  • We Got Two Jealous Agains - NOFX
    "I thought you were the one when I heard Holidays in the sun come from your bedroom but my mind started to stray when I saw Youth of Today mixed with your singles what's with this underdog and this GNR"
  • Cyber Space Love - Zeeza
    "Cyber Space Love--------by Zeeza Don't wanna blame you for what you've just been through and I don't wanna be there when you get it on don't want to fake it and I don't wann say it but baby.. its a little"
  • You're Not sorry( Prod. Francuz) - Veronica Glapa
    "Well I dont need your Kind Well I dont need to try Try to get us clip together again I burnt our eyes at all I changed my mind of worth And Im not going to keep believing Well I dont need your"
  • Tunnel Vision - 28 Days
    "the year is two double 0 two nothing is brand new kid jimmy you know you hear me spitten' lyrics over loops close friends used to call me supes mad respect to CI crew still rippin' over PFK so what ya"
  • Oh My Goodness - Nasty Boy Klick
    "oh my goodness (ohhh) shes got a sexy walk shes got a sexy talk(UH) make a playa wanna change his ways hot like fire doin' that thang oh my goodness (ohhh) shes got a sexy walk shes got a sexy talk (UH) make"
  • My heart - Chuckie Akenz
    "see i still remember baby when i picked you from the lot and i knew it when i grabbed you that you'd always have my heart and i told u from the start i would never let no one hurt you i couldnt wait to"
  • So Fly - Paul Wall
    "(feat. Lil Keke, Archie Lee, Miss Crystal) Thats what it is... yeah. Love at first sight. Young Dun, P Wall. It is what it is. Hey, check it, check it, heyyy. She had big bubble eyes and skin like peanut"

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